The Life and Sole: Foot Fetish

Many people see feet as nothing more than a body part that at points create foul odours. However, feet are officially sexy. The world’s most common fetish is ‘the feet’ and ‘shoe fetish’. As a fetish, it is one that many are uncomfortable to talk about or even admit to having. Even if it is not a personal preference you can see why feet fetishes exist. The erotic nature of a stiletto is undeniable. Anyone into dominant/submissive play can see the appeal of a dominant degrading a submissive through licking the feet. Even the feeling of feet and their sensitivity to touch could make many jaws drop.

Fascination with feet and footwear is a worldwide phenomenon and like feet, shoes have been observed as an object of fetishism but for some of us it’s easy to forget that we essentially wear shoes to protect our feet.

But when you go into a shop you don’t think protection when buying yourself a pair and very often we tend to sacrifice our own comfort for the sake of shoes we place on our feet. When we worship we bow down to kiss the feet of our idols; the feet being the subconscious key to dominance and sexuality.

Stilettos or high heeled shoes require the wearer to stand on the tip of their toes while standing and walking, this requires control and strength. Ultimately it comes down to pleasure and pain, it’s no secret that shoe fetishism has links to the BDSM community. Boots worn by dominant women who assert their power and dominance over their submissives and historically boots are seen as a sign of empowerment for the wearer.

Types of Foot Fetishes:

Sexualising Shoes:

When it comes to sexuality and shoes, scientists explain the sexualisation of feet is down to our genitals occupying adjacent areas of our somatosensory cortex (don’t worry, we don’t understand that word either!)

The brain is a wonderful thing and it has developed to fetishise feet in many ways. The way someone uses feet within their play varies and that is what is fantastic about it. The shoe itself is often the item of desire and limits are only left to the imagination. Some people like sandals, some are into heels, others into boots or stilettos. These are just the broad types! We’ve spoken to the community and put together a broad range of handpicked shoes and boots that are popular within fantasies. You can see them here. Experimenting with different styles is always exciting, exhilarating and thrilling, often shoe fetishists will have a range of shoes to play with.

Toe Play:

An ultimate thrill within dom/sub play is accomplished through the sub licking the doms shoes or even the bare feet. Toe play can be one of the most exciting things. A sub can tickle, lick and suck the feet to create all sorts of sensations. Toes can be run down a subs body and the nails can be used for all sorts of play including digging them into bare skin.


For those who want to include using the penis within their foot fetish, the foot job is an essential. It involves placing the penis between the arches of the foot and then creating an orgasmic sensation using the desired object, the foot. The mess created could always be used within the play. What is great about this play is it completely revolves around the foot.


Another form of sexual play that revolves around the foot. The toes are used for either vaginal stimulation or a part of anal play. It is a fantastic way to incorporate the foot into so many different forms of sexual activity that can create orgasmic experiences! Different amounts of lubes can be used depending on how many toes are used in play.

There’s no denying that sexy and shoes are synonymous with each other and that is why here at honour we lay bare for our worship to them …