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A Living Doll 

Within the fetish community, the ability to be anonymous holds an importance for some, and artist Pandemonia Panacea makes that a key part of their masterpiece.

A walking art piece, their creation comments on society, consumer culture, and the beauty of being “female”.

It is unknown who Pandemonia really is, but when you're a 7ft tall, latex clad, pop culture caricature, who cares?

A modern reference to Warholian style pop art, Pandemonia Panacea is an experiment in creating an instant celebrity, based around the feminine ideals of supermodels, singers, and actresses. With over 40K followers on Instagram, and constant invites and attention at fashion events – clearly we are all intrigued!

Pandemonia Panacea - A Living Doll - Honour Blog

Pandemonia's style can be connected to the fetish act of being a Rubber Doll – encasing yourself in a female 

guise to become your alter ego.

Many lovers of Rubber Doll-ing say that they try to become the unattainable woman, and find pleasure in seeing themselves as someone beautiful. Regardless of the motivation – be it sexuality or artistic merit – it is the creation of the perfect female that ties Pandemonia and the Rubber Doll community together. Always armed with a puncture repair kit in case of a hair deflation situation, Pandemonia has been featured in the Sunday Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and even more. Sporting latex fashion from head to toe it’s easy to see why the fashion industry is fascinated with this plastic fantastic artist. Pandemonia takes their name from 'Pandemonium', meaning chaos – but we think they look pretty darn perfect.

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Pandemonia Panacea - A Living Doll - Honour Blog