#1 10M Cotton Bondage Rope in Black

Take full control of your partner and have them bound and tied with this 10M Cotton Bondage Rope in Black. There's no escape from this high quality binding which is perfect you live out your most fervent fantasies.

#2 Purple Velvet Blindfold With Elastic Strap

Play in the dark with this soft Purple Velvet Blindfold With Elastic Strap. Complete with black stitched edge and backing and attached elastic strap to ensure it won't come off!

#3 Steel Rings Curved Chastity Cage

Steel Rings Curved Chastity Cage with curved ring shape and penis draining hole. Locking testicle ring with supplied padlock.

#4 Bondage Under The Bed Restraint

Tie yourself or your partner down with this bed bondage restraint kit that's quick, simple and easy to use! No need for railings and bedposts with these restraints. When you set your partner free is up to you!

#5 Moulded Rubber Hood with Red Lips

Quality black Moulded Rubber Hood with Red Lips with cut-outs for eyes and nostrils and 'open wide' red plastic trim around the mouth.

#6 Classic Leather Riding Crop

A staple of any BDSM toy chest, this classic leather riding crop has a thin tongue which will leave thin and precise welts. This crop features a braided handle, wrist strap, and metal handle tip.

#7 Black Leather Tassel Whip

Get kinky with this fun but firm black tassel whip. Why not cuff and tie your partner and experience the ultimate in pleasure domination. With a hard wooden handle for a tight grip and multiple flat leather tassels.

#8 Fetish Fantasy Beginners Hollow Strap-On

Here is the perfect strap-on for the both of you, the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Beginners Hollow Strap-On. Perfect for woman-to-woman encounters or that special rear-end experience. Many men love a deep anal sexual thrill and this strap-on can provide that excitement. The hollow dong can also assist men with erection difficulty. This quality strap-on is your key to new and exciting encounters.

#9 Patent Leather Posture Collar With Red Piping

This sexy leather posture collar measures three inches in width, perfect for maintaining that look of sultry domination, this kinky neckwear is a bondage must.

#10 Rouge Garments Black Leather Gag with Red Ball

Demand silence in this luxurious Rouge Garments Black Leather Gag with Red Ball, and adjustable buckled strap to accommodate all sizes.