Interview With Romanie Smith - Honour BlogAn Interview with Romanie Smith

What does being a fetish model mean to you?

It means so much - At 5'4" I'd never really even considered modelling as I thought I was too short, but there are no height restrictions in Alt modelling. I didn't really know anything about fetish modelling until I went for my first ever test shoot. When I was with the photographer he said to me 'you'd be a great fetish model' and pulled up some images of Mosh on his computer. I thought she was amazing and looked into it further, discovering Masuimi Max and Bianca Beauchamp. I decided that this was something I'd love to try and never for a second did I expect the whirlwind that followed, I'm loving every second.

You recently did an interview with ‘The Daily Mail’ how was the response from the general public and do you think with recent popularity for celebrities wearing fetish materials, such as latex, that there will be a more positive reception for fetish models in the mainstream?

So much of that interview was fabricated and twisted. I never, at any point, said I wanted to break World Records for having the world’s smallest waist... I didn't even know there WAS a record! haha - There was a lot of negativity directed at the article, but if anyone commenting had actually looked at my website, or social media sites, they would have seen I'm not an extremist. I think it's great that so many celebrities are wearing latex, it's definitely making it a more acceptable and a mainstream medium. I've worn latex out to normal clubs, I kind of mix it up a bit, latex leggings with a normal top, or a skirt with a latex top, it works.

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve had to do for a photoshoot?

I've not really had anything too outrageous asked of me (yet), although I was asked to wear hotpants and a crop top in the snow, that was pretty outrageous!! Have any funny or embarrassing stories from a shoot you want to share? I was lucky enough to work with Masuimi Max last year, who is just adorable. My mum came along to the shoot as she often helps me out with travel, hair etc. We were in an old converted warehouse in London which was in fact someone’s house which they doubled as a studio, but there were no real facilities. There was a makeshift kitchen with big bottles of water as there was no running water and the bathroom was down an external corridor. Masuimi asked for someone to make her a coffee and my mum happily obliged, finding a plain white mug on the selves beside the water bottles. When Masuimi came back in the room, my mum turned the mug around to pass her the handle of the cup and was horrified to see it had the word C**T plastered right across the front of it with the handle making a huge 'C' - my mum was mortified but luckily everyone including Masuimi thought it was hilarious!

What is your favourite fetish material?

Latex is definitely my favourite. I love the feel of it and the way it accentuates every curve of your body how shinny and liquid it looks. I'm really happy it's become so fashionable.

What could we find in your wardrobe if we went snooping?

The usual clothing, little black dresses, t-shirts, jeans and then... shoes, shoes and more shoes! I have over a hundred pairs, it getting out of control!

Tell us about your favourite Honour product!

That's a tough call, there are so many beautiful products but I particularly love the leather cuffs and collars especially the posture collars!

Romanie Smith - Pink Nurse Joy PVC Costume from Honour on Vimeo.