Kinky Jockeys and Stand out Outfits of the Royal Ascot!

Every year we look forward to seeing what outlandish and absolutely fabulous outfits grace the Royal Ascot Ladies Day, with of course a keen eye to spot our favourite outfits that fit more of our taste.
Why just last year in the Daily Mail we spotted a customer of our photographed at the Ladies Day at the St Legers race meeting in Doncaster. Decked out in our phenomenal Cherry Belle Sweetheart dress which well and truly stole the show! The traditional has been replaced with a new normal, with people displaying their tattoos and experimenting with less traditional style choices to the annual affair, with latex being a firm equestrian day wear choice!


Cherry Belle Fever at the Races!

Cherry Belle Fever at the Races!
















So this year we put our binoculars on and searched for our favourite fetish inspired Ladies Day outfit and low and behold did we come across a few gems.
We spotted some sexy dominatrix inspired outfits; who we have donned as our ‘kinky jockeys’. Pairing their corsets with vintage styled steampunk skirts and knee high boots, with whips we are sure are not meant for the horsies! Get the look here.



Dominatrix Jockey inspired Ladies day spotted at Royal Ascot.

Dominatrix Jockey inspired Ladies day spotted at Royal Ascot.

















There were a few more favourite alternative looks that where displayed at this year’s Ascot:




A Gothic take on the traditional Ascot attire.

A Gothic take on the traditional Ascot attire.















A firm favourite of the Queen herself.

A firm favourite of the Queen herself.


















Lady Gaga would be impressed!

Lady Gaga would be impressed!



















We are glad to see that people are now pushing the boundaries in their style choices for what are more traditional events and we hope to see these choices evolve over the coming years, who know the Queen may be getting her outfit from Honour for the next Ascot!



Fetish Fashion in Brazil

HNR Brazil Final
We here at Honour are lucky enough to get to speak to interesting people from all over the world, who love all things Fetish and Kink. Recently we spoke a local Brazilian Kinkster, Verena, about Fetish, Rubber and funny stories…………….

Q:  Verena, how did you get into owning a Fetish Fashion store in Brazil?

A: I was a shoe designer of many brands in Brazil for almost 19 years. Suddenly, I found out that I wasn’t happy that way. I thought that I should do something that would make me and my friends happy. So I decided to launch a Concept Xshop, this is the place where people feel comfortable to make their fantasy come true.

Q: Brazil, that’s a pretty cool place. What’s it’s like selling Fetish Fashion there?

A: It is a lovely place. People here are not so open as the europeans are. But the ones who like fetish, know exactly what they want. This is why I chose to sell latex clothing in my store, it’s also my own fetish and almost impossible to find here in Brazil.

Q: Brazil is obviously very famous around the world for Carnival, would you have any advice for people who are shopping for costume or outfits for Carnival, especially first timers.

A: Brazil is a big country and Carnival here is different from state to state. If you go to Rio de Janeiro (place where I was born) you should wear shorts to Carnival street parties and a type of nice fantasy costume to Santa Teresa, it´s a neighborhood that has the best Carnival street party ever, in my opinion. If you go to Salvador, you´ll need an Abada to go on the eletric trios. In Pernambuca, it´s better to use skirts and light clothes. Latex is out of the question for Carnival, unless you use mini skirts and shorts, because the weather is like 40° in summer. Here in SP, the Carnival street parties are getting a ride on the parties that people do in Rio de Janeiro, so if you enjoy fetish fantasy, you should come over and see what we got here in Just Lust I´ll give all the assistance you need ;)………

Q: Do you have any funny stories you are willing to share with us about your experiences selling Fetish Fashion?

A: There was a lady that came at the end of january, it seemed like she was just looking. I thought that she wasn’t going to buy anything, but still gave some assistance. She began to talk to me about Pernambuco Carnival etc and I showed her some simple fantasie outfits, she asked about the outfit that she was looking at, it was a lovely piece of latex clothing ( they stay in a special part of the store), I explained a bit about latex clothing, we went upstairs so she could try on a few items, and she got stuck in a dress and began to laugh so much that I wasn’t able to help her. After about 10 min of laughing without stopping we managed to get her out of the dress. She ended up buying the dress because she liked the fact she got stuck in it. LOL

Q: What is your favorite fashion Item that you stock that comes from Honour?

