PVC DressWhy Choose a PVC Dress?

A pvc dress allows you to flaunt your curves and expand your style! Nothing quite beats the look. It can make you feel like a goddess and has a rather empowering feel. The gleaming reflection from pvc gives a retro-futuristic look that commands attention wherever you are. It puts you at the pinnacle of fashion. A pvc dress is often associated with goth, punk and alternative fashions but do not forget its ability to transform the bedroom. There is nothing quite like a short pvc dress to accentuate the curves of a human body and give the most transformative appearance possible. That is why pvc is such a world renowned clothing fetish. There are really only a few materials that can compete with it!

PVC Dresses and the Mainstream:

The striking style of a pvc dress has made it a favourite both with celebrities and in the general media. Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the names that have worn pvc dresses. It is so loved within the media because of the drop dead gorgeous look that it guarantees! Here at Honour you may expect that our latex designs are more popular with celebrities but pvc is as popular when it comes to contracts with high fashion magazine and A list celebrities. The great thing with pvc is it is getting more and more popular. On date of writing this blog, Holly Willoughby wore a skin tight pvc dress to a halloween party. The fact that this hit the headlines of the Mirror shows the reaction pvc commands!

Most high street brands have some sort of relationship with pvc now and they are growing their ranges. Although as pvc enthusiasts, we have to admit that the pvc created from fast fashion brands makes our eyes curl! The quality and shape of their pvc in particular their pvc dresses is completely sacrificed for large quantity orders. Anyway, this is us getting sidetracked. The real point we’re trying to make is that pvc is popular and it's getting more popular! The style, feel and look make it a total winner. Especially a pvc dress which has now become a symbol of high fashion. What we love about this is however popular the material is, the naughtiness of it still exists. The excitement is still there and alive. You just have to wear it in the bedroom to realise why there is such a fetish around it. Here are some great pvc dress options.

PVC Dresses are Easy to Wear:

Moving onto the practical side of pvc dresses. Pvc is a plastic coated fabric and this means it can be seamed together and manufactured like other more mainstream types of clothing. Why is this important? It means that pvc dresses can have very intricate patterns that can create beautifully exquisite designs. It also means that you can get these incredible designs for reasonable prices. This gives you such great options when picking a dress. You can see our range of pvc dresses here.

Not only do pvc dresses come in a range of fantastic styles but they’re also incredibly easy. Now what do we mean by easy? The greatest comparison here is latex. Whilst latex is incredible and we mean incredible. It requires shines and serums to help you look shiny and get into. Pvc on the other hand is naturally shiny and is super easy to get into. It is just like putting on any other clothing material but with a great feel and shiny look. For a fetish material it really ticks all the boxes. What other material would make you look as stunning with such little preparation? (Not many).

From a very practical point of view pvc has an understated characteristic. A pvc dress has an incredible ability to keep you warm. Pvc retains heat really well so you can wear a micro dress in the winter but still have your core body maintain relatively warm. If you want to scrap the coat, then pvc will give you that extra layer of heat. Best of all you don’t have to sacrifice the sexiness from your outfit!

PVC Dresses are Easy to Keep Clean:

There is a great reason why a pvc dress should be apart of any fetish wardrobe and that's because it’s super easy to clean. Pvc is a plastic coated fibre and this means like any plastic based product, it’s an extremely resistant material. For a clothing product, this is an extremely valuable property. Especially if you are going to spend a reasonable amount on your pvc dress.

Pvc is water resistant so stains on your dress are less of an issue and most things can be wiped clean. As you can imagine, on day to day wear this is extremely convenient and also means you have to worry less on a night out. However also remember, if you want to do wear a PVC dress in the bedroom, then having an easily cleanable material can create all sorts of advantages.

So why does the fact that pvc is easy to care for make it a necessary addition for a fetish wardrobe? The answer is simple, because sometimes you do not want to bother with something more time consuming like latex. There is definitely a place for latex and latex is one of the most sexy materials out there! That's why pvc should sit next to it. So when you want to get made up and enjoy the process, then you have options such as latex. Although for the other times when you just want something ready to go, you have an option in your fetish kit bag. That option is pvc.