Self BondageSelf Bondage: The Excitement of Experimenting with Self Restraint"

There is something extremely exciting about the idea of self bondage. Forget about a submissive/dominant relationship between two or more people. Self bondage strips down bondage to its most raw form and you are completely at the centre of it. That is totally and utterly thrilling! So what is self bondage? It is the use of restraints on yourself to create an erotic scenario. Self bondage can actually be riskier than bondage between multiple people. Why? Simply because you don’t have someone to help you unbind you from the restraints. That is why it is really important to think the release mechanisms through. Safety is always your number one priority but the added danger is quite sexy!

As a solo, self bondage is a fantastic way to focus your senses around your erotic fantasies. It is about you and only you. There is something quite special about the sensations created by yourself. You don’t have to cooperate with another or try and accommodate someone else's needs. It is purely about what you like and how you want to feel. You can experiment in whatever way you would like and learn about your body in a completely personal way. No judgement, no need to explain anything, just you and your desires.

Types of Self Bondage:

We all know that the possibilities are endless when using different bondage equipment and different techniques. This transfers across to self bondage. There are so many different restraints you can use on yourself. You can use most of the restraints you use in more conventional bondage sessions.

So there are two broad types of self bondage. Sensual self bondage and strict self bondage. You can experiment between the two to see what your preference is. Although, I’m sure many of you have some idea what your preference is already. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be open minded, you might like certain elements of both. Let’s just say both heighten eroticism in their own way!

Sensual Self bondage:

Sensual self bondage involves the eroticism around touch, feel, sight and sound. There is something quite exciting about playing around with your primary senses. By inhibiting one or more of them then you heighten the others! Sensual self bondage is about the restriction in itself not how tight the restraints are. It is about the tease. Creating an erotic situation from inhibition and suspense rather than tight restraints. It is quite exciting to even talk about!

In practice sensual self bondage is a type of soft play because it focuses on sensation rather than tight binding. Cuffs can be left loose so they are easy to get out of. Keys can be left out for immediate use if necessary. It’s about the sense of immobility in itself rather than anything else. If you’re new to self bondage or a little bit worried of not having someone available to remove your restraints, then sensation play is a great option.

Strict Self Bondage:

Strict self bondage says it all in the name. It’s strict! This form of bondage removes the ability to escape from the restraints until the unlocking mechanism activates. It completely removes the feeling of control from your solo experience. Combining the loss of control with a lonesome experience is bound to create a full immersive helpless state. While the very thought of this can be rather exciting you can see how this increases the risk of your play. You should always have a escape method. You may be thinking doesn’t this ruin the point of strict self bondage? Well no, it’s about keeping yourself safe. A good way to maintain the feeling of unbreakable restriction is to add a forfeit so that it’s only used in emergencies. For example, a phone number to call someone you would rather not explain the situation to. Or putting a key in a tin of beans so that you make a mess when breaking the restriction. Anything that you think suits you and works for your set up. Please please please make sure that you have thought through your escape mechanism. There have been fatalities due to self bondage and it can be a risky activity. Safety should always be your number one priority.


Self bondage creates some challenges. Getting into a bondage item and restricting yourself can cause all sorts of problems. For example knotting rope to create cuffs on yourself is rather challenging. So choose your bondage items carefully. Things like Bondage Tape work great as they are relatively easy to create restraints. For example you can wrap it around your own legs. If you keep scissors around, you also have an escape mechanism available to you. Other items like the HNRX Cuffs can work well. They are a great lockable restraint and you can keep an emergency key around just in case.

Set the Mood:

So the mood for your play can be pivotal. You may want to keep things completely silent. It can be rather tranquil restrained in complete silence. Although you may want a more relaxed set up, music can help, especially for longer play sessions. Setting the mood is really down to you. It’s a personal thing and depending on the erotic atmosphere you like will depend on the mood you aim for. You can experiment with different settings or keep with what you like, it’s really down to you.

The final thing we want to reiterate again is be safe. It is really the number one priority. Make sure you have mechanisms available if things go wrong. Think through you’re play and if there is someone you trust close by let them know what you’re doing. Please never take unnecessary risk. It is really not worth it.

For self bondage the release mechanism can be a significant part of the fun. You can just imagine how advanced these systems can get. Ice cubes are a common release mechanism. For example, you can freeze a key into it. It is simple, easy and cheap. Not only that but it adds this fantastic ice cold feel to the key for the final part of your play. However again make sure that you have an easily accessible release mechanism for emergencies.