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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (commonly known as Gay Pride Month) is currently celebrated worldwide each year in the month of June, with many celebrations spilling over into July or even the later summer months - in the hometown of Honour HQ, for example, the parade isn’t held until September 8th! Pride was originally just “Pride Day”, to honour the Stonewall Riots in New York but has now become a whole month to celebrate love in all its forms.

What is Gay Pride

While the parties, parades, nightclubs and events are invariably fun and exciting, Pride is about much more than a celebration of everything rainbow. It’s also a time to come together to remember the struggle of past LGBTQ+ generations to reach the point of acceptance we find ourselves at today, and to contemplate the work left to do worldwide to ensure freedom of sexuality expression for everyone.

At Honour, we’re proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community, and in honour of Pride month we’re proudly changing our logo to display the rainbow colours in solidarity with our lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans and queer brothers and sisters. Whether you identify with the fetish community, or are just looking for new ways to explore your sexuality, at Honour we have everything you need to have the most earth-shatteringly pleasurable Pride month of your life!

Celebrate Pride 2018

Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender expression, we are committed to ensuring you have everything you need to get your celebrations underway. Whether you’re looking for a parade or party outfit, or looking to celebrate with your partner(s) at home, we have clothes and toys to suit everyone. If you need a little help finding something to suit you, we’ve prepared a handy guide to our top Pride 2018 items!


If you’re a lesbian, or a bisexual woman currently in a girl-girl relationship, we have a selection of toys which can be used solo or with your partner in celebration of your girl power!

Of course, most sex toys are extremely versatile, such as the classic dildo, which doesn’t discriminate between orifices and feels as good for a gay man as it does for a straight woman or anyone in-between. However, some toys are more suitable to a girl-girl dynamic than others.

Double-ended dildos:

If you’re currently hooked up, the double-ended dildo is a great way to feel closer to your partner during sex. With both of you feeling deep penetrative pleasure, you’ll be able to experience the physical feedback long the dildo of your partner's movements, putting you in tune with each other in a way you’ve never experienced. Many double-ended dildos can also be used for double penetration, so great for the gay girl who likes the feeling of fullness during her solo play.

basix 16 inch double dong blackdouble dong blackdouble dong purpledouble dong white

Double Ended Dildos

Strapless strap-ons:

Of course, the classic strap-on harness is a mainstay of the lesbian sex toy chest, but the innovative strapless strap-on dildos from a variety of manufacturers are perfect for lesbian couples for many of the same reasons double-ended dildos are: they allow you to both feel pleasure and penetration at the same time. Strapless strap-ons are primed for girl-on-girl sex more than any other kind of sex as the bulb-end of the strap-on is worn by one woman, held by her kegel muscles, while she penetrates her partner with the shaft.

These kinds of strap-ons are less secure than a harness as they depend on the grip of the kegel muscles, so are not designed for pegging as generally the sphincter of the anal muscles will beat the kegel grip of the wearer - bisexual women beware!

Strap On Couples ToyToy Joy Deeper PurpleStrapless Strap OnStrapless Strap On

Strapless Strap-Ons

Remote control toys:

If you and your partner are going to celebrate at your local Pride parade, you can keep sexual tensions high throughout the fun with a pair of sexy remote-controlled vibrating lace knickers. Feel the power of weilding the discreet remote to your girlfriend’s pleasure as you join the parade, or submit to being controlled by your partner, not knowing when the buzzing is going to start again… Then once you’re home, you’ll both be ready to get steamy right away!

Vibrating panty SetVibrating panty SetVibrating panty SetVibrating panty Set

Remote Control Vibrating Panties by Screaming O

Tongue vibrators:

When it comes to cunnilingus, few women would deny that women do it better! However, very few sexual acts aren’t improved by some good vibrations, so why not kick your oral play up a notch with a vibrating tongue ring? Vibrating tongue rings are stretchy silicone rings which fit over the tongue, allowing the attached vibrating bullet to caress your partner’s genitals as you do what you do best and drive her wild!

Vibrating Tongue RingVibrating Tongue RingVibrating Tongue RingVibrating Tongue Ring

Screaming O Vibrating Tongue Ring

Clit pumps and massagers:

While we’re on the subject of external stimulation, let’s not forget the godmother of the female genitalia - the clitoris! Clitoral massagers and pumps bring a whole new sensation to your external play which can’t be achieved through body parts alone. Why not try something new for your Pride celebrations?

Clit Pumps & MassagersClit Pumps & MassagersClit Pumps & MassagersClit Pumps & Massagers

Clitoral Pumps and Massagers


The gay scene is beautifully varied and diverse, but no matter what aspect of the gay male scene you’re into, we’ll have something to accommodate. Of course, as a fetish fashion manufacturer, we have more leather and latex than you could shake a stick at - perfect for those of you on the Gay Leather or fetish scenes!

We also stock toys and accessories for the pup play community and a multitude of male sex toys which are suitable for solo or couple use, so no matter your situation or dynamic, you can be sure you’re getting off this Pride month!

Butt Plugs and Tunnels:

The classic butt plug is a tried and tested anal toy which has stood the test of time for a reason. If you’re a gay man who likes to top and bottom, you can wear a butt plug during sex with your partner (or solo play) for double the stimulation! If you’re committed to bottoming, don’t worry, you can wear a butt plug during foreplay, or even don an anal tunnel to keep you open for your partner during anal sex.

