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Double Cup Manual Breast Pump

This pink manual breast pump set consists of two clear plastic breast enlarger cups that are worn like a bra ... Read More
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Hoods Size Chart

S 18 46
M 21 53
L 22.5 57

Hoods Size Chart

Once fitted securely in place to form an airtight seal, a simple manual vacuum pump is then used to draw the air out of the breast cups. This causes the breast tissue to swell. An electric breast pump model is also available. The breasts will grow in size and sensitivity as blood is drawn into the area. Gradually your breasts become more sensitive to stimulation. You will see the difference as your breasts swell eliciting highly erotic sensations as they fill the cups right in front of your eyes. Once the pressure is released your breasts and nipples will be left larger, firmer and more sensitive to you or your partner's touch or mouth. The beauty of this system is its simplicity and results. Great for use on your own or with a partner especially when used in bondage and BDSM play sessions. You will go wild as your partner squeezes, nibbles and plays with your swollen breasts and ultra-sensitive nipples. Go on, see why pumping is such an erotic play activity.
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Material Plastic
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