Kinky Jockeys and Stand out Outfits of the Royal Ascot!

Every year we look forward to seeing what outlandish and absolutely fabulous outfits grace the Royal Ascot Ladies Day, with of course a keen eye to spot our favourite outfits that fit more of our taste.
Why just last year in the Daily Mail we spotted a customer of our photographed at the Ladies Day at the St Legers race meeting in Doncaster. Decked out in our phenomenal Cherry Belle Sweetheart dress which well and truly stole the show! The traditional has been replaced with a new normal, with people displaying their tattoos and experimenting with less traditional style choices to the annual affair, with latex being a firm equestrian day wear choice!


Cherry Belle Fever at the Races!

Cherry Belle Fever at the Races!
















So this year we put our binoculars on and searched for our favourite fetish inspired Ladies Day outfit and low and behold did we come across a few gems.
We spotted some sexy dominatrix inspired outfits; who we have donned as our ‘kinky jockeys’. Pairing their corsets with vintage styled steampunk skirts and knee high boots, with whips we are sure are not meant for the horsies! Get the look here.



Dominatrix Jockey inspired Ladies day spotted at Royal Ascot.

Dominatrix Jockey inspired Ladies day spotted at Royal Ascot.

















There were a few more favourite alternative looks that where displayed at this year’s Ascot:




A Gothic take on the traditional Ascot attire.

A Gothic take on the traditional Ascot attire.















A firm favourite of the Queen herself.

A firm favourite of the Queen herself.


















Lady Gaga would be impressed!

Lady Gaga would be impressed!



















We are glad to see that people are now pushing the boundaries in their style choices for what are more traditional events and we hope to see these choices evolve over the coming years, who know the Queen may be getting her outfit from Honour for the next Ascot!



Fetish Fashion in Brazil

HNR Brazil Final
We here at Honour are lucky enough to get to speak to interesting people from all over the world, who love all things Fetish and Kink. Recently we spoke a local Brazilian Kinkster, Verena, about Fetish, Rubber and funny stories…………….

Q:  Verena, how did you get into owning a Fetish Fashion store in Brazil?

A: I was a shoe designer of many brands in Brazil for almost 19 years. Suddenly, I found out that I wasn’t happy that way. I thought that I should do something that would make me and my friends happy. So I decided to launch a Concept Xshop, this is the place where people feel comfortable to make their fantasy come true.

Q: Brazil, that’s a pretty cool place. What’s it’s like selling Fetish Fashion there?

A: It is a lovely place. People here are not so open as the europeans are. But the ones who like fetish, know exactly what they want. This is why I chose to sell latex clothing in my store, it’s also my own fetish and almost impossible to find here in Brazil.

Q: Brazil is obviously very famous around the world for Carnival, would you have any advice for people who are shopping for costume or outfits for Carnival, especially first timers.

A: Brazil is a big country and Carnival here is different from state to state. If you go to Rio de Janeiro (place where I was born) you should wear shorts to Carnival street parties and a type of nice fantasy costume to Santa Teresa, it´s a neighborhood that has the best Carnival street party ever, in my opinion. If you go to Salvador, you´ll need an Abada to go on the eletric trios. In Pernambuca, it´s better to use skirts and light clothes. Latex is out of the question for Carnival, unless you use mini skirts and shorts, because the weather is like 40° in summer. Here in SP, the Carnival street parties are getting a ride on the parties that people do in Rio de Janeiro, so if you enjoy fetish fantasy, you should come over and see what we got here in Just Lust I´ll give all the assistance you need ;)………

Q: Do you have any funny stories you are willing to share with us about your experiences selling Fetish Fashion?

A: There was a lady that came at the end of january, it seemed like she was just looking. I thought that she wasn’t going to buy anything, but still gave some assistance. She began to talk to me about Pernambuco Carnival etc and I showed her some simple fantasie outfits, she asked about the outfit that she was looking at, it was a lovely piece of latex clothing ( they stay in a special part of the store), I explained a bit about latex clothing, we went upstairs so she could try on a few items, and she got stuck in a dress and began to laugh so much that I wasn’t able to help her. After about 10 min of laughing without stopping we managed to get her out of the dress. She ended up buying the dress because she liked the fact she got stuck in it. LOL

Q: What is your favorite fashion Item that you stock that comes from Honour?

A:The Cherry Sweetheart dress. I just love this dress, also the Penelope Peplum dress(these are both best sellers here). But, there are so many to choose from it’s hard to have a favourite.

Just before posting this article we hear that Verena might be coming over to London in September for Fetish week. We here at Honour hope she does, so we can meet her and shake her hand for being a leader in the fetish community in Brazil.

Whats your favourite dress or item from the store.

Tweet us at: or leave a comment on our FB page, either way we would love to hear from you.

Team Honour

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Cheryl Cole Looking Luscious In Leather

No More Miss Cole… It’s Just Cheryl Now

It has been a while since the dulcet tones of Newcastle’s finest has filled the airwaves, but Cheryl Cole is back; and in true phoenix from the flames fashion she is doing it in style. The 28 year old songstress and one time WAG has dropped the Cole, yes, no more Cheryl Cole, now she will be simply known as Cheryl, hardly groundbreaking news, but to ease us into the moniker modification Cheryl has set forth and revealed all in the new issue of GQ.

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Nicki Minaj Bursts Out In A Shocking Pink Corset

So This Is What They Mean by Bubblegum Bondage…

Nicki Minaj, possibly one of the biggest Pop stars on the planet right now, the literal Miss. Aguilera excluded sauntered in to London town and blew everyone away a shocking pink ensemble that would make some fetishists blush. Children’s toys and Pink was the order of the day when Minaj swept into HMV Bayswater to promote the re-release of her album Pink Friday; with a few bonus tracks the album has now been ingeniously re-titled Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded… Nope, me neither!

Nicki Minaj’s album aside, this was all about the fashion as she tottered along in what can only be described as disgustingly (in a good way) high platforms, a Barbie tutu and a deliciously uplifting corset which amplified her already generous curves. Love or hate her music, you cannot dismiss Nicki Minaj because she certainly knows how to make an entrance and leave an indelible mark… Even if some of her poses come straight from the Sex Doll school of modelling.

But it is a mark she also left on Graham Norton as she continued her assault on the Bubblegum Bondage trend when she appeared on his show dressed in a leather bondage strap dress. Now you really can’t deny it, she definitely has the market cornered on this one, Lady Gaga hasn’t got anything on her!

And still, after the album and the Bubblegum Bondage clothing, Miss Minaj still has the time to take up valuable column inches as news of her quitting Twitter swept the hallowed halls social media with cries from legions of her treasured fans. The reason for Miss Minaj’s departure stems from an argument with a supposed fan who leaked the new tracks from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The Twitter world cried as Nicki Minaj left in a puff of pink smoke… “…deleting my twitter. Smdh (shaking my damn head) – don’t cry for me argentina.” If you’re still trying to fathom what all the fuss is about, think of it along the lines as if HonourClothing was to leave Twitter… Exactly, simply heartbreaking.