William Wilde is a London based designer who specialises in exquisite hand-made latex rubber clothing, his collections ‘Madame Boucherie’ and ‘Through with Love’ are available exclusively at Honour!

Each garment is hand crafted to order so please allow up to 7 days until dispatch. This also means that these items are non-returnable so please be sure that you have chosen the right size when ordering.

Enquiries about an express service and about alterations to colour, size and style are very welcome, please email info@williamwilde.com, at which point William's team will be happy to help.

A number of the accessories and garments in this collection are latex printed with Gingham - exclusive to William Wilde. Printed latex can rub off easily with excessive abrasion and/or moisture, so requires extra care; it can however remain perfect if treated sensitively. Detailed care of rubber instructions are available from each product page at honour.co.uk