Honour LondonHonour London: Flagship Store in Waterloo

Honour’s relationship with London is a long one. The big city is and always has been home and we’d have it no different! The fetish scene in London is vibrant, diverse and accommodating and we’re glad to be apart of it.We’re fortunate enough to have a central London location. Our shop is based in Waterloo, near all the amenities you need, a major train station and a bustling high street. We’re proud to say we’re one of the oldest fetish shops in London. Our Waterloo shop began with a focus on latex, pvc and lingerie. Now there is a wide range of all sorts of fetish wear, bondage, sex toys, lingerie and well anything else that sounds fun!

So we’ve mentioned that the Honour Waterloo shop is one of the oldest fetish shops in London. Honour’s history actually begins within the very walls of the shop. In 1988 Honour began trading from the store and up to the late 90s, products were sent by mail from that very shop. The phones were picked up and Honour was referenced as Honour London. The name kind’ve stuck and we still call the Waterloo shop Honour London to this day.

Honour London:

So what is the shop like now? You may be thinking it’s old and dilapidated. However, a couple of years ago the shop went under complete reconstruction. New floors, new changing rooms, more space for products etc. (If you’ve visited us let us know in the comments what you think). When we did the remodel we passed the plans onto a panel of kinksters to see their thoughts and they loved them! Metal was used as a major theme for the dressing room, large mirrors were installed to help you choose the perfect dress. You really have to come visit to see it in its entire glory.

Product Range

As you can imagine for any central London shop, space is always an issue but we’ve really tried to optimise every inch possible. The shop is jam packed with a broad selection of latex, pvc, leather and wet look. There is quite significant choice which is really important when picking an outfit. There’s something quite special about trying on a range of outfits before choosing the perfect piece. The shop also has a wide range of bondage items, sex toys and other fetish products. If you know specifically what you would like you can also order from our 14000 SKUS available on our website directly to the Waterloo shop. You can then pick them up directly from Honour Waterloo. This is a great way to pick up your essentials while shopping around London. It also gives you a great opportunity to browse.

Customer Service:

What makes Honour London a unique experience is the customer service at the heart of it. One of our core values is providing customers with an above and beyond service. It is really important to get a high level of customer support. Why? Simply because your buying intimate products and it is really helpful to have a wealth of knowledge on hand. The staff at Honour London have a wealth of experience and product knowledge to help assist you and your choices. The shop assistants have worked in Waterloo for a significant amount of time and will be able to help you with literally anything. However, weird you may think that your request is or the fantasy you’re trying to create, the Honour London staff have probably heard it and helped someone in a similar situation.


So every shop shouts about their customer service but the Honour London Shop has consistently been voted the best independent retailer in Waterloo. We are consistently mentioned in WeareWaterloo, TimeOut and other London based publications. TimeOut stated ‘Honour’s wide-ranging stock has something to suit all budgets. This is a fantastic accolade considering the vast array of independents in Waterloo! For us, the Honour London shop assistants make the shop what it is today. We continue to stock the shop with the bestsellers and make sure that stock is constantly updated. If you are interested in fetish wear. fetish gear and like what we do at Honour, then we’d really recommend visiting Honour London. It can be a really enjoyable day out in central London.


So the future of Honour London is based within the social atmosphere of Waterloo and Lower Marsh Street. We want to create a social hub for fetish events, interactions and launches. We also wanted to take it digital. For example with our Behind the Curtain Series. The staff at Honour London take photos of customers in their gear from the head downwards. They then star on our social media. It is very common for these customers to get over 1000 likes just on Instagram whilst maintaining completely anonymous.

So come give us a visit at Honour London in Waterloo! Click Here for directions. Or the address is- 86 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London, SE1 7AB We’re excited to meet you!