Unihorn By Rocks Off Review - Honour BlogUNIHORN BY ROCKS OFF


RRP: £18.99

Suitable for Beginners and Experienced users.

Immediately I was drawn to the idea of a unicorn themed vibrator!

Find out how I got on below...


What you get

Having tried toys previously by Rocks-Off, I was excited to get my hands on another of this manufacturer’s vibrators. It arrived (as Rocks-Off toys do as standard) in well-presented matte black packaging - no wrestling with heat-sealed blister packs here!


Inside was probably one of the most visually-pleasing sex toys I’ve seen in my life! Metallic-plated, rainbow-coloured, contoured and tapered, this toy is almost as much an ornament as it is a sex toy!

Setting up

The toy opens with a twist to the bottom section, and only needs a single AAA battery to operate. It’s easy to open and close the battery compartment, and with a single press of the silicone button you can easily cycle through the 7 speed settings.

Ready to rumble!

The Unihorn’s tapered body, when combined with your favourite lubricant, is designed to be able to stimulate and slide against the labia, whereas the tip makes for perfect clitoral stimulation to climax. I was initially worried that a toy design based on a potentially sharp horn would be just that, but the rounded tip caused me no discomfort - rather the opposite, the smaller surface area on the tip allows for more concentrated vibrations!


It’s easy to cycle through the speed settings during use, which means you can increase or decrease vibrations as needed throughout your session. Despite its low power needs, it doesn’t skimp on strength at all, with the highest vibrations really packing a punch for the toy’s size.

The Unihorn Stardust is also completely waterproof, which is always an added bonus for a toy! Whilst some vibrating toys can feel too weak when used in water, with its strong and direct vibrations, the unihorn is an underwater treat. (Great for when you want to relax with a bubble bath!)

Final thoughts

Although this toy is listed as having an “insertable length” of 8cm, personally I would use this as an external clitoral stimulator rather than an insertable toy, just down to the smaller length and width, and the pointy end; which in my opinion is more effective externally.

Due to the powerful and concentrated nature of the vibrations, I have found this to be a perfect solo toy but not great for a partner to use on me. However, from previous experience I imagine this toy would also work as a pleasurable taint stimulator for men, so it doesn’t mean you can’t both use it!

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