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Men's Lingerie - The Ultimate Guide

Who says the ladies have to have all the fun? With such a wide range in lingerie, men too also have the choice of teasing and pleasing in the bedroom with a little help from sexy lingerie.

It’s out with the boring black boxers and in with the kinkier styles of leather, lace and latex! With options to suit everyone, our ultimate mens lingerie guide will have you adding a cheeky mens thong to your basket in no time! 

Confidence is key, having a special outfit for that special occasion can boost his confidence sky high! Just as lingerie can make a woman feel powerful and sexy, the same goes for men. Adding another sensual fabric into the mix can add an extra thrill to any bedroom play. There’s something about luxury lace and silky satin that can make your average foreplay session ten times more seductive.

Choosing your Mens Lingerie

It’s important to check a number of factors before purchasing mens lingerie for your partner or for yourself. First of all, check the sizing. Whether that’s Small, Medium, Large etc - or sized by waist e.g. 34, 36, 38 etc. Secondly, it’s best to choose a style of underwear which he’s already comfortable in. If he wears loose boxers or tight trunks, it’s best to stick to those particular designs and mix it up with the material used! With a choice in satin, lace, leather and fishnet, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


If you’re looking to achieve more of a fetish look, we advise going for a choice in wetlook, leather or latex lingerie. If you want to try something a little more flirty, why not try a sensual satin or luxury lace fabric. Materials such as lycra and spandex are skin tight and will offer an outlined definition and may be a safe transition from his everyday trunks. Now that we’ve covered all of our top tips for choosing Mens Lingerie, it’s time to get shopping! Click here to find the perfect pair of pants for him. 

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Men's Lingerie - The Ultimate Guide - Honour Blog