Wax Play: Bondage Candles and the Art of FireWax Play: Bondage Candles and the Art of Fire

That age old obsession with fire comes alive when you involve wax within your BDSM play. The thrills and sensations from hot wax adds a new depth to any play session. So what is wax play you may ask? It is a form of temperature play that engages heat through melting wax. It can be performed as a form of play in itself or it can be integrated into other BDSM contexts. For example, the use of wax is very popular alongside rope bondage. We all remember one point playing with wax at a restaurant or in other everyday situations. That's because the feel of wax is fascinating and mixing that into an erotic situation is quite literally orgasmic!

Why Wax play?

Wax play is great for foreplay. The sensations created of burning and tingling will literally twist a submissive into all the right places. There’s something quite intimate and mysterious about candles in themselves. Especially, with low or no lighting. The flicker of the candle is bound to create an environment that you’ll want to get down and dirty in. Just imagine the scene as you walk in and your partner is lying there. An array of candles dimly lighting the room just waiting to be played with.

Afterplay can also be all sorts of fun. Peeling wax once it’s cooled can create intense feelings. Feelings of relief and slight pain as it is pulled from the skin. You can peel it off fast or slow or mix it up in between. This is bound to leave you in all sorts of excitement! You can continue on with wax play in short intervals or continue to get up to other mischief. You can even use the hardened wax to enhance sensation play. Running a hand, tongue, glove or feather across the wax is a great way to continue for just that bit longer. Although, only if you can handle it.

Do remember that there are many scenarios you can create with wax. If you add other bondage items such as blindfolds you can transform the experience to be more focused on sight deprivation. Removing sight only heightens the burning sensation left on the skin. This is going to leave you tingling in all ways! You can also remove the blindfold throughout play so the sight of the candle lit room can still be enjoyed.

Picking your Bondage Candle:

What is really important to get right is the heat of the wax. You want to create an edge of pain that teases but does not distress. That is why picking the right candle is really important. Many candles such as those made of beeswax reach melting points that can lead to burning and blistering. This is uncomfortable and can be dangerous. So when choosing your candles you want to find candles with low melting points. We’ve put together our range of candles that work best for wax play.They are all round great candles for temperature play and have melting points that are desirable. Do still remember that safety is really important with all candles and heat checks should be done (More on this later).

Types of Candles:

There must be 1000s of types of candles ranging in colours, materials, shapes, sizes and well anything else conceivable to make out of wax. You really want to make sure you pick the right one for your play.

So Tapered or Untapered Candles?

A tapered candle is one in which the wick side of the candle is semi circular. This promotes a constant dripping action for the wax instead of forming a pool. The suspense of waiting for each hot sensation will leave you in utter bliss.

An untapered candle provides a cone shape surface at the wick. As the wax melts an oozing warm pool forms. This gives the dominant complete power to pour the wax as they please. If you’re looking for that intense shorter sensation then untapered is for you. The feeling is definitely more intense so is more suitable for those looking for harder play.

If you want complete control over the pouring of the wax and the heat of it then look at the Pouring Candle Jugs. These have 3 wicks to allow you to adjust the heat of the wax. 3 wicks provide the hottest sensation and is not for the faint hearted. The candle jugs are slightly more expensive but give you total control over your wax play. They are bound to leave you begging for more!

The colour of the wax is really down to preference. A good candle bundle will cover a range of colours. We'd recommend matching the candles with the scenario that you’re trying to create. Red is always popular. It adds that sense of danger and discomfort that can leave you in your fantasy for just that bit longer.


Temperature play is often conceived as less dangerous than it is. Please understand that you are playing with fire. If the the wax is too hot it will burn you. It can blister and scold so make sure that you take care when playing with wax in your sessions. To be safe you should first conduct a heat check. Hold the candle a couple of feet above your hand and drip the candle on the back of your hand. If it's too hot you need to increase the height you’re dropping the wax from. Always err on the side of caution and never lower the height below the safety point that was checked from the heat check. Make sure that you are communicating with those involved. If things go wrong you should get emergency treatment immediately. So enjoy and be safe!