Meet Miss Meat Face - Honour BlogMeet Miss Meat Face

Enter the surrealist latex clad universe of Miss Meatface…

Based in London yet hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, multidisciplinary artist Kat Toronto plays with notions of femininity, power, and submission through her work. Using film photography and textiles as her medium, Toronto created ‘Miss Meatface’, a character that allows her to explore just what it means to be female.

After being diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer, and undergoing a full hysterectomy, Toronto/Miss Meatface wanted to discuss where she fits into society now that she is unable to carry a child. By encasing herself in latex and masks, Miss Meatface is presented as a doll, much like those who practice female masking - an act of intentional objectification.

Presenting herself as conventionally female, Toronto’s works have a retro flair like they’re straight from the pages of Atomage, almost like photos your Grandparents didn’t want you to see. She also incorporates gender politics and ideas of female supremacy and subservience - themes that often go hand in hand with latex fetishwear. Her most recent project "Dolls in the House of Venus" centers around these themes, with polaroids, film photography, and Super 8 film footage.

See more of Toronto’s work on her website or Instagram @MissMeatface