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Cock & Ball Play 4: Chastity

Chastity is a type of cock and ball play that actually involves actively not stimulating the penis or scrotum in any way, be it for pleasure or pain! Chastity devices are a mainstay of the BDSM scene so if you’re looking to improve your D/s relationship get ready to lock yourself down and have the best sex of your life -- by not having sex!

What is Chastity?

Put simply, being chaste means refraining from having sex. At all. On the BDSM scene, chastity usually refers to someone who has promised their (typically Dominant) partner to have no kind of sexual release without their say-so. To achieve this understandably difficult task, some couples will employ the use of a plastic, leather, or metal chastity device which will lock onto the wearer so it cannot be removed without their Dominant partner’s permission.

Once the device is on the wearer, his Dominant partner will safeguard the key and will remove the device at their discretion, perhaps setting tasks in order to be allowed freedom and sexual release. The simultaneous trust and control dynamic is perhaps the strongest allure of chastity for people in D/s relationships, and many people report that practicing male chastity has strengthened the relationship both sexually and emotionally.

Chastity Devices

Chastity devices come in a variety of styles and materials, the most popular being the simple chastity cage or the less-discreet chastity belt. The belts look flashy and are great for showing off your chaste lifestyle at fetish events, but for 24/7 lifestyle chastity, you’ll want to choose a more simple chastity cage which can be worn discreetly under “vanilla” clothing. Chastity belts are usually made of leather, while chastity cages are more commonly made of stainless steel or plastic.

Chastity cages are composed of a ring which circles the shaft and testicles, and a “cage” which your flaccid penis fits comfortably in but which will not allow it to get fully erect. The cage attaches to the ring and then locks on, either with a padlock, or with numbered locking tags. Locking tags allow the person in chastity to remove the device in an emergency, but they cannot be re-used, so upon inspection the keyholder will know that their chaste partner has removed the device! Padlocks are more secure but also mean that keyholder will have to remain on stand-by if the device needs to be removed quickly.

Metal Ringed Chastity DeviceLeather Buckle Corset Chastity ThongCB-X CB600S Clear Male Chastity DeviceOppressor Male Confinement Chastity CageLocking Ring Chastity Cage


If you are purchasing a chastity cage, you will need to make sure it is the correct size. Some chastity cages, such as the CB6000, come with differently-sized rings so you can select the best fit. However, if the cage you have your eye on doesn’t come with differently-sized rings, you will have to measure yourself by using a piece of string circled behind the testicles and over the base of the shaft. The chastity cage will need to be loose enough that the device doesn’t chafe, but not so loose that it falls off altogether, so aim for a tightness that allows some movement.


You will need to apply lubricant to the areas of the device that will be in contact with your skin, especially if you are new to wearing a chastity device. We also recommend trimming (but not shaving!) your pubic hair before wearing your device in order to prevent snagging. If you want to wear your device 24/7 someday, you can get accustomed to long-term wear by beginning with just a couple of hours a day and gradually increasing the time spent wearing it. If you can wear your device comfortably for a week, you’re now ready for long-term chastity!


Stainless steel chastity cages are the easiest to clean during use, as they tend to have ample ventilation. Plastic devices can be harder to clean and will need to be removed for cleaning more often as they cover more of the penis, with less ventilation, meaning dirt is more likely to become trapped and moisture is less likely to evaporate. (However, letting your keyholder restrict your hands as they remove your device and clean you while still not allowing you to experience relief can be a very intimate act!)

What Next?

Once you are comfortable with your new chaste lifestyle, you can start to expand on your chastity play. For example, if you are committed to long-term chastity, you might like to choose a plastic or polycarbonate device in case you ever need to progress through airport security (no need to flush all your hard work away just because you’re on holiday!). For those of you who like to incorporate chastity into your BDSM play, you and your keyholder can employ a punishment/rewards system for your behaviour while in chastity. Better yet, why not try one of our chastity devices with CBT features, such as spikes or a penis plug? (Although these are for short-term BDSM scenes only!)