Bondage Review: Cara Sutra – Leather Lockdown Hood



The Sensory Deprivation Leather Lockdown Hood from Honour is a spectacular piece of fetish equipment.

Priced at £125 and available from, you may wonder why a simple hood costs more than the standard hoods and masks available. One reason: this hood isn’t merely a simple hood.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is fantastically easy to use. The features of this hood ensure it is both comfortable to wear as well as easy to fit to your chosen submissive or willing partner. So just what does this fancy fetish piece have to offer? [Read more…]

Cheryl Cole Looking Luscious In Leather

No More Miss Cole… It’s Just Cheryl Now

It has been a while since the dulcet tones of Newcastle’s finest has filled the airwaves, but Cheryl Cole is back; and in true phoenix from the flames fashion she is doing it in style. The 28 year old songstress and one time WAG has dropped the Cole, yes, no more Cheryl Cole, now she will be simply known as Cheryl, hardly groundbreaking news, but to ease us into the moniker modification Cheryl has set forth and revealed all in the new issue of GQ.

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Nicki Minaj Bursts Out In A Shocking Pink Corset

So This Is What They Mean by Bubblegum Bondage…

Nicki Minaj, possibly one of the biggest Pop stars on the planet right now, the literal Miss. Aguilera excluded sauntered in to London town and blew everyone away a shocking pink ensemble that would make some fetishists blush. Children’s toys and Pink was the order of the day when Minaj swept into HMV Bayswater to promote the re-release of her album Pink Friday; with a few bonus tracks the album has now been ingeniously re-titled Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded… Nope, me neither!

Nicki Minaj’s album aside, this was all about the fashion as she tottered along in what can only be described as disgustingly (in a good way) high platforms, a Barbie tutu and a deliciously uplifting corset which amplified her already generous curves. Love or hate her music, you cannot dismiss Nicki Minaj because she certainly knows how to make an entrance and leave an indelible mark… Even if some of her poses come straight from the Sex Doll school of modelling.

But it is a mark she also left on Graham Norton as she continued her assault on the Bubblegum Bondage trend when she appeared on his show dressed in a leather bondage strap dress. Now you really can’t deny it, she definitely has the market cornered on this one, Lady Gaga hasn’t got anything on her!

And still, after the album and the Bubblegum Bondage clothing, Miss Minaj still has the time to take up valuable column inches as news of her quitting Twitter swept the hallowed halls social media with cries from legions of her treasured fans. The reason for Miss Minaj’s departure stems from an argument with a supposed fan who leaked the new tracks from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The Twitter world cried as Nicki Minaj left in a puff of pink smoke… “…deleting my twitter. Smdh (shaking my damn head) – don’t cry for me argentina.” If you’re still trying to fathom what all the fuss is about, think of it along the lines as if HonourClothing was to leave Twitter… Exactly, simply heartbreaking.