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Cock & Ball Play 2: Experienced

So you’ve tried a few cock rings and fallen in love with the new world of penile sensation open to you, but what’s next? If you’re now a pro at enhancing your erection and ready for more than silicone playtime when it comes to cock rings, you’re in luck! -- at Honour we’re here to show you the way to total penis ecstasy.

Metal Cock Rings

While stretchy silicone and “jelly”-type rings are great fun, easy to apply and non-threatening in appearance, there is a whole world of cock and ball play out there ready for you to discover! If you’re feeling adventurous, you may want to try a metal cock ring on for size. Metal cock rings give the firmest grip on your penis for the strongest possible erection.

Metal cock rings aren’t flexible, so need to be sized properly. You can find the size you need by measuring using a piece of string circled behind the testicles and over the base of the shaft. If you can feel the string slightly restrict the blood flow to your penis, you’ve hit the right spot. Measure the length you needed and divide by pi (~3.14) to get the required diameter of your cock ring!

Leather & Rubber Cock Rings

If you’re finding metal cock rings a bit of a leap from the friendlier, silicone rings; why not try out a leather or rubber cock ring? Leather looks and smells great, is tighter and more rigid than silicone, but is (obviously) more flexible than metal, making it a great material for your next cock ring if you aren’t sure metal is for you. Leather is also great for achieving that fetishistic “slave” aesthetic, if you’re so inclined!

For the rubber fetishists among you, there is a huge range of rubber cock rings and accessories to encase, restrict, and stimulate your genitals. Great for matching with a fetishistic full-rubber outfit, rubber cock rings have that unmistakable rubber scent, and polish up a treat. (Not to mention rubber ball bags, rubber ball splitters, and rubber restrictors.)

Ball Stretchers & Splitters

Don’t worry -- ball stretchers and ball splitters are much more enjoyable than they sound! Encircling the scrotum and looping up between the testicles, ball splitters firmly separate each testicle while cupping them closer to the body. Ball stretchers attach to your balls in much the same way, but do not separate the testicles, are usually longer than ball splitters, and can sometimes have weights added to them. In both cases, the heightened sensitivity and restriction of the testicles has the effect of prolonging and strengthening your climax.

The “tugging” sensation given to the user’s testicles when wearing a ball splitter or stretcher can be very enjoyable, either when worn during sex or solo play, or even under your vanilla clothes throughout the day. As the skin on the scrotum is elastic, it becomes more sensitive as it is stretched and nerves are forced closer to the surface, add to this that during orgasm the semen will have to travel further from the testicles and require extra pressure to get past the stretcher/splitter, and you will experience longer and more intense climaxes. Some users even swear that their scrotum becomes larger or longer with prolonged use!

Ball stretchers and splitters come in a variety of shapes and materials including metal, rubber, leather, and silicone. Going by your experience level you can judge which material best suits you, generally starting with silicone for beginners and graduating through to heavier metal-based toys.

Anal Extensions

Many types of silicone and metal cock rings and accessories come with anal extensions for all-round male genital play! If you are already an anal aficionado, trying a plug which is attached to a cock ring will offer brand-new mind-blowing sensations.

When you use a cock ring with an anal extension during intercourse (with someone of either sex), you will feel the plug move inside you every time you thrust forward, making it the an unbeatable sex toy upgrade for any top who also likes anal penetration!

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What Next?

Once you’ve found the best toys in the best materials for you, why not mix it up? Many of the toys in our cock and ball series can be used together, such as a cock ring and ball stretcher. Deck out your dick in leather, metal, or rubber for an aesthetic and functional ride.

If the world of weights, metal cock accessories, and maybe even a little pain has you excited, why not take a peek into the hardcore world of CBT? If you’re looking for ways to impress your Dom(me) with your newfound cock and ball play, we also have a whole blog dedicated to Male Chastity and Submission.