Tantalising in tartan and partial to a spank

It may have appeared that Rihanna was playing it safe on X Factor last week, after her last performance drew complaints for its raunchiness, in a demure tartan dress.

But we clocked her naughty game straight away, and others soon followed suit. It did not take long for Rihanna to set pulses racing in a saucy schoolgirl-style outfit, teamed with stockings, metal-tipped collar and laddered stockings.

This year Ofcom had ensured that the 23-year-old singer did not partake in any gyrating in skimpy costumes this year. But there is no holding back rebel Rihanna. On closer inspection, and lets face it who isn’t scrutinising the gorgeous singer, it appeared she was still rallying against the establishment by wearing shoes with the phrase ‘F*** Off’ scrawled across them.

Rihanna’s energetic performance of the single We Found Love turned the studio into a dance party and the video for the track is full action too. Rihanna’s raunchy music video shows her being spanked by her real life boyfriend Dudley O’Shaughnessy, who also pens the word ‘mine’ on her behind.

But the explicit new We Found Love video has sparked controversy all over the world, with the French authorities banning it from being aired before 10pm.

Although the single has proved popular with music downloaders, the Supreme Audiovisual Council of France ruled the video is too explicit for daytime television.

The superstar told Dermot O’Leary afterwards that she was considering moving to London after performing so many shows in the UK this year.

We do hope so, Rihanna is our kind of lady and we would love to see a lot more of her.

We are making headline news . . .with a little help from Kitty

Our clothes were used to dress the dancers for Kitty’s spectacle of a performance on Saturday. Last week saw X Factor contestants embrace the Lady Gaga v Queen theme, with Lady Gaga herself performing and Kitty belting out Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. Her song choice was somewhat of a statement after she ended up in the bottom two last week. But former stripper, Kitty Brucknell, received praise from the judges after her performance, of what was perhaps her most outrageous of the series yet.

Stepping out onto the stage dressed all in black with huge hair and glittery make-up, feisty Kitty danced around on a podium surrounded by leather clad dancers, courtesy of us, who gyrated their way through her performance. The dancer’s costumes were chariot horse inspired and featured our popular leather bondage harnesses and PVC trousers and shirts.

Unfortunately Kitty found herself in the bottom two again and was axed on Sunday’s results show when the judges voted her off following a sing-off with Misha B.

But as their verdict sank in, sobbing Kitty snatched the microphone from host Dermot O’Leary and sang an unaccompanied chorus of Gaga’s hit Born This Way.

A show insider said: ‘Gaga couldn’t believe Kitty had been axed and thought she was one of the most talented and exciting acts in the competition. She thought that Kitty had been misunderstood and it reminded her of her own struggles to be accepted.’

Gaga then stunned the show’s judges by leading Kitty back to her dressing room to give her a cup of tea and some advice on how to launch her career.

Regardless of Kitty’s earlier exit she has a huge following that includes none other than Queen guitarist Brian May, who gave her performance of Who Wants To Live Forever in week one the thumbs-up, saying: ‘Thank you, Kitty, for putting your heart into it in such an individual way. Go Kitty!’ His loyalty to Kitty’s unique talent continued with him blogging of the 26 year-old eccentric: ‘Kitty, try looking at what they said about Freddie Mercury when we started out. Jealousy is a powerful emotion – it turns people into beasts. They are all wishing they were you.’

We are very proud to have our products involved in such high drama and quality showmanship. To view just how striking our attire is and what fantastic support it gave to Kitty’s fetish inspired performance, click on the link below.

Honour and Kitty steal the limelight

Top your outfit off with a wig

The hottest accessory this season is a wig, and often lollipop coloured at that.

Prior to Lady Gaga’s and Katy Perry’s time of fame, the wig was considered an article of fancy dress. Now wigs are no longer looked upon as a weird thing that comically sits on your head.

Hair has a superb way of drastically changing your look.

With a fabulous array of wig hair styles available now in various hair lengths, colours and textures you are bound to find that special new look you desire.

Katie Perry’s music video for California Gurls kicked off the wig fetish, displaying her in a wonderful range of vibrant wigs, accompany by sweetie themed outfits.


Jessie J followed suit by sporting a bright blue wig to perform on the USA X Factor this week. The 23-year-old singer dressed up like a rainbow-coloured lollipop to perform her latest single, Domino.


But the ultimate in this new hairy trend is Miss Gaga. Lady Gaga is rarely seen without a wig these days. From a giant blonde hair bobble wrapped in a thread of black wavy hair streaks to two gigantic black and white hair buns, Lady Gaga is at the forefront of wig wearing.

So jump on the hair vehicle and have some fun creating new looks and alter egos.