HNRX Bondage

HNRX Bondage Restraint System: How to use it?

Bondage is an age old art. Full of mystery, excitement and anticipation. The mind boggles at the possibilities of what you can do with restraints. Whether you’re dominant or submissive, it’s so easy to let your fantasies run away. How elaborate have you got in the past? We’ve heard some pretty crazy bondage scenarios and we love them! That’s why we’ve developed the HNRX range and guess what? It’s finally out! Don’t you worry it’s as kinky as you may expect for an Honour range.

If you’ve popped into one of our shops or know any of of us here at Honour. You’ll know all we’ve been talking about is the HNRX Range. It’s a fully modular and completely personalisable extreme bondage restraint system. This is one of the kinkiest sets out there!

Modular System:

What does that mean? Who cares? Well it means you can create limitless combinations of restrained fun. By buying bondage items as you go along you get a fully personalised set that lets your imagination run away. The more you own the more options you have and the more ways you can connect the restraints. Plus there’s more being added to the range all the time. It gives you complete flexibility on how you’d like to live your fantasy. More importantly, it allows you to change depending on your mood and resolve any of those immediate desires.

The Connection System:

The restraint system is designed with plenty of connection points. This means loads of O and D rings to connect to whatever your heart desires. All the pieces are uniquely designed so that they fit the set. There’s nothing worse than a mismatch of bondage restraints that don’t connect properly and just don’t look the part. Fantasies are all about the small details.

The HNRX Collar for example has 4 D rings. By having so many, you have complete freedom to use the collar with as many or as few restraints as you’d like. Plus there’s nothing quite as kinky! It’s really important to have a system that connects as your set grows. It makes play so much easier when you’re trying new things. When all connected up in the HNRX system, the combination of dark latex restraint, padlocks and glistening metal will leave you begging for more.

Connecting HNRX:

The HNRX Trigger Hook is an absolute must for anyone buying into the system. It’s a really strong durable metal that glistens within the set. You can use it to attach cuffs, collars spreader bars or well anything else. By having a couple of these laying around, you can connect all your restraints together. Why not connect both wrist cuffs to the collar and create an ultimate submissive position? You could connect a spreader bar to thigh cuffs and restrain any ability to walk. Why not both? What’s great about these is their rigid and strong. You’re guaranteed to lock a submissive into the desired position with no wriggle room. The nature of the trigger hooks being only a few cms long means that restraints are locked close together. Keeping play nice and intimate. Maybe that’s just the way you like it.

HNRX Bondage Chain:

The set has recently seen the addition of the HNRX 1 Metre Bondage Chain. You can create some fantastic bondage scenes with this! The sound of clinking chain will leave any submissive feeling like a prisoner in their own fantasy. A dream! Chain also gives a bit more flexibility and movement compared to the trigger hooks. It can be very useful in certain situations. Say you want to connect the wrist cuffs to ankle cuffs as part of a humiliation ceremony. The chain works best with a HNRX Padlock. It binds the chains and restraints together. Be prepared to give the dominant full control in your ultimate bondage scenario! Why not mix it up? You can use the chain and padlock alongside the trigger hooks across a couple of restraints.

HNRX Padlock:

The HNRX ES Padlocks is a great way to take play to the next level. All power is given to the beholder of the key. These padlocks are designed for the HNRX range. The colour complements the matte black latex of the HNRX restraints and the lock is developed to the set. Escape is no option for the submissive at this point! They fit within the lockable buckles of the HNRX wrist and ankle cuffs. They can also be used with HNRX chain. Having a couple laying around allows you to turn the notch up on the restraints of your choice. Not to mention you can use them as a connector to provide a really close connection between two restraints.

The Restraints:

Honour is fortunate enough to have access to some of the best latex in the world. That’s why the restraints use latex as a common material. Across the board, really high quality materials have been used. So whatever your play, the set will be sure to withstand the test. The metal constructions even come with a 10 year guarantee! You can purchase different restraints as you go along. It’s a great opportunity to expand as you’re preferences change or you fancy exploring new scenarios. The collars, cuffs and a spreader bar seem to be a really popular beginner set up. We challenge you to come up with all sorts of new set ups and scenarios!

If you have any questions or would like any more information, be sure to get in contact with us. Be sure to share any stories you have with the system! We’d love to hear!