Top Five Places to go in Latex ClothingTop Five Places to go in Latex Clothing

We get customers emailing in all the time with the most amazing stories about latex. From a fetish club to the bedroom, latex clothing feels great and maintains its sheer sexiness wherever it is worn! We’re going to look at some of the most common latex destinations. Although you can get as creative as you'd like and we’ve heard some crazy ones! One customer once wrote in to tell us about wearing latex whilst hiking in the French Alps. Now why we don’t recommend this, we'd love to see the images! So yes you can get creative when wearing your latex clothing and there are so many places to enjoy it!

The great thing about latex clothing today is it’s no longer bound by social convention. It’s worn everywhere and anywhere. You can be as daring or conservative as you would like with it. Although here are 5 common places to wear latex clothing and they are great!

1. Fetish Club: The Home of Latex Clothing

The infamous fetish club are a literal mecca for latex clothing. Wearing latex at a fetish night is often a requirement to even get in. They are a great place to show off your outfit and also enjoy the look of others. Fetish clubs offer a great opportunity to talk about latex in general and share stories. Often there will be shine stations within the club that allow you to stay shiny throughout the night!

2. Bedroom

Latex Clothing is bound to get you into a hot sweat. The skin tight look flaunts and teases the human figure. You can even get transparent latex and flesh coloured latex to enhance the tease further. Latex adds so much to an intimate situation and is great for all sorts of fantasies. Many latex outfits come with zips that allow the latex to be fully removed or partially removed when the bedroom situation ramps up. So all in all it’s a great place for latex!

3. Swimming Pool

Have you seen any of the videos of people wearing latex clothing in the swimming pool? Check them out they’re cool and that’s because wearing latex clothing in water is a top place to go. The latex wraps around your skin beautifully and feels awesome! That’s because like other swimsuits it acts as a second skin and traps the water in between yourself and the outfit. You get that latex feel and smell with the added sensations of immersion in the water. Wet latex clothing also has a fantastic natural glisten to it. In fact underwater latex shoots are really common in high fashion. If a swimming pool is not an option, any sort of water works well. Going into the bath or shower with your latex clothing also gives similar sensations.

4. Public Domains (eg shopping malls)

Latex is getting more and more popular to wear out and it can be worn in all sorts of ways. One customer of Honour wrote in to tell us about when she went to a local shopping mall in this latex catsuit and she felt like a queen. She was the centre of attention to say the least! Although you can wear latex in all sorts of ways and it doesn’t have to be bold. Certain latex clothing such as this latex dress are now part of a fashionable wardrobe and can be worn out to complete a fashion conscious look. Alternatively if you want to make an appearance, wear an item like a latex catsuit and you’ll be sure to be the centre of attention! The customer who wore the catsuit at the shopping mall said there’s something quite intriguing about browsing for shopping as others effectively browse you. It almost links into a grand form of exhibitionism.

5. Party/Event

Now we’re not talking fetish parties or events. That was the first on the list! If you integrate latex clothing into your look then it can make a great general outfit. Latex has such an appearance within celebrity culture and mainstream media because of its stunning appearance. If you want something a little bit different, a bit alternative or just want to have a bit of fun in something else, then go to a party in latex! Honestly, as an outfit it oozes confidence and just looks really really good.

Well Anywhere!

We said top five but this one is an added bonus. Wear it wherever you would like! Don’t let anyone tell you where you can wear it and where you can’t. Alternative culture is about not conforming to societal norms because that’s really boring! We’ve heard some fantastic stories over the years which are based on wearing latex clothing and that’s because people were confident enough to do so.

If you’ve worn latex and feel that you’ve got a story, send us an email at we’d love to hear!