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RRP: £64.99

Reviewed by Cherry

What you get

The Dancer Latex Dress is a mini dress with a full circle skater-style skirt and a vest-style top. The dress is made of 6 hand-glued 0.4mm thick latex pieces and at time of writing is only available in classic black latex. In total, the dress measures 27” from top to bottom, and the skirt measures 11” from waist to hem. For most people, this dress will be extremely short, finishing just below the buttocks.

Setting Up

This dress is only skin tight on the upper half which means it is easier to put on than other, tighter pieces. Experienced latex wearers should be able to put the Dancer dress on with no need for dressing aid or talcum powder inside. However, if you are new latex, at this point you might want to apply dressing aid directly to your skin on the abdomen, chest, and back before putting the dress on.


I shined this dress with my favourite Skin Two Dress & Shine Serum (A1488 - £10.99). It can be difficult to shine a latex item which is not skin-tight, as the latex is not stretched taught evenly across the garment. However, with enough patience (and an assistant if you have one handy!) this dress will shine up beautifully - as most classic black latex items will! You just need to pay careful attention to the very bottom of the skirt to ensure you haven’t missed a spot.

Let’s Dance!

As a UK size 12-14 and at 170cm tall, I found this dress to be one of the most flattering latex items I’ve tried. It nips in very tightly at the waist, while the scooped neckline offers (braless!) support and amazing cleavage. The flared skirt adds a feminine touch, and as it is a full circle you can spin and dance in this dress and it will spread out around you beautifully, weighed down by the high quality latex.


The flared skirt is a great idea for anyone who loves latex but is hesitant about flaunting their abdomen and stomach areas. The dress accentuates your best features while flattering problem areas - and who doesn’t want that?! The length of the skirt is just long enough to cover yourself when necessary, but so short that you can bend over and it will not get in the way of any fun you have planned.

Final Thoughts

At £64.99 this is an affordable latex outfit for any budget. Definitely a great purchase for anyone looking to get their first rubber garment as it is not too restrictive and is infallibly sexy no matter your size or shape as it will pull you into an hourglass figure.


The only downside to the Dancer Dress is that it is currently only stocked in sizes S-XL, which means anyone in a UK size 8-18 should find a size that can fit them but it is not available in XS, or in the larger sizes up to 6XL as many Honour garments are.


Latex Dancer Dress Review - Honour Blog