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Cock and Ball Play 1: Playful

Cock rings are the ultimate couples’ toy, heightening pleasure for you both in the bedroom. However, if you’re new to cock rings it can be daunting to choose which one is right for you, or to be sure you’re using it correctly. Look no further because at Honour we’re always on hand to help!

How does a cock ring work?

In short, cock rings restrict the blood flow out of the penis to keep it harder than usual. (This isn’t dangerous as it does not completely cut-off the blood flow to the penis.) By restricting the blood flow, your penis stays harder and many men find that it enables them to perform sexually for a longer time. As if this wasn’t enough, when the wearer does ejaculate, the sensation can be much more intense due to the longer time it takes and the additional blood filling the penis and increasing its sensitivity.

Which cock ring should I get?

Cock rings come in all kinds of materials but the most popular are metal, silicone, rubber, and leather. Most cock rings fit around the base of the penis, or if you prefer you can encircle your cock ring around the penis and beneath the testicles which has the added bonus of placing pressure on the perineum (which is not only super pleasurable, but can further delay orgasm), though for this you might want a larger or stretchier ring to ensure it is not too tight.

If you are new to cock rings, you might want to start you cock ring journey with a soft, stretchy, “jelly”-type silicone or TPE ring. (If you are not new to cock rings, see our experienced cock and ball blog for some more intense cock play!)

At this point you may also want to consider what you are using your cock ring for. Although they make a great couple’s toy, cock rings can wildly improve your solo play too! If you are looking for a cock ring to use with a female partner, why not look at our cock rings with added clitoral stimulators? These can have pleasurable nodes or even vibrate!

For those in same-sex relationships, cock rings also make for more intense anal and oral sex - a thicker ring will be less stretchy and keep a harder, longer-lasting erection, as well as staying more firmly in place during extra-vigorous play.

Finally, don’t forget to look out for number one! Cock rings are a great addition for male solo play; allowing you to give yourself an extended session. If you have an adjustable cock ring, loosening the fastener and/or removing the ring entirely near the moment of climax can bring explosive results!

Cock & Ball - PlayfulCock & Ball - PlayfulCock & Ball - PlayfulCock & Ball - PlayfulCock & Ball - Playful

How do I use my cock ring?

The most common type of cock ring is stretchy and made of rubber (latex) or “jelly” silicone that fits around the base of the penis (but not the testicles). These are easiest to put on if your penis is semi-erect. They may look too small to fit over your penis but they can stretch a lot to easily accommodate different sizes. You do not need to use lube to slide the cock ring onto your penis - this will only mean it is more likely to fall off or slide down the shaft during use.

If your ring comes with a clitoral stimulator, make sure this is positioned at the top of your penis to ensure reliable contact between your partner and the ring. The vibrations will be felt by your partner both internally through your penis and also externally by the stimulator. This can be a great experience for couples looking to explore new things together.

For adjustable cock rings, simply loop the ring around the base of your penis (and the testicles if you wish) and fasten snugly at the top. Some adjustable cock rings will have a plastic slider to make the ring looser or tighter, whilst some will have snap fasteners or velcro. (If you have chosen a metal cock ring, check out our experienced cock and ball blog for step-by-step application instructions.)

The ring should not pinch or cause any discolouration to your penis. If this happens, stop using the ring right away as it may be too tight and could cause damage to the blood circulation of your genitals. Most cock ring manufacturers will advise you not to keep your new cock ring on for more than 30 minutes at a time, and also discourage users from using enhancing pills (such as Viagra) while wearing them as it may make it difficult (or impossible) to remove the ring if you cannot become flaccid.

What next?

You can find all of our playful cock rings here; browse and see which one tickles your fancy! Once you are comfortable with your new toy, why not get creative? Most of our cock rings are waterproof, making for exhilarating bathtime fun! Alternately, you can try wearing a vibrating cock ring “upside down” with the bullet at the bottom of your penis for added scrotal stimulation!

If cock rings just don’t do it for you anymore and you’ll looking for your next big thrill, why not head on over to the other articles in our cock and ball series, where we discuss metal cock rings, penis plugs, chastity devices and more!