You may be looking at our latex rubber clothing and wondering exactly what it is and how is it different from other fabrics? We have been manufacturing our own latex rubber clothing since 1992 and so now have a specialist knowledge of the material.

Latex rubber is produced from a natural liquid tapped from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis over a period of several years, the tree is unharmed by this procedure and the plantations used are completely renewable. The resulting product is a natural material, formed into sheeting, with outstanding strength and unique elastic properties, it is also environmentally friendly in that it is completely biodegradable.

Our latex rubber clothing is cut from this top quality sheeting and then hand crafted into garments using specialist techniques, glues and equipment. We use three different weights of latex rubber to make up our clothing, depending on which each style requires for various aesthetic and durable purposes.

Usually when you buy your latex rubber clothing it will appear matt or 'dull', you will need to shine it with a spray or polish to get the high gloss finish you see in our pictures. You may find it easier to get into your latex rubber clothing with a dressing lube which will help you easily slide in. These products are below:

HA09 Silicone spray
HA09A Silicone Polish
A1007 Dressing aid

Latex rubber has long been a favourite amongst fetishists and club goers for it's uniquely sensual look, feel and fit, if you haven't experienced it before, you won't be disappointed with the results. Your latex rubber clothing will last for years if looked after correctly, please see our care of rubber instructions for more details.