A:The Cherry Sweetheart dress. I just love this dress, also the Penelope Peplum dress(these are both best sellers here). But, there are so many to choose from it’s hard to have a favourite.

Just before posting this article we hear that Verena might be coming over to London in September for Fetish week. We here at Honour hope she does, so we can meet her and shake her hand for being a leader in the fetish community in Brazil.

Whats your favourite dress or item from the store.

Tweet us at: or leave a comment on our FB page, either way we would love to hear from you.

Team Honour

Vote Honour, for an ‘Honourable Government!’

Union Jack2

With the upcoming election on the horizon, we thought we’d put our name into the hat for consideration! We hope to strive for a better Government and a better nation for all, the ‘Honour Way’. A vote for Honour is a vote for nationwide dungeons everywhere! A vote for Honour is a vote for better latex care! And most importantly a vote for Honour is a vote for sexual liberation! Here is our mandate for the policies we hope to see take place in the new government, to help achieve an ‘Honourable Government’.

We all like to bust politician’s balls and maybe it will do the country good if their balls were regularly busted! We will guarantee that all deserving MP’s will receive mandatory ball busting sessions. We will ensure a coalition contortion, with the help from committee mandates such as the ‘Cock and Ball Strap Initiative’ and the ‘Cock Cage Inquisition’ .
We are proposing that there should be a complete cut on tax on all things latex; we are calling for a RUBBER REFERENDUM! Second skin lovers everywhere; we will fight with the ferocity of a kinkster trying to get into their favourite tight rubber catsuit without a spot of talc! We shall also impose emergency sanctions for the commissioning of the National Latex Care Services, leaving no spot of latex un-shined!


We would avoid another double dip recession, by imposing a mandatory double ended dildo policy… Double ended dildo’s for everyone! Our opponents have failed to see the logic in this, and that in its self is worrying…



We will announce our own special army, uniformed in Honour’s best army latex, patrolling the country to help give those who want it, a spanking! Armed with all the necessary tools, HRH BDSM Army will be at the forefront of the flogging frontier! Equipped with spankers, paddles and clamps ready to liberate ‘doms’ and ‘subs’ everywhere!



A mandatory policy will be put in place to ensure that Party Whips will be equipped with whips at all time! Let’s whip this government (literally) back into shape.


We are sure these policies will turn the nation around, for a spanking, a brighter day, a kinkier tomorrow! Honour, the party that will whip this country back into shape!

Loving Politics

With the UK General Elections less than 24hrs away, we’ve found a post that applied to both Dildos and Politics on imgur, it tickled our fancy so much, we couldn’t help but share it with you.

Dissatisfaction is at a new high with Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems. The public are done with being bent over and screwed by no party representing them. The British people want to feel some pleasure trickle down from the Government. To have some spice added into their political life a one-party majority looks to be unlikely and new characters have entered the fray; the SNP, Green Party and UKIP. The authentic Nicola Sturgeon has given politics some new flair, articulate and passionate – likely to liven up any debate and leave her opponents a soggy mess. The Greens; ethical, with sustainable energy, a greater emphasis on community and personal relationships. UKIP; quite scary – not sure if it’s really real the first time you see it. Unlikely to grant real gratification. Conservatives, they’ll hold back on all the fancy stuff – you get the bare bones and don’t pay much, ultimately they leave you underwhelmed and sad. Labour has all the bells and whistles, but do we really think they can give the British people the pleasure they crave? Hell yes they’re tough enough!

One thing unites these parties together. When in Government, whoever it is, they are going to f**k you. It just depends on what kind of f*****g you prefer.

which prick are you voting for?

which prick are you voting for?

Bondage for Beginners – Communication is Key!

Hands Bondage Tied


Here at Honour we have always received enquiries about bondage. In the last year or so (and as our range of bondage products has grown) the number of people seeking advice and guidance has grown drastically. Bondage has become an interesting addition to the sex lives and experimentation of all types of people. With that in mind we repost this piece from 2013 – Hey! We were obviously ahead of the curve.

Bondage for Beginners, Communication is Key! Let me rephrase. Communication before hand is key. Because once you’re gagged, you’re gagged. If you’ve never been tied up or tied someone else up before, you can’t be sure how you’ll feel about it until you’re actually in a vulnerable position or putting someone else in one.

Where you may like the idea of damsel in distress, when your hands are actually tied and you can’t free them to scratch your nose or other tickly bits, you might not feel like playing a role. You might decide you don’t like

Woman Tied and Blind-foldednot being in charge of your body and you’ll suddenly feel like getting dressed and watching the Eastenders omnibus instead. It’s not for everyone. But it definitely works for some.

With thousands of people now regularly enjoying the wonderful world of soft bondage (and just as many enjoying the world of the harder version), it is an exciting time for many couples who no longer have to feel embarrassed or shy about bringing up the subject.

Many of us fantasise about being tied up or playing the opposite role and working our way to harder forms of bondage. But our fantasies are happening in the perfect world of our minds. For when there’s another person involved, as much as the role play itself suggests otherwise; considerations must be made.

bondage rope

This is where communication comes in. Don’t jump into bed with rope then work it out as you go along. As spontaneous and fun as that sounds you’re quite likely to keep hearing ‘no not like that’, or ‘not over there’ or ‘too tight’ or ‘what the hell are you doing weirdo get off me’.

The list goes on. Establish well beforehand what it is that you like, what you want to try and what lines must not be crossed. A secret word is always handy. One that means stop.

The word stop itself is likely to be used in role play and even if you mean it and start kicking you partner where the sun don’t shine, they might think it’s all part of the act and like it. So that won’t work.

A colour is always a good idea for a word. Or any word that is completely out of context; like jam. Unless you’re using jam. You get the point.

couple soft bondageRope should be tied with a finger-width gap between the rope and the skin. Remember, bondage should be fun, you shouldn’t pass out from blood restriction. That’s not fun. And it’s probably quite dangerous.

Keep a pair of blunt-tipped scissors nearby just in case. If an area of skin turns pale white or blue, the rope needs to be cut. Never leave a person tied up alone. You might leave to get a glass of water, trip on the way down the stairs, bash your head, black out, and you’re both screwed, and not in the way you want.

Equally if the person tied is left alone and they start to choke or have a random seizure or desperately need to use the loo, then (considering that’s not a fetish of yours) the consequences are not good. Lesson here; just don’t leave. It’s not worth it.

And you can buy your bondage gear at Be safe and enjoy! :)

Latex Photoshoot Behind The Scenes With Fetish Model Fatal Femme

Latex Photoshoot Behind The Scenes…

Today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes on my recent latex photoshoot in London! Before we get onto the main blog here’s some pre-shoot prep and packing images from my phone.

I spend a few hours the night before a shoot deciding what shoes and boots to take, what stockings, what tights, what lingerie, make-up, hair products and God knows what else.

When you’re styling your own photoshoot there is A LOT to take in and prep for, especially when it’s with latex because you want to ensure that you have nothing on your body that will cause the latex to mark, stain or rip.

Luckily for me, I really enjoy doing all of it and I’m also super organised so I have it down to a very fine art 😉 It’s almost like some sort of military fetish operation.

Awaiting the arrival of the postman a few hours before you are due on a shoot is always tense. Will he arrive on time? Even though he’s meant to arrive by 1?

I’m sure we’ve all been there! It’s even more fun when you’re sat preparing yourself for a photoshoot, half way through doing your hair and make-up with your post-hot-roller hair going in all directions, backcombed into oblivion.

Low and behold the postman pulls up in his van and you dart down the stairs as quickly as you can. You fling the door open, the postman is standing there quite cheery and pleased with himself that he made it in time.

He tells me “sometimes we don’t tend to come out till 12:30pm for 1pm deliveries.” Oh, really?
Well, I told him: “I sure am glad you came earlier today!”

I just love knowing that he’s standing there clutching a parcel full of Honour Latex clothing delights to be worn on a latex photoshoot and hasn’t got a clue! 😀

Signing my name and grabbing the parcel I can’t wait to unwrap it and see the latex goodies inside, so I take out each item and do a quick trying on!

However, I end up in quite a fluster and before you know it I’m a hot sweaty mess and smelling of latex LOL. I’m always eager to try everything to make sure it fits! There’s Nothing worse than getting on a shoot and not knowing if the items you bring actually fit you.

makeup forever makeupartist fatal femme fetish model eyes pale alternative model sg hopeful

Pre shoot prep! Make-up time and rollers in!

Luckily, I decide to opt for some comfortable footwear for my journey to my shoot today: Dr Marten boots.

My shoot took place at a well-known London building, around it and outside it but on my way there I decided to have a quick stop off at West Ham station to go to one of my favourite quirky cafés for a quick pre-shoot breakfast: the Rial Lifestyle Café.

Once I arrive, the photographer is someone I haven’t worked with before which is always quite a gamble. So, on arrival, we walk to the location carrying our luggage with us. Oh the glamour! No slaves for me today to help me out and assist!

Once we arrive we soon realise we didn’t pick the best day, a gig was on that evening and there were loads of people about. It
wouldn’t have been too bad because it was just latex, but we still might have been kicked out the grounds.

I change in the toilets into some sexy lingerie, stockings and Christian Louboutin heels and begin to shoot around the the outside of the building.

I keep having to rush to take a cardigan on and off to try to disguise what we’re doing! But we soon gain an audience of cheeky men who can’t help but get a good viewing spot and watch from close by. Good job I’m an exhibitionist type and not shy! 😉

Sadly, we have to keep moving on as we keep coming close to security guards, so we move further down the grounds to a quiet spot, only to have some snooty woman come over to us who was passing by, remarking:
“This is hardly appropriate. It’s a FAMILY AREA!”
Dear me… It’s not like I was naked… It’s pretty much equivalent to a bikini! Besides, this is London darling!

We briefly move down a long winding path and I change back into my Dr Martens, God forbid I mess up my Louboutins. So we find some woodland and begin doing more shooting on very moist ground, still dodging random passers-by!

We do some topless and nude shots and, boom! someone passes again so I have to make a dash to my pile of clothes on the ground, quickly trying to find something to cover me even a little!

This shoot is hardly going to plan, and it soon becomes apparent that I won’t be modelling any latex outside today :(

I scamper about getting dressed fully and we walk to the photographer’s flat (it felt like the longest walk ever, up and down hills and God knows where) we finally arrive and I quickly get my stuff out my case and decide what I’m going to wear this time.

Sadly the photographer wants to finish shooting quite soon, a real shame as I’d set by an entire day for shooting. But we decide on 2 latex outfits from the Honour range.

I decide to wear:
– Latex Rubber Pencil Skirt in black

Honour Latex Pencil Skirt

Honour Latex Pencil Skirt

Combined with:
– Latex Rubber Candy Crossover Top

Honour Latex Crossover Top

Honour Latex Crossover Top

A super cute combo that even makes it look like a dress when worn together and I really love the strap detail on the bra, the cross over design is very flattering. Plus, you can never go wrong with a latex pencil skirt: SO VERSATILE! It can be mix-and-matched with latex AND non latex items.

For my second look, I decided to go for:
– Dynasty Halter Dress

Honour Latex Dynasty Dress

Honour Latex Dynasty Dress

This dress is VA VA VOOM! It hugs your curves incredibly well and shows off your booty amazingly! The halter neck design brings excellent shape to the bust and sets off the dress just perfectly. It also has this stripe print panelling detail in black and white which provides a classy contrast. If you love a pencil dress then you’ll love this garment!


Here’s a little behind the scenes Vine video clip from my phone:

I was super sad not to get time to model the rest of the items I picked, but never fear! I have shoots already planned in which I’ll be modelling Honour items again!

We ended up having to make use of the photographer’s spare room and a blue wall which wasn’t really ideal for a latex photoshoot, but we managed!
We didn’t have the greatest space in the world to work with but, it just goes to prove to you all that you do not need fancy studios to produce good images.

Sadly, with the lack of time and feeling rather rushed, I didn’t feel I achieved what I set out to do, I did however find these two images I liked, so, here they are!:

latex photoshoot honour latex clothing latex fashion fatal femme fetish model domme

Finished image of me in the latex candy crossover top combined with the black latex pencil skirt!

latex photoshoot honour latex clothing latex fashion fatal femme fetish model domme2

Finished image of me in the latex candy crossover top combined with the black latex pencil skirt!

After shooting was finished, it was now time to pack up and get dressed and make my way home! Till next time…

Fatal Femme

Did you miss my intro blog? Read it here!:

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Do You Wanna Touch?

Wanna Touch2

Be confident in the skin you are in, because that is the only body you will ever have, the only place that will ever be solely yours. Even if you will never be as skinny as those super models, or the beauty who makes everyone stare, you can be beautiful in your own way. And you have to accept this, and own it.’

-Deejae Harper-


Going solo, flicking the bean, teasing the kitty, me time, whatever you call it, there’s no reason to feel guilty about it, as it’s completely and utterly normal. Trust me.

In my opinion, I feel women aren’t encouraged to celebrate their natural sexual cravings or indulge in the exploration of their blossoming bodies. As a woman, the topic of female masturbation and touching ‘down there’ had always been seen as embarrassing and somewhat a taboo subject within society, and I think it’s time to change that. If men can talk freely about a little bit of self-loving, then why can’t we? Talking with friends, even as a twenty-something year old,  I found that girls find it weird and shameful to explore themselves and even consider discovering what brings them to climax, almost dirty…and not in the good way.

Female masturbation isn’t talked about quite as much as male masturbation, in fact, only 60% of women admit to masturbating, When questioning why it’s so shameful to admit that when alone you indulge in a little sexual healing, the answers consisted of everything from fear of being judged about not getting sexual satisfaction from their partner to simply that they’re freaks who can’t get a man.

Well here’s a newsflash, masturbation is something to be proud of; something that’s not only bloody marvellous, but amazing for your mental and physical health, and also for your sex life.

How it benefits your health

·         Masturbation provides protection from cervical infections and also helps to relieve urinary tract infections. This is because when women masturbate, the orgasm opens the cervix which stretches and draws the lubricant within the cervix, causing a rise in acidity within the cervical fluid. This increases friendly bacteria and allows more fluid to move from the cervix into the vagina, and flushes out unfriendly organisms that can cause infections.

·         Masturbation can naturally fight insomnia through hormonal and tension release. Dopamine, the “feel-good” hormone, is increased during the anticipation of a sexual climax; so after climax, the calming hormones oxytocin and endorphins are released, making us feel the warm, relaxed and thus helping us to drift off to sleep.

·         Masturbation is associated with improved cardiovascular health and lower risk of type-2 diabetes.

·         Orgasm increases pelvic floor strength, which strengthens the entire region, as well as your sexual satisfaction.

 How it benefits your mental health

·         Masturbation helps let go of depressive emotions. As we become aroused, the hormone levels of dopamine and epinephrine soar in our bodies, which are both mood-boosters.

·         Through this dopamine and epinephrine release into our bodies, it also reduces our stress levels.

·         When we know, love, and nurture ourselves on emotional and physical levels, we gain confidence and grow through self-awareness. Being able to recognize, articulate, and experience what brings pleasure is a powerful step toward fulfilment.

·         Masturbation can strengthen the sexual relationship with a partner. Allowing someone to witness you masturbate will not only build sexual confidence with each another, but you’ll be able to guide and teach your partner about what feels good for you, which will inevitably make him feel good knowing he’s doing it right.

Of course the traditional approach of climaxing with your fingers is very common and effective, but with sex toys they’re effortless, modern and will blow your naughty little mind.  Yep, these gorgeous, buzzing devices are the perfect tool for female masturbation and in discovering what feels fantastic. You can use a toy for vaginal penetration or clitoral stimulation, or both at the same time; whatever you like, whatever you want; it’s time to start doing it.

So, turn up the heat, ladies and head for the bedroom. Let’s start embracing our sexual cravings and start to spoