Whether you’re buying for yourself or buying for a partner, always talk through your fantasy before acting out any role play. That way it’s more likely to run smoothly and both parties can get exactly what they want out of the scenarios! By explaining exactly what you want it will eliminate those awkward pauses and your improvising will become easier!

Spoilt for choice

Here at Honour we have a wide selection of costume choices for both the dominant and submissive character inside you. Whether you’re looking to crack the whip and cuff your partner as a dominant police officer or take the punishment as a naughty, submissive secretary, discover all the options below...

The Ultimate Guide to Nurses Costumes - Honour Blog

The Naughty Nurse

Get those pulses racing and take control in our fabulous sexy nurse costumes. With choices in latex, PVC and lingerie, they’ll be begging for a regular check up. Act out the fantasy of a medical minx, the perfect attire for a controlling dominatrix. Add some medical props or bed restraints for those patients who are a little less cooperative. Click here to find your perfect Nurse Costume.

The Ultimate Guide to Maids Costumes - Honour Blog

The Classic French Maid

Looking for something with a little more frills to thrill with? Our classic French Maid Costume is a favourite all year round. Available in latex, PVC and lacey lingerie, the maid is a great option for switching between status roles. Crawling around on all fours with a feather duster never looked so good! Click here to find your perfect French Maid Costume.

The Ultimate Guide to Costumes - Honour Blog

Saucy Schoolgirl

Misbehave and be punished as a submissive school girl or demand the attention as a horny headmistress. We have a sexy selection of uniforms made from latex, PVC and lingerie meaning you’re certain to get an A grade in the bedroom! Why not add a spark to your play with our electro sex range or whip them into shape with a naughty crop or flogger.Click here to find the perfect School Girl Costume.

The Ultimate Guide to Costumes - Honour Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Costumes - Honour Blog


Military style

Lay down the law in our range of fabulous Military and Police Officer Costumes. You can report for duty or dress him in uniform with choices available for both men and women. With offerings in latex, PVC and lingerie - you’re spoilt for choice! March into the bedroom like the dominant officer you are and get ready to ‘lock and load’! Add some essential accessories to your outfit with our range of cuffs, whips and restraints. Click here to find the perfect Military Costume.

Ready to Play?

Once you’ve picked your outfit, prepared your props and planned your scenario.. It’s showtime! But if you’re still struggling to get into character, think about your setting. Honour Tip: Dimming the lights, turning on some music or adding some extra touches like a desk can help you switch from sexy school girl to submissive slave! Still not convinced? Why not try our range of luxurious wigs for total transformation. Click here to find your favourite wig.

The Ultimate Guide to Costumes - Honour Blog