It’s Spanking Time At Club RUB

A Guest Blog from Kim Club RUB…

“Hen Night Gals”

It was a couple of years ago on Uniform theme night at Club RUB that I noticed an unusually large gang of very pretty young Asian girls. All dressed in the requisite fetish dress code, they were also all very similarly attired, one as a policewomen, wielding truncheon, hand cuffs and shouting ‘ello ‘ello. They moved like a wave through the venue, visiting the loo on mass, simultaneously checking their coats in and taking it in turns to buy a round of cocktails. I thought perhaps they we’re a bunch of school friends, or had come from a Bollywood dance class, maybe they were a large family! Before they were gone – I had to know! After they had made their way, my way, I asked them where they‘d come from. “Maya is getting married” one of them cried. “We’re HENS” they screamed. How wonderful to have a group of giddy, excited girls, looking to have a one-off experience – a night of gay abandon. You got to love a Hen Party.

After telling them they couldn’t leave without experiencing a bottom spanking – they ALL said they were up-for-it. Now the Club RUB dungeon is an adventure playground for adults. Just past the cushion filled Harem Den is the playroom with two St. Andrews crosses, a step bench, and two ‘bend over’ benches, a Singapore Sling, a medical installation and a grope corridor. The resident dominatrix Goddess Cleo took them by the hand and led them to their fate. They stood in-line waiting for their turn. One by one they stepped up to the bench and bent forward. Some squealed, others laughed whilst most of them wiggled.

The first girl shouted ouch! that hurt! I watched as the Goddess stroke her bottom better and went easier on her with the next slap. The next Asian babe pulled her own skirt up and exposed bare flesh as she was wearing a G-string. Her cheeks soon glowed red as she was able and willing to take a bit more of a larruping. Giggling uncontrollably the smallest girl vaulted the bench much to the delight of the gathered crowd. She was cheeky in her approach as she danced about teasing the Goddess with her bottom. She bent over temporarily and then shot off in the opposite direction chuckling into the distance. However, one girl lay absolutely motionless as she got spanked. It started with bare hand slapping, moving on to a paddle, interspersed with some light caresses, then to the flogger and finishing off with six of the best – delivered by the cane – of course! As I move round to see her face, a big smile laid went from ear to ear. Obviously refreshing the parts other thrashing cannot reach.

While some people love it, some hate it, but most people are up for the adventure. The Goddess is always on hand to show people the ropes (ha ha ha!) or give them an experience. Come along to Club RUB – you can ALWAYS find Goddess Cleo in the dungeon sat on her throne. She’s happy to give a spanking to girls AND boys

Don’t forget it is Club RUB’s 15th Birthday on the 21st April, the theme for this extravaganza is Circus Extraordinaire & Freakshow!

Get your tickets now!

Kim Club RUB

Keira Knightley’s Ready For Her Spanking

Assume the position…

This week a new film is released, a film that reportedly looks at the relationship between the men that gave birth to Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. But that’s not what we’re particularly interested in because this film also throws up a little surprise in Keira Knightley being spanked… Fans of CP take note, this is not an every day occurrence for Knightley, but in playing famous analyst, Sabina Spielrein, it was a spanking she had to bear as CP was a key ingredient in Spielrein’s affair with Jung.

Now we’re are not one to judge anyone’s technique, but it appears from the film that Spielrein and Jung favoured the more traditional back of the hand technique, which is a shame because nowadays there are more spankers to satisfy anyone’s CP requirements. Obviously, we at Honour aren’t ones to brag, but from Slappers to Spankers, we could have sorted Knightley down to the last of her kinky details.

Alas in reality, it is probably not to be for Knightley, but then again, maybe she’s just working through her kinks from movie to movie? She covered corsets in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and now spanking in A Dangerous Method; so what’s next for Knightley? Perhaps PVC or Rubber?!?

A Dangerous Method also stars Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen; it is released on the 10th February.

Dutch courage needed for spanking

Keira Knightley necked a few tipples before sex scenes for her new film A Dangerous Method. The 26-year-old was so nervous about the spanking scenes with co-star Michael Fassbender she threw back shots of vodka and swigged beer and wine in order to get through them.

Keira has never had a problem getting her kit off for films – but when it came to playing Sabina Spielrein, a beautiful but disturbed mental patient who goes on to have a passionate affair with her psychoanalyst Carl Jung, it was a whole different matter.

Although many Hollywood stars like to undertake method acting in order to do their role justice, not many of them would admit to drinking on the job – except for Pirates Of The Caribbean star.

One scene involves her erotically charged character being tied to a bed topless and spanked. Keira initially turned down the role and then only agreed to do it as long as the scenes weren’t sexy or voyeuristic.

But she still needed a little Dutch courage to get through the filming.

‘I did a couple of shots of vodka – definitely – beforehand, and then a couple of glasses of champagne as a celebration of never having to do that again,’ the actress said.

‘When we shot them I said to Michael, “If you touch me I’m going to kill you”.

‘He said, ‘Keira, you’re tied to the bed at the moment. I don’t think you’re in any position to say that.’

‘I said, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’

The film is directed by David Cronenberg and also stars Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud, Jung’s contemporary.

Tantalising in tartan and partial to a spank

It may have appeared that Rihanna was playing it safe on X Factor last week, after her last performance drew complaints for its raunchiness, in a demure tartan dress.

But we clocked her naughty game straight away, and others soon followed suit. It did not take long for Rihanna to set pulses racing in a saucy schoolgirl-style outfit, teamed with stockings, metal-tipped collar and laddered stockings.

This year Ofcom had ensured that the 23-year-old singer did not partake in any gyrating in skimpy costumes this year. But there is no holding back rebel Rihanna. On closer inspection, and lets face it who isn’t scrutinising the gorgeous singer, it appeared she was still rallying against the establishment by wearing shoes with the phrase ‘F*** Off’ scrawled across them.

Rihanna’s energetic performance of the single We Found Love turned the studio into a dance party and the video for the track is full action too. Rihanna’s raunchy music video shows her being spanked by her real life boyfriend Dudley O’Shaughnessy, who also pens the word ‘mine’ on her behind.

But the explicit new We Found Love video has sparked controversy all over the world, with the French authorities banning it from being aired before 10pm.

Although the single has proved popular with music downloaders, the Supreme Audiovisual Council of France ruled the video is too explicit for daytime television.

The superstar told Dermot O’Leary afterwards that she was considering moving to London after performing so many shows in the UK this year.

We do hope so, Rihanna is our kind of lady and we would love to see a lot more of her.