Honour at Erotica

Come and see us at Erotica 2011! 

We will be showcasing our finest pieces on stand C18 and there’ll be plenty of talent and brand new features to delve into too. Come and have a peek at our stunning new collection as well as taking advantage of exclusive sale items and mind blowing bargains.

Hot favourite Nancy Dell’Olio has signed up to open Erotica. The Italian, who was voted out of Strictly Come Dancing last weekend,  features in one of our recent blogs, Sex Tales, in which we reveal her desire to write a sex guide for couples.

So get yourselves down to Olympia Grand Hall and wrap up Christmas for lovers of all persuasions at 150 international stands offering garments, gifts and glamour with an erotic twist.


With us and many more erotic, fetish and burlesque companies involved this event is simple bubbling over with unbridled excitement.

Sex Tales

Nancy Dell’Olio, Strictly Come Dancing contestant, is planning to write a lovers’ guide including tips on lingerie, sex, and amorous evenings.

It’s a prospect that probably won’t have Sven-Goran Eriksson dancing for joy.

Former flame of Sven for eight years, Nancy Dell’Olio, is expected to include her advice on lingerie and how to improve sexual relations, and of course the question on everyone’s lips is; Will the book reveal if Sven regularly scored hat-tricks in the bedroom?

Flamboyant Miss Dell’Ollio, 50, is in negotiations after being approached by two publishers to produce the book, according to the Daily Mail. She is said to have told friends she wants to also appear in the book wearing her choice of attractive lingerie.

Miss Dell’Olio, who has recently been linked to Chef James ‘Jockey’ Petrie, who at 34 is 16 years her junior, and 71-year-old Shakespearean theatre director Sir Trevor, has been offered £30,000 by one publisher for a single book. A rival appears to have trumped that by offering £100,000 for a three-book deal, on condition their sex guide is the first.

The Daily Mail has also learned that Miss Dell’Olio is planning to send the first copy of her sex guide to Tony Blair. She claimed at the weekend that Eriksson was ‘extremely jealous’ of the friendship between her and Mr Blair. Fancy Nancy also claims that Cherie Blair was jealous of her from the outset and; ‘she couldn’t help showing it.’

A friend said; ‘Nancy loves teasing people. By sending the first copy of the book to Tony she knows it is likely to infuriate both Sven and Cherie, which will amuse her no end.’

A book on lingerie, sex tips, and titillating sweet nothings; sounds like a perfect aphrodisiac for the Christmas stocking, accompanied of course by an orgasmic sex toy.