Mistress Workshops with Miss Kim Rub - Honour BlogMistress Workshops with Miss Kim Rub

At Honour, we want to make sure you have access to all the equipment a D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship might require, regardless of what level of experience you have or the kinds of kink you want to explore. However, if you’re new to the dynamic of a D/s relationship, it can seem impossible to know where to start, especially as the leading, Dominant partner.

No matter how naturally Dominant you are, or what stage of your BDSM journey you’re at; you’re bound to meet moments of uncertainty, whether that’s because you’re with a new partner; feeling inexperienced; or just drawing a blank in the moment. Whilst there’s an unlimited number of ways to dominate your partner - none of which are more valid than any other - it’s unquestionable that confidence is the name of the game when it comes to taking charge in any dynamic.

"The Workshop is designed to bring out your natural dominance, so you become the Mistress you always knew you were."

To find out just how to become the best version of our Dominant selves, we sent a delegate from Honour to join a host of ladies attending the legendary Mistress Workshop held by Miss Kim Rub - worldwide Dominatrix, rubber expert, and organiser of the UK’s only rubber-only events Club Rub and Rubber Cult.

With live demonstrations, self-exploration, and Miss Kim’s unrivalled experience on the fetish scene, the Mistress Workshop was as much about finding your character as a Dominant woman as it was about implements or technique. No matter how skilled you are with an implement such as a paddle or whip, you need to have mastered your confidence and ensure you’re taking charge in order to truly dominate someone, rather than to approach it as a mechanical technique.

"It’s all about learning to be creative, exciting, and fun, in a safe way."

The workshop is a fantastic way to get to know the ins and outs of Dominance and submission, and how to bend someone to your will. Spending an entire day amongst strong women in a luxurious setting - with bubbly and cake - is almost enough on its own to have you feeling like a goddess. By the end of the workshop, we were all feeling confident, sexy, and informed - ready to take on the world as Dominant, in-control women.


Kim’s workshop is held monthly. For more information visit the Mistress Workshop website, the Club Rub Workshops website, or the Miss Kim Rub website.