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Cock & Ball Play 3: Hard Play

Strictly for hardcore BDSM enthusiasts, our range of CBT instruments and contraptions has something for every cock-and-ball masochist. So if you’ve explored what we have to offer in cock rings, ball stretchers and splitters, you might just be ready to graduate into the world of hardcore CBT, or Cock-and-Ball Torture.

Ball Weights

If you’ve already experimented with ball stretching, ball weights are a great place to try out some more extreme cock-and-ball play. Many ball stretchers come with chains and loops to attach purpose-built weights to, which is a great place to start your CBT journey as it allows you to slowly add weight relative to your comfort levels rather than jumping right in.

Whether you’re adding weights to your ball-stretcher for the first time or the hundredth time, maintaining safe practices is what will allow you to stretch another day. If at any time you feel any sharp pain or discomfort, you should stop immediately and reassess the fit and weight of your stretcher. If your stretcher is too tight, it can prevent blood supply to the testicles and scrotum. It is also important to apply a generous amount of lube to prevent chafing, especially if you aspire to wear your stretcher for longer periods of time.

Ball weights can come as individual weights with snap-clips to attach to your ball stretcher, or will come as a heavier ball “ring” to wear stacked or by itself. Individual clips allow for you to slowly increase the weight on your balls which ensures your safety and comfort; standalone non-adjustable ball weights should only be purchased when you know you are comfortable with the level of weight it offers!

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Ball Crushers

Ball crushers - as you may have guessed - are designed to gradually squeeze the testicles, rather than pull them. If you are exploring CBT with a partner, you might like to try ball crushing without gadgets and toys first - hands and feet (bare or with gloves/shoes) will do the trick. Just remember to establish a safeword and to go slowly until you know how much ball-busting orgasmic pressure you can handle!

If you are looking to explore the world of ball-crushing solo, worry not! Our ball crushers are completely adjustable, so you can be as gradual as you like with your new found hobby. Beginners may have some difficulty keeping the balls positioned correctly between the clamps as they will want to slide over each other or slip away from pressure points, but as with everything CBT, slow and steady wins the race. If you are having too much difficulty with your clamp, you can pair it with a ball stretcher first to keep them trapped in one place.

Spiked Cock Rings

Cock rings designed for CBT work primarily in the same way as any other cock ring, in that they restrict the blood flow out of the penis to keep it harder than usual. As the skin over the penis is elastic, the extra-sensitive nerve endings in the skin are forced to the surface as it stretches over an erection, making them prime CBT territory!

CBT-inspired cock rings come in a variety of styles, but the most popular are those with internally-facing spikes or screws. Most of these rings will either have snap-fasteners or allen screws which allow you to adjust the ring to your preferred tightness and level of pain. Experiencing genital pain while the penis is restricted will cause your super-sensitive genital nerve-endings to release waves of feel-good pain-killing endorphins, giving you a euphoric natural high.

Penis Plugs

For anyone who wants to explore their bodies and the limits of CBT to the extreme, urethra play is a great step in getting to know your body -- both inside and out! Penis plugs are used to dilate the urethra, giving you stimulation from the inside of your penis, while you use your hand, a toy, another person -- basically anything you choose -- to stimulate the outside. You will find that when using a urethral plug, any sensations from the outside of your penis will feel magnified. Penis plugs work because the inside of the penis is lined with highly-sensitive nerve endings which can bring unrivalled ecstasy when stimulated, for those brave enough to try!

If you have decided you would like to try plugging your penis (otherwise known as “cock stuffing”), you’ll want to begin by choosing a short plug of medium thickness -- choose one too small and you risk damaging the sensitive tissue on the inside of the shaft. Penis plugs can be hollow or solid; hollow plugs allow for urine or semen to pass through, so choose a hollow plug if your aim is long-term wear of your new shiny plug.

You’ll need to use a lot of lube when trying your first penis plug. For extra safety, we recommend a lubricant that comes in single-serving sachets to ensure everything remains clean. You’ll also want to sterilise your new plug by putting it in boiling water for ten minutes -- but don’t forget to let it properly dry and cool before use! Apply your lubricant using your (clean) hands to the (clean) plug, and also to the (clean!) area around the opening to the urethra.

Once you’re lubed up, place the plug at the opening to the urethra and allow it to slide into the penis, applying minimal pressure to the plug and allowing your body to get used to the sensation by stopping at intervals and never pushing against your body’s resistance.

Once you feel at ease with your short, medium-girth penis plug, you can begin to experiment with longer plugs, textured plugs, or plugs with glans rings for added external stimulation to the head of your penis. You can also try twisting or stroking your new penis jewellery for extra sensations. For the experienced in urethra play, we also stock lockable chastity devices with urethral inserts for lifestyle CBT-ers!

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What Next?

You now have all the information you need to begin your journey down the dark and twisted path of Cock-and-Ball Torture. You can use any of the above devices alone, or for the truly kinky, try using any of the toys mentioned in our cock and ball series together at once for mind-boggling penile pleasure.