Choosing Latex Clothing

Choosing Latex Clothing

Whether you’re trying latex clothing for the first time, or adding to an established latex collection, choosing which latex garment to go for is a big decision. Deciding to invest in an Honour or Skin Two design is a great step - with hundreds of rubber styles to choose from - whether you’re looking for something to wear to the club or in the bedroom. Luckily we’re on hand to help you decide which style will work best for you.

Latex Newbies

Latex clothing can seem daunting when you haven’t worn or purchased a rubber garment before. Latex is unlike any other material in terms of both style and care, and it’s difficult to know where to begin.

If you’re making your first latex purchase, you’ll want to choose something which is easy to put on. For this reason, we’d suggest not diving right into a latex catsuit, or anything with long sleeves or legs.

A simple mini skirt or flared dress make great women’s choices as they’re easier to put on, look sexy and flattering, and don’t cover a large portion of the body. (Don’t forget your dressing aid and shine serum to make sure you look and feel your best!)

A classic black latex item makes a great first purchase, as black latex can be paired with pretty much anything (so makes a great base for your new latex wardrobe), and is unlikely to get stained or pick up colours from other fabrics.

Latex Fashionistas

If you’re used to wearing latex for nightclubs and parties you’ll probably be looking for something head-turning and stylish for your next big event. Luckily, Honour has dozens of styles in bright and interesting rubber variants, such as metallic, fluorescent, and transparent latex.

You won’t disappear into the shadows in one of our Purple Reigns, Arctic Nights, Bordello Nude, or Neon Demons lines.

Latex-friendly events are a great place to show off some skin, so opting for one of our two-piece co-ordinating sets is sure to make a statement, or pair a bright mini dress with some skyscraper heels!

Latex Fetishists

Latex fetishists and rubber lovers know that latex doesn’t just look great; it also feels amazing and sensual against your skin. Depending on your level of experience with latex play, the major latex fetish garments are namely gloves, socks, catsuits and hoods - although we know you can enjoy yourself in any rubber clothing!

Latex gloves are an ideal starting point for anyone who wants to get down ‘n’ dirty in rubber; providing a skintight barrier between your hands and the object of your affections leads to brand new mind-blowing sensations for you and your partner. Latex socks and stockings have the same effect - especially for anyone who is already into foot play!

Latex catsuits and hoods are for the more experienced player. Catsuits are trickier to put on, though you should slide right in with a little patience and dressing aid. Once you’re in, your entire body is encased in sensual rubber and ready for play. Hoods add the finishing, anonymising touch for that “rubber doll” aesthetic, and can add breath play elements or remove your ability to see, giving you new aspects to your extreme fetish play!

By now you should be ready to make a more informed decision on expanding or beginning your latex wardrobe. If you need any more information, check out our latex care guides and videos, or get in touch at