Bra-vellous: Honour Catwalk Video

Enter bikini heaven with the super sexy sets displayed in these catwalk videos. All the outfits topped off with eye-catching bra tops in luxurious latex and provocative PVC. So sit back and watch our models bring these outfits to life as they proudly show off some skin in sultry style.

Latex Polka Polly Bra and Latex Polka Frill Polly Knix – Be brazen in this black rubber bikini bra with a polka dot ruffle trim at the front, a halter neck strap and adjustable clip fastenings at the back. This couples with these ravishing retro-inspired black and white high-waisted knickers featuring polka-dot print ruffles at the sides which exude sass and style. These are essentials to add to your saucy collection

PVC Fantasy Bra and PVC Daisy Dukes – The fantasy bra is underwired and padded for maximum ‘push up’ coupled with this very sexy underwear! Really show off your pins in these titillating tight daisy duke styled PVC shorts. Cut for a perfect fit and stitched in quality PVC, come on now really show off those assets!

Latex Black Kitty Bra, Latex Cruella Girdle and Rubber G-String – Edgy style at its kinkiest! This gorgeous cross strapped black latex bra really heats things up, matched with a wickedly hot black latex girdle which features stripped rubber contours and four thick straps to attach suspender clips and adjusters. This all topped off with a simple rubber G-string, elasticated at the waist – perfect under any outfit.

New Men and Womens Category on

Women and Men banner

We know different things work for different people so that’s why we’ve introduced a new way of browsing our website. You now have a choice and can either browse by the material or by gender. Our new menu structure is just as simple, helping you find what you want more quickly throughout our ranges. You can then use the filters on the left to see exactly what you’re after with no fuss, perfect!

Tell us what you think of the new category.

How To Act Like A Dominatrix

Dominatrix Banner

Have you ever wanted to become a seductive dominatrix, but not quite sure how or where to start?  Don’t panic. Just follow our fun and flirty steps on how to fulfil this desirable role and in no time at all you’ll be cracking the whip and controlling the boudoir.

And trust us, you’ll love it!


  •  Make sure your outfit perfectly fits your body. For example, a black, full-bodied Catsuit is the mainstay of fetish and bondage fashion and culture. Though remember there’s a difference between a dominant lifestyle and fetishism, but the skin-tight black bodysuit remains an iconic garment in both communities. Make sure your suit is made from leather, PVC or rubber latex for that puuurfect look and feel.

Step 1

  • Get yourself a gorgeous pair of high heels. The most popular shoes are thigh-high or knee high boots, as these will elongate your legs and you can also use them to tease and punish your “victim.”

Step 2

  • Buy a corset. A corset is a close-fitting, sumptuous garment which helps shape and moulds your body to give you a sexy, curvy look. It’ll boost your bosom, nip your waist and give any woman that dream hourglass shape.

Step 3

  • Kit out your wardrobe with sexy accessories like fishnet stockings, gloves and whips. These accessories are  not only perfect to spice up your outfits, but it guarantees you’ll feel the part, look the part and give you some added help to discipline along the way!

Step 4

  • Be confident. How can you dominate someone if you can’t assert yourself? Remember that.


  • Get creative! Think of a plan, as there’s a big role-playing factor when it comes to being a dominatrix. How do you want to dominate your target? Do you have an alter-ego? How will the night go? Make sure you have a good idea of what you want and how you want to go about it before the games begin.


  • Remember it’s not just the clothes that makes you a dominatrix, it’s your mind-set.  Any woman can dress to impress but it’s your confidence, self-awareness and ability to take control of a situation and conversation that really turns you into that insatiable vixen you yearn to be.


Good luck-and go get’em.


New Bundle Page At Honour!

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Here at Honour we love nothing more than spoiling our customers. That’s why we’ve recently launched a brand new bundle page on

We’ve gathered together some of our sexiest pieces to create a simple “buy in one click” outfit, to make it easier for you this Valentine’s Day. You could save over 25% on our special bundles, which even include some of our best selling products!

PVC Chain Suspender Dress, G String & Stockings set only £29.99             Latex Rubber Hot Bitch Basque & G-String Set only £62.98


Take your pick from the sexy “Latex Rubber Hot Bitch Basque & G-String” set or the sultry “PVC Chain Dress” set, as these bundles are scorching hot and flying off the rails. Some of the best selling offers will only be available until Valentine’s Day, but we’ll keep the bundles open and build on them constantly to give you more variety and to keep your wardrobe looking full and sexy.


For more information on our bundles visit:


Honour Fetish Clothing Takes CBB By Storm


CBB Banner

Leading fetish boutique Honour broke the mold on Sunday 12th by launching their fabulous fetish clothing onto the big screens and out into the world. In their kinkiest broadcast yet, Celebrity Big Brother challenged their naughty contestants to strut their stuff in Honours gorgeous outfits and even pole dance to show off not only their moves, but their sexy attire.  Dressed head to toe in luscious PVC, the kinky celebs sported tiny boned corsets, saucy, little hot pants and even sequined, black pants, displaying that no matter what age or size you are, this fashion style can turn you from sloppy to sexy in just a second.

