How to Crossdress Man to Woman?How to Crossdress Man to Woman?

Crossdressing is an age old practice of dressing as the other sex. It’s about experimentation and living in an alternate persona. However feminine or masculine you are, crossdressing gives you an opportunity to explore. To really get in the mood you need to make sure that you get your crossdress set up right. Choose the right clothes. Get the correct makeup. The small details are important for you to really embrace your alter ego. Do it right and you get to live through a different lens, be as flamboyant as you like, try what you like and escape from your normal being.

Pick an Aim for a Feminine Look

You want to crossdress? Where to start? You first need to figure out the feminine look you’re going for. The female body is so diverse. That’s what makes it so fun! You could be a petite ballerina or a full figured diva. A good way to sort your feminine look is to choose a role model. That role model could be anyone. From Jessica Taylor to Miley Cyrus, each have their own shapes and quirks. It’s worth keeping in mind your own body figure here.Clearly if you’ve got a rugby player frame it’d be difficult to look like Victoria Beckham. Although, someone should accept the challenge!

Begin the Transformation

Once you’ve got the look, get excited to start your transformation! First thing you need to think about is getting your body shape in line with the look. Men tend to have smaller hips, bums and chests than women. So get creative and change those curves. A little bit of padding or tissue paper in your pants can go a long way.

We’ve come to it, the chest. Arguably the most feminine attribute. These great little or large lumps will make you feel like your inner queen. Purchasing a bra will support your new found lumps. There are two options here and it depends on the style you’re going for. Option 1. fill your bra with socks. We’d recommend socks over tissue paper as tissue will absorb more sweat.

Option 1. is great if you’re keeping your cleavage covered in a top. It’s quick, easy and looks great! Option 2. you can purchase implants. These’ll look even more realistic, especially if you’re going to show off some cleavage within your outfit.

When designing your chest, have a think if you want to have a natural look. You may want to go completely over the top and accentuate your new found curves. If you want to look natural though make sure your breasts are on the smaller side. A little bit smaller won’t detract from anything.

Let’s Get Dressed

Now we’re onto getting ready. First thing to think of is your undergarment. This overlaps with getting that body shape right. Using a corset, waist cincher or something similar is going to promote that feminine hourglass shape. Shrinking the waistline is only going to accentuate your hips and let your inner lady out.

So what to do with that physical package in between your legs? You know what I mean, I’m talking about the penis and balls. Try wrapping it up with tape so it tucks away. Bondage Tape actually works quite well for this. Its self adhesive so isn’t going to cause issues when it comes to removing it. Please be careful, using the wrong tape can cause some painful issues. You can then use a G String or knickers to keep everything in place. You’re now ready to put a face on!

Make Up

Let's be honest makeup has so much to do with crossdressing. Get it right and you’ll look fab, get it wrong and well we all know. First have a good shave. You then need to make the most out of contour. Apply it to accentuate your cheekbones and make your chin smaller. There are plenty of guides on this but nothing can quite compete with good old trial and error.

After contouring, add different types of makeup to fit the look your going for. It’s even worth looking to see if the role model you chose to style yourself on has a makeup tutorial. A lot of the newer celebs do!

Finally lipstick is a great aid. Strengthening the colour of the lips indicates femininity. You have so many shade options. Like everything though don’t go over the top. Excessive use of lipstick is a giveaway.


If you have hair long enough to style in the way that you’d like then great. If not, a wig is your best friend. In this modern age you can get a wig for almost any hair style and good quality wigs look pretty realistic. Our Wig Range is crossdressing friendly or just look for a well structured high quality wig that’ll look the part. It’d be a shame to ruin your look with a poorly crafted head piece.

Your choice of wig will probably replicate the feminine look that you desire. Hair styles are quite distinctive so you can check out a range and see what you like. Even chop and change different colours, styles or length to see what suits you!

Feminine Fashion

Now imagine your a female shopping for clothes. You realise that you literally have more options than you could possibly think of. The first thing to think of is your body type. There is no point going for a petite dress if you’re six foot and broad. You can measure yourself at the bust, waist and hips. Then find your ladies size with a Size Guide (the guide has instructions on how to measure yourself).

The options on how to dress are endless. That’s why it can be easier to replicate an icon. It’s fun to experiment with different outfits though. You may want a loose flowing conservative dress or a tight latex dress. You may want a more burlesque look integrating an overbust corset or a formal dress. It also depends on what you want to display. Flaunt the leg or cover it up? hmmm.

Fetish Wear is really popular for crossdressing. It flaunts curves and provides an eye catching outfit to showcase your femininity. More importantly fetish materials such as latex and pvc are known for being rather empowering and sexy. Always helpful when you’re parading your alter ego!

Whatever outfit you choose, feel confident in it. You’ve nearly completed your look and you should feel like a million dollars!

Oh and Shoes

You’ve got the shape, the makeup and the outfits you desire. Now there’s nothing quite like a pair of shoes to complete the look. We’d really recommend trying a pair of High Heels or Thigh High Boots. Thigh high boots will mask the calf muscle that can often be associated with masculinity. In general, there’s nothing quite as symbolic of femininity as a pair of dainty stilettos. The adjusted gait you’ll have to adapt to will remind you of this throughout your experience.

Final Adjustments

Like everything it’s the little things that count. If you’re going for an obvious crossdresser look then this is less important. Otherwise pay attention to the details. Things like exposed body hair can give the game away. You can shave but just remember shaving will maintain that look after your crossdressing experience. Though a little bit of a trim up is not always a bad thing! Covering exposed hair can work really well but things like facial hair, eyebrows etc are a little bit more difficult to cover. It really depends on how far you want to go.

A bit of a manicure is your best friend here. A beautiful set of delicately varnished nails is going to enhance your inner queen. It’s easily said but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget! Besides doing your nails really helps you let your inner femininity flower.

Add little accessories or whatever else peaks your interest. You do you!

Get in the Zone

You’re now flaunting your femininity and nearly ready. The final part of the transformation is to adjust your persona. Getting in the zone as they call it. How far you want to go with this really depends on your crossdressing needs. You may just want to transform physically. If this is the case then you're ready! Otherwise start thinking of the personality you want to portray.

Adjust your voice and use a high pitch. Think about traits that are associated with femininity, ‘be polite, be emotional’ etc. Use phrases like ‘please may I’. Integrate softer movements into your hand gestures and walk. Strut in your new heels, swing those hips and feel like the diva you’re becoming! A great way to practice this is in the mirror. Look at your new self and start to think like her.

By no means are the traits mentioned indicative of femininity but there an exaggeration of stereotypes that can help you get in the mood. Do whatever works for you to reach your desired persona. Most importantly enjoy it! You’ve got a fantastic opportunity to live an experience through a different lens. So don’t worry about getting everything right. You’ll work it out and there’s nothing quite like trial and error!