Top Tips for Kink - Honour BlogFetish Fashion Film: Top Tips for Kink by Reed Amber from Come Curious

Reed Amber is a world renowned vlogger from the channel Come Curious. She is an inspiration to many and has teamed up with Honour to become a presenter on HonourTV. With a keen interest in sex, kinks and more, Reed will present a wide range of advice videos and discuss modern issues around kink, fetish and sexuality for the Honour channel. To kick off, we collaborated with Peter Pahor Productions to create a fetish fashion film on Reed’s top tips for kink which you can see below.

Reed Amber: The New Face of Honour:

Reed Amber is working with us at Honour to try and improve the information around kink, fetishes and sex in general. After 30 years here at Honour, we have a wealth of experience on many of these issues. We’ve offered many people advice through our customer service team, shop assistants and more. We’re now bringing this information to your screen through our social channels where you’ll also meet interesting guests of Honour. So be excited! As an advocate of sexual freedom, Reed Amber is excited to work with us going forward. A presenter, director and vlogger, she is a fantastic ambassador to bring this information to you in a new and exciting way fit for the 21st century!

Reed Amber Bio:

Presenter, director, vlogger, model are just some of the titles Reed Amber has held. Reed works for Sixty6 Magazine and is a Co-Creator of Come Curious Youtube Channel. She is constantly shouting about sex positivity and embracing sexual freedom. Her Youtube Channel Come Curious, co-created with Florence Barkway explores broad sexual issues such as best sex toys, STIs, sex tips and more. They were fortunate enough to collaborate with Erika Lust as guest porn directors on a XConfessions film ‘Multiorgasmic Brunch’. Reed Amber is a passionate supporter of sex work in general. In a recent interview with Honour she mentioned that if she won a million pounds, she would open a sex worker support clinic. A real star of a human being! Reed Amber is an accomplished women already and there is so much more to mention and she’s just getting started! Keep a keen eye out.

Tips for Kink:

Reed Amber X Honour X Peter Pahor led to the fetish fashion film that you can watch below. Reed and Honour worked together to produce our top tips around kink. Peter then directed this into a creative, abstract piece of art. The top tips for kink revolve around confidence and respect. Modern society asks us to repress our kinks both to ourselves and those that we love. This can be inhibitive and can lead to the feeling of shamefulness. A totally unnecessary feeling for something that is both natural and very common! Enjoy your kinks for however wonderful and weird they are! Do just remember to also give the same etiquette to those around you. One of the most important aspects of kink is to both respect yourself and others.

How to Explain Your Unusual Kink? Reed Amber from Honour on Vimeo.

Four Tips for Kink:

1. Everyone has a Different Kink

The wonderful thing about kink is that everybody is different. Humans are these amazingly complicated creatures and we should love this about ourselves. It is truly staggering how diverse kinks are.

2. No Fetish is too Vanilla or Extreme

Kinks cover all areas within sexuality. It is incredible how different people get off. Some on ‘vanilla’ kinks like kissing. Others to more ‘weird and wonderful’ things. If someone is happy and safe, then what kink gets them off makes no difference however it is defined.

3. Don’t Shame Others for their Kink

This goes back to respect. Everyone should feel comfortable to talk about their kinks and shaming others may not seem like a big deal but it can have a huge impact on someone's self confidence. If as a society we stopped kink shaming others, then we could all explore our sexuality in confidence of not being judged.

4. Don’t Judge Others for their Kinks

Fantasies are way more common than most expect. Our sales statistics at Honour show that fantasy play is growing and becoming more popular! Fantasies and kinks do not define a person or their character. This is so important to remember. You can enjoy all sorts of things within a sexual fantasy that completely contradict your personality. This is absolutely okay and also pretty cool!


You can check out Reed Amber’s advice videos on the Honour Youtube Channel or the Come Curious Youtube Channel. Keep an eye out for more collaborations and if you have any questions that you would like discussed, then email us at