This daring approach has never been done before on CBB, and caused major thrill and excitement throughout the fetish, fashion industry, as well as the media. As TOWIE’s Sam Faiers and Blue singer Lee Ryan wriggled and writhed in Honours, skin-tight dominatrix range, millions of people took to Facebook and Twitter, with one Twitter fan tweeting “BEST CBB task ever-they all look really hot!” 

Honour’s marketing director, who worked closely with CBB said:

“We love people to express themselves and their individuality. We want to show people that PVC, rubber and latex aren’t just for the bedroom or for the fetish scene, but it can be worn pretty much everywhere. We think it’s time to celebrate these materials and show how sexy, sassy and oh-so seductive this fashion really is!


For more information visit


Honour Celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by Looking Back at how the Fetish Industry has Changed during her Reign

It’s almost time to raise our glasses to the Queen of our nation, celebrating 60 years on the British throne. But with just a week to go before the predictable flag waving, tea time celebrations begin, take a trip down memory lane and see how the sex industry has changed during her majesty’s time on the throne.

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Britney Spears Has Eyes For The X Factor

The US X Factor, Simon Cowell’s attempt to take the US for everything they have, pretty much the same way he dominates the UK twice year. Now, after the supposed success of the first series, the second series is already in the pipeline; however with a few noticeable absences. First up, Steve Jones was axed from his presenting duties, Paula Abdul vacated her position as a judge and then Nicole Scherzinger was unceremoniously dumped. So with two positions available on the judging panel, now according to The Sun, one Britney Spears is putting herself forward for a role.

Yes, the girl who made red PVC catsuits and shaving your head cool, ok, maybe not the latter, but the ex pop princess is looking to branch out into a more mature arena.  She is 30 now after all; she can’t really get away with prancing around on stage in bra and panties with a snake wrapped around her shoulders.

On her behalf, a friend said, She’s a huge fan of The X Factor and thinks it’s the perfect time for her to be a judge. She wants to show her fans she is back to her best and where better to do that than on national TV every week? She knows all about the ups and downs of pop fame. And with her schedule relatively clear she has the time to dedicate to a different project.”

Though it isn’t set in stone, could you imagine Britney sandwiched between Cowell and producer L.A. Reid? Well Britney can, but at this stage there are a few more in candidates in the running including Pink, Fergie, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, Cowell is still in talks with the shows producers and the network over the replacements.

Fit For The Future King!!

When Charles Visited Honour…

On a recent visit to Waterloo, the future King of England reigned over Honour’s flagship store as he perhaps was on the look out for something to tickle his and Camilla’s fancy this coming Valentine’s Day. Did he have his eye on a PVC Mini Dress for Camilla and maybe some Rubber Military Trousers for himself?

There he was clear as day, but unfortunately Honour cannot confirm or deny Charles’ presence in their store. From the photo, for Charles anyway, the heaving mob of people trying to get a glimpse of our future King may have possibly prevented him from purchasing anything, but then there is always the website when he gets home.

But what did Honour’s Store Manager Ella make of the royal visit? All in a days work for her by the sounds of things, “Many a famous face has passed our shop door way.” Tactful to the end, so perhaps he did make an appearance in store after all?

“At times like Xmas and Valentines we are very busy selling our clothing, lingerie and toys.” Ella said, “Whilst the high street shops and supermarkets stock up with fun, inexpensive gifts people come to us for something different… We have even sent goods to the other side of the world for customers.”

So maybe Charles did get something in the end???

Kink-up the LBD with PVC

At the Golden Globes party earlier this week Jessica Alba wore a cute but kinky PVC dress.

The mother-of-two gave the demure LBD a twist by choosing PVC fabric as the base for the outfit.

The 30-year-old actress looked incredibly svelte for someone who only recently gave birth to her second child.

Although the style was conservative, Jessica used the sexy fabric to ensure she still stood out from the crowd when attending the Golden Globe Awards Event at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


We approve of Miss Alba’s style, very much so.

January may be a more conservative month than frivolous December, but that is no reason to leave the kink out of our wardrobes. Our PVC Penelope Pencil Dress is a perfect example of an elegant evening dress, with significant kink.

Don’t follow the high-street crowd, keep it sexy, shiny and simple with PVC.

Follow Kelly’s hot trend and thaw the blues away

Bodysuits are the way forward this month. Perfect for spicing up a dreary month, on the dance floor or in the bedroom.

Sex toy lover Miss Kelly Rowland performed in a classy sequined bodysuit at private party in Thailand.

Kelly was the guest of an unnamed Russian oil and gas magnate at his private house in Phuket.

She strutted her stuff in the sexy glittery playsuit, demonstrating perfectly how effective underwear as outwear can be.

So grab yourself a bodysuit and dance the blues away. We have a variety of wonderful creations, all at affordable January prices.

Leatherette Roxy Body

Fitted to irrestible perfection.

Was £35.99 Now £17.99


Lycra Kinky Buckle Body

New PVC buckled body, what more is there to say!

Only £39.99


PVC ‘V’ Vamp Body

New plunging mesh ‘V’ neck body, with silver zip.

Only £44.99


PVC Boned Enforcer Body

Dream fit and boned for waist reduction, with  zip.

Was £38.00 Now £29.99


PVC Starlet Body

Show-stopping body with 2-way zip from back to front.

Was £38.99 Now £29.99