Butt Plugs & TunnelsButt Plugs & TunnelsButt Plugs & TunnelsButt Plugs & Tunnels

Butt Plugs

Prostate massagers:

The prostate massager is much like a butt plug, except it is especially designed to stimulate your p-spot. The prostate is part of what makes anal play so appealing to men of all orientations, but if you’re in a gay couple this is one part of the anatomy you don’t want to ignore! Prostate massagers can be static or vibrating and come in a variety of sizes, so regardless of your experience with anal play, you’ll be having a p-spot orgasm in no time.

Anal ToysAnal ToysAnal ToysAnal Toys

Prostate Massagers

Cock rings:

Get your cock harder than ever before with a snug-fitting cock ring, to bring new sensations to sex with your partner or solo play. If you’re new to cock rings we’d recommend starting with a stretchy silicone ring, but for the more advanced among you there are also metal cock rings, or cock rings with attached anal toys for ultimate play! Cock rings reduce the blood flow out of the penis, making your erection harder than usual and delaying orgasm for longer and more powerful sex!

Cock RingsCock RingsCock RingsCock Rings

Cock Rings

Penis extenders and sheaths:

Add a bit extra to your package this Pride with a cock sheath. These sheaths can add length or girth (or both!) to your penis, meaning you can become your partners new favourite sex toy! Perfect for those size queens in the community or when you feel like you need a little extra dimension to your sex life.

Cock SheathCock Sheath

Penis Extenders


Leather is to the gay scene what ice cream is to jelly! We stock a giant range of leather perfect to wear to your local Pride parade or to the after parties. Get a classic leather police-style hat to really look the part, or some assless chaps if you’re feeling really brave. All of our leather products are made of soft calfskin leather, so you can party all night in comfort.

Leather ClothingLeather ClothingLeather ClothingLeather Clothing

Men's Leather


As transgenderism isn’t a sexual orientation and rather a gender expression, all of our toys above can be used by transgender individuals. However, we also stock a range of transgender-specific toys and aids to make sure your Pride celebration is one to remember.

Trans men:

We stock a range of packers by FTM-friendly sex toy giant Doc Johnson, so you can fashion your bulge to be modest or monstrous depending on how you’re feeling this Pride. For when you need something with a little more stiffness, you can also browse our range of strap-ons, many of which are designed to be discreetly worn under your clothes for quick assembly when you need it most.

Fleshstone LimpyStrap On

Strap-Ons and Packers

Trans women:

Look your best this Pride with our range of women’s fetish and clubwear, in sizes up to 6XL so you can look sexy for your local parade and parties without having to shop around depending on your size. Whether you’re looking for a fabulous wig, a stand-out latex outfit, or shoes, you’ll find everything you need in your size and shape on our shelves. We stock womens shoes up to a size UK12, so you can strut your stuff the whole way along the parade.

Honour ShoesPVC Dress

Shoes up to UK12 and Clothes up to UK26


At Honour, we want to ensure all of your play this Pride is safe, sane, and consensual. We stock a range of condoms, femidoms, lubricants, enemas, douches, and toy cleaners, to ensure that nothing stands in your way when you’re getting down ‘n’ dirty with whomever you please!


Regardless of the sexuality you identify with, if you're having sex outside of a monogamous relationship, you need to be using condoms, femidoms, or dental dams to keep yourself safe from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The necessity for condoms within the Gay community has been one of the major campaigns of the Pride movement. Preventing HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections is of extra importance for gay men and women who enjoy anal sex as this kind of sex carries more risk of blood infection than oral, manual or vaginal sex.

For bixsexuals, or those with multiple polygamous partners, we cannot recommend enough that you use condoms with any shared sex toys. This means all your toys are easily and quickly cleaned between partners, and in the event of anal and vaginal play within a relationship, this is the best way to avoid the very serious infections which can be caused by getting fecal matter in your vagina. (No thank you!)


Another way to ensure your anal play is safe is to make sure you are always using enough lubricant, which minimises the risk of anal tearing or discomfort during play. Silicone lubricant is the recommended lube for anal sex where a penis is penetrating the anus, but beware that you do not use this kind of lubricant with silicone toys as this may cause silicone burn, which will destroy all your shiny new toys.

Lubricant is also important for any same-sex female play. If your partner is not sufficiently self-lubricated (which can be due to nerves, time of the month, age, or a host of other things!) before play, you can risk causing pain and even injury by continuing anyway. A water-based lubricant should suffice for any women, which we stock in hypoallergenic, flavoured, hybrid, and antibacterial varieties to suit your specific needs.

Enemas and douches:

Whilst not strictly necessary, many people who partake in anal sex like to use an enema or a douche set before playing with their partner - just to ensure everything is clean before things really get going. We stock a range of douches so regardless of how comfortable you are with this procedure you’ll be able to find the right one to get you sparkling clean!

Toy cleaners:

Speaking of clean, it’s not just anal toys and sex which require forethought in this respect. We carry many types of toy cleaners for solo toys and girl-on-girl play. Whilst water and soap is enough for these toys, you may be more comfortable with a for-purpose bottle of toy cleaner, which has he added bonus of being easily transportable -- so you can take it along to pride with you!

For a breakdown of all our Pride-friendly items, you can visit our Pride page which has our best-selling items at a discounted price for lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgendered individuals, or you can browse for anything specific on our main website, using code PRIDE for 10% off your order.

For more information on Pride in the UK, you can visit the UK Pride Organisers Network at, or for more information about how we can make this your sexiest, most fulfilling Pride ever, get in touch with our customer services team at