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Girls have fought for years to have equal opportunities with men, so now it’s time for the boys to fight back and demand equal rights with women when it comes to fashion. Yes, we’re now in competition with our men as they’re strutting and sashaying their stuff along the sidewalk in none other than a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos. And who can blame them? A heel can magically lift a derrière, add height to a frame and add proportion to a shiny jean in a blink of an eye.

So when we came across Rylan Clark, the flamboyant singer, TV personality and model wearing a fabulous pair of silver crunch boots with a 6′ heel and 1 ½’ platform from Honour, we jumped for joy and had to spread the sexy word that heels for men are well and truly back!


 When asking a stylist from Honour why this killer heel look has become so popular amongst men he said, “With heels, it’s a power thing. You’re higher than everybody else. You make more sound. You walk in a different way. It makes your legs look better. It makes you feel strong and confident.”

It’s no word of a lie that this new fashion is all the rage. Gay men and transvestites have been wearing heels for years, but it’s now all about heels for straight men. Here at Honour we believe that men, like women should celebrate how they look and feel in high heels. This is why we stock shoes up to a size 10 and have an array of different styles and sizes for each man’s taste and pleasure. With such a beautiful collection of footwear, you can take your pick from our eye-catching range of stilettos, court heels and stunning ankle, knee and thigh length heeled boots.

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It’s time to step up and get ready for the hottest male fashion trend of 2014. Already storming the catwalk and hitting the celebrity circle, allow yourself to experience how powerful, sexy and confident you’ll feel the second you slide on a pair of killer heels, only at Honour.


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