Honour Ed: Workshops at our Watford HQ - Honour BlogHonour Ed: Workshops at our Watford HQ

Class is in Session -- and we believe in Corporal Punishment!

At Honour, we’re known for providing top-notch quality BDSM and fetish gear. However, what we really pride ourselves on is ensuring that our products are used to fulfill your deepest fantasies both pleasurably and, most of all, safely. To this end, we have now launched a new series of quarterly events with industry veterans (and downright legends) to teach you the basics (and some little-known insider tips) of enjoying your kinks confidently, sexily, and safely! These events have become a part of our new Honour Education (or Honour Ed) learning base, where we will also publish blogs, videos, and interactive content to support our in-person events.

Our first Honour Ed workshop was held at our Honour HQ on March 22nd. The topic was Pegging & Anal Play, held by the delectable and inimitable Miss Kim Rub. As a world-renowned professional dominatrix of over 20 years, as well as the brains behind the UK’s only all-rubber club nights, Kim was a clear choice for this workshop. Starting by covering basic anal play Health and Safety, and expanding to cover techniques, tips, equipment, mood-setting, and demonstrations; no matter what brand of anal play you are into, or just fantasise about, Kim had it covered!

Honour Ed: Workshops at our Watford HQ - Honour Blog

At Honour, we never want to let a kinkster go home empty-handed, so we also gave each attendee of our event a free gift box containing their very own pegging starter kit. The free kit included our best-selling Leather Dominance Harness, a moulded latex harness-friendly dildo, and anal lube containing aloe vera for freshness and comfort. We will be giving out relevant “starter kits” to each student of the Honour Ed programme as it progresses, and the kit for each workshop will always have a value at least double the ticket price of the event! That way, we know you have the knowledge, and the equipment, to do your homework right away!

If you missed the first of our Honour Ed workshops, you can pick yourself up a Pegging & Anal Play starter kit by purchasing the individual items via our website. To stay up-to-date on the Honour Ed events as they’re announced, you can sign up to our mailing list, or drop into either our Waterloo or Watford stores for more information.