Get the Sarah Harding Latex Look at the Honour Price

Sarah Harding on the set of her new music video

Sarah Harding on the set of her new music video

Sarah Harding is back and debuting her self as a solo artist with a fiery new single ‘Threads’. Behind the scenes shots show Sarah in a head to toe latex outfit, which we did a double take on!

The former Girls Aloud member was wearing a Latex Bra, Briefs, Stockings and Gloves and looking very much like she is about to walk into club rub on a Saturday night. We found out the she was dressed in Celebrity Latex Designer of the moment Atsuko Kudo.

In recent times latex outfits have recently been staple outfits for high profile artist in their music videos, with Taylor Swift recently spending over £13000 on Latex in the hit video ‘Bad Blood’ and artist like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry regularly fashioning the material. It looks like Sarah Harding is following in these successful artists footsteps.

Sarah Harding wearing latex in her new music video 'Threads'

Sarah Harding wearing latex in her new music video ‘Threads’

We couldn’t help but notice that the outfit Sarah was wearing strikes an almost exact resemblance to a few of our latex garments, without the designer price tag.

Atsuko Kudo

Atsuko Kudo



For those who love the look but do not want to spend the designer price tag, we at Honour are in the business of turning your fantasies into reality with designer Latex quality that won’t burn into your back pocket. Our Latex Power Bra is priced at £35.99 less than half the asking price of the Atsuko Kudo counter part; whilst our Noir Panel Knix from our Hint of Noir collection is priced at £44.99 compared to Atusko’s High-waisted briefs priced at £75. We also spotted the a suspiciously similar latex fingers gloves on Sarah in the video, to get the complete look with latex gloves and latex stockings click the picture below.

Honour Moulded Rubber Stockings and Gloves

Honour Moulded Rubber Stockings and Gloves

Fetish Fashion in Brazil

HNR Brazil Final
We here at Honour are lucky enough to get to speak to interesting people from all over the world, who love all things Fetish and Kink. Recently we spoke a local Brazilian Kinkster, Verena, about Fetish, Rubber and funny stories…………….

Q:  Verena, how did you get into owning a Fetish Fashion store in Brazil?

A: I was a shoe designer of many brands in Brazil for almost 19 years. Suddenly, I found out that I wasn’t happy that way. I thought that I should do something that would make me and my friends happy. So I decided to launch a Concept Xshop, this is the place where people feel comfortable to make their fantasy come true.

Q: Brazil, that’s a pretty cool place. What’s it’s like selling Fetish Fashion there?

A: It is a lovely place. People here are not so open as the europeans are. But the ones who like fetish, know exactly what they want. This is why I chose to sell latex clothing in my store, it’s also my own fetish and almost impossible to find here in Brazil.

Q: Brazil is obviously very famous around the world for Carnival, would you have any advice for people who are shopping for costume or outfits for Carnival, especially first timers.

A: Brazil is a big country and Carnival here is different from state to state. If you go to Rio de Janeiro (place where I was born) you should wear shorts to Carnival street parties and a type of nice fantasy costume to Santa Teresa, it´s a neighborhood that has the best Carnival street party ever, in my opinion. If you go to Salvador, you´ll need an Abada to go on the eletric trios. In Pernambuca, it´s better to use skirts and light clothes. Latex is out of the question for Carnival, unless you use mini skirts and shorts, because the weather is like 40° in summer. Here in SP, the Carnival street parties are getting a ride on the parties that people do in Rio de Janeiro, so if you enjoy fetish fantasy, you should come over and see what we got here in Just Lust I´ll give all the assistance you need ;)………

Q: Do you have any funny stories you are willing to share with us about your experiences selling Fetish Fashion?

A: There was a lady that came at the end of january, it seemed like she was just looking. I thought that she wasn’t going to buy anything, but still gave some assistance. She began to talk to me about Pernambuco Carnival etc and I showed her some simple fantasie outfits, she asked about the outfit that she was looking at, it was a lovely piece of latex clothing ( they stay in a special part of the store), I explained a bit about latex clothing, we went upstairs so she could try on a few items, and she got stuck in a dress and began to laugh so much that I wasn’t able to help her. After about 10 min of laughing without stopping we managed to get her out of the dress. She ended up buying the dress because she liked the fact she got stuck in it. LOL

Q: What is your favorite fashion Item that you stock that comes from Honour?

A:The Cherry Sweetheart dress. I just love this dress, also the Penelope Peplum dress(these are both best sellers here). But, there are so many to choose from it’s hard to have a favourite.

Just before posting this article we hear that Verena might be coming over to London in September for Fetish week. We here at Honour hope she does, so we can meet her and shake her hand for being a leader in the fetish community in Brazil.

Whats your favourite dress or item from the store.

Tweet us at: or leave a comment on our FB page, either way we would love to hear from you.

Team Honour

Vote Honour, for an ‘Honourable Government!’

Union Jack2

With the upcoming election on the horizon, we thought we’d put our name into the hat for consideration! We hope to strive for a better Government and a better nation for all, the ‘Honour Way’. A vote for Honour is a vote for nationwide dungeons everywhere! A vote for Honour is a vote for better latex care! And most importantly a vote for Honour is a vote for sexual liberation! Here is our mandate for the policies we hope to see take place in the new government, to help achieve an ‘Honourable Government’.

We all like to bust politician’s balls and maybe it will do the country good if their balls were regularly busted! We will guarantee that all deserving MP’s will receive mandatory ball busting sessions. We will ensure a coalition contortion, with the help from committee mandates such as the ‘Cock and Ball Strap Initiative’ and the ‘Cock Cage Inquisition’ .
We are proposing that there should be a complete cut on tax on all things latex; we are calling for a RUBBER REFERENDUM! Second skin lovers everywhere; we will fight with the ferocity of a kinkster trying to get into their favourite tight rubber catsuit without a spot of talc! We shall also impose emergency sanctions for the commissioning of the National Latex Care Services, leaving no spot of latex un-shined!


We would avoid another double dip recession, by imposing a mandatory double ended dildo policy… Double ended dildo’s for everyone! Our opponents have failed to see the logic in this, and that in its self is worrying…



We will announce our own special army, uniformed in Honour’s best army latex, patrolling the country to help give those who want it, a spanking! Armed with all the necessary tools, HRH BDSM Army will be at the forefront of the flogging frontier! Equipped with spankers, paddles and clamps ready to liberate ‘doms’ and ‘subs’ everywhere!



A mandatory policy will be put in place to ensure that Party Whips will be equipped with whips at all time! Let’s whip this government (literally) back into shape.


We are sure these policies will turn the nation around, for a spanking, a brighter day, a kinkier tomorrow! Honour, the party that will whip this country back into shape!

Cherry Belle Latex

Cherry Belle Logo

Red, Cherries, Sophistication, Feminine, Red! There is nothing not to love about Cherry Belle! Sophisticated fashion has taking a truly saucy turn. This is latex clothing for the stylish, quirky, sophisticated woman who’s looking to turn the heat up a bit!

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Behind the Scenes at the Hint of Noir Shoot

From the Honour archives, a behind the scenes peak at the Hint of Noir photoshoot. The girls looking sassy and sleek!



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Catwalk Shoot: Latex Pencil Sklrt (Esme)

A catwalk shoot with the gorgeous model Esme wearing Honour’s Latex Rubber Pencil Skirt. Saucy secretaries and minxy mistresses all need a sexy pencil skirt and this one is sexier than most, knee length and in shiny black rubber, it fits like a second skin.

How To…Get That Shiny Latex Look

A quick informative video guide on how to get your latex rubber clothing to shine up as new using Vivishine. Perfect for those looking gain longevity out of their rubber and make it last…

Honour Celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by Looking Back at how the Fetish Industry has Changed during her Reign

It’s almost time to raise our glasses to the Queen of our nation, celebrating 60 years on the British throne. But with just a week to go before the predictable flag waving, tea time celebrations begin, take a trip down memory lane and see how the sex industry has changed during her majesty’s time on the throne.

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Fit For The Future King!!

When Charles Visited Honour…

On a recent visit to Waterloo, the future King of England reigned over Honour’s flagship store as he perhaps was on the look out for something to tickle his and Camilla’s fancy this coming Valentine’s Day. Did he have his eye on a PVC Mini Dress for Camilla and maybe some Rubber Military Trousers for himself?

There he was clear as day, but unfortunately Honour cannot confirm or deny Charles’ presence in their store. From the photo, for Charles anyway, the heaving mob of people trying to get a glimpse of our future King may have possibly prevented him from purchasing anything, but then there is always the website when he gets home.

But what did Honour’s Store Manager Ella make of the royal visit? All in a days work for her by the sounds of things, “Many a famous face has passed our shop door way.” Tactful to the end, so perhaps he did make an appearance in store after all?

“At times like Xmas and Valentines we are very busy selling our clothing, lingerie and toys.” Ella said, “Whilst the high street shops and supermarkets stock up with fun, inexpensive gifts people come to us for something different… We have even sent goods to the other side of the world for customers.”

So maybe Charles did get something in the end???

Brits typically have sex 127 times a year

On average, Britons have sex 127 times each year, according to statistics published by the Sexual Wellbeing Survey.

Cited by the Mail Online, the survey’s results also confirmed that as people get older, they have less sex. Where 18-29-year-olds get jiggy around 142 times annually, those aged over 50 only do the deed around 52 times a year.

However, the quality of sex can get better with age; or even just change, some said in response to the results. Some older people say they’ve become more open to experimentation, trying things like tantric sex or rubber clothing.

One thing that was clear for all ages from the survey is the importance of a healthy sex life, which was confirmed by Dr Geoff Hackett, a sexual medicine specialist. He said: “All the evidence points to the fact that an active sex life keeps couples together.

“It promotes intimacy, reassurance, the realisation that both parties are wanted and needed. Once the sex goes, so many other problems follow. There is no doubt that a healthy sex life is one of the most important factors in a thriving and successful marriage.”

Hackett also explained the health benefits of regularly having sex, such as its ability to improve a person’s mood and lengthen their overall lifespan.

He wasn’t the only one to highlight the importance of a satisfying sex life, as his thoughts were echoed by the experts at MP News Live; who said that the trust and love demonstrated by having sex is “pretty important.” They added that if the sex life deteriorates, the marriage might not be far behind.