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A Fetish for Goth

Fetish clothing and Goths have always gone hand in hand, even Punks got in on the action in the 70's with Vivienne Westwood's foray into bondage clothing. From corsets, to chains, and of course a little (or a lot) of black latex, leather and PVC – kinky elements are a mainstay in gothic fashion.

Originally a movement connected to music which rejected the aggression of punk for a more sombre tone, bands like Bauhaus, Siouxsie and The Banshees, and The Cure turned it into an entire subculture which would stick around for years to come. The aesthetic these artists created were a visual expression of their lyrics – dark, pallid, and romantic.

Gender expression and the way Goth blurred the binaries made the subculture an attractive one for those who felt like they had never really fit in. It was okay for men to wear makeup, and it was fine for women to have short hair – although the 80's may not seem like that long ago, there was still the residual effect of the traditions that upheld society during the early half of the century.

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