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Reviewed by Molly Moore from Molly’s Daily Kiss for

We were fairly dubious about this product having been sent restraint systems in the past, most notably a set that fixed to a door that we were hugely disappointed with, but this set turned out to be a rather delicious kinky surprise!


What you get

This under the bed restraint system comprises of a central adjustable connecting strap that you lay either head to toe or side to side under the mattress - depending on where on the bed you want to place the cuff. At the end of that strap there are two rings which the four adjustable connecting straps attach to. These then come out and up onto the bed and you attach the wrist and ankle cuffs to the end of each one.

Setting up your under the bed restraints

Depending on the size and style of your bed, the initial setup might require two people as you'll need to lift the mattress to place the straps beneath it. But once you've done that, the cuffs are easily removable meaning you can slip the ends of the straps back underneath the mattress until the next time you want them, and no one will know they are there. We used it under both a double and super king size bed. On the super king, it only worked if we placed it top to bottom as side to side the straps were not quite long enough for the cuffs to reach my ankles and wrists, but top to bottom and it was fine.

Tie me down!

So once you have it all set up, it's time for someone to get tied up and someone to tie. The cuffs are fastened with Velcro and are fully adjustable. I have very small wrists, and we often find that standard cuffs like this don't do up small enough for me but this just made it. The cuffs also extend to a relatively large size, so I think these should work for most people. Considering the simplicity of the design and the use of Velcro we found this set to be amazingly robust. I really did put them through their paces, pulling and tugging on them and they held tight. In my opinion, the weakest point is probably the metal clips, but you would have to really go some to break them! The cuffs only have basic padding, but I found them comfortable. Although I would say, the fastening means it's very easy to do them up overly tight, and I would recommend that the one doing the restraining makes sure they have not accidentally done that as you can easily restrict someone's circulation that way. Unlike leather cuffs there is no give to these cuffs at all.


We tried these out with me facing upwards and faced down on the bed, and both ways they worked brilliantly. So it's up to you which position you choose, depending on what you want to do. Obviously, face down is ideal for some spanking or some other form of impact play, and face up allows better access to breasts/nipples. Being restrained like this can lend itself to all sorts of wicked ideas, like ice play, wax play, tickling, forced/controlled orgasms, orgasm denial, rope play and things like kidnapping scenes and consensual non-consent. All you need is lots of kinky imagination to make the best use of these fabulous restraints.

Final thoughts

We’re definitely keeping the Under the Bed Restraints firmly under our bed so that we can indulge in some bedtime bondage anytime we like. In the past, that kind of play involved a complicated set up with hooks and chains or rope, but this system means that now all we have to do is fish out the four ends, clip on the cuffs and away we go. We’ve always realised that there’s no reason why we can't substitute the cuffs that came with the set with our own beautiful leather cuffs, as the clips just need an 'O' ring to attach to.


This is a great little set, and if you are into bondage or restraints, then I would highly recommend this as a worthwhile purchase because once you’ve done the initial setup, you have fixture points ready to rock whenever the mood takes you.

Review written by Molly Moore from Molly’s Daily Kiss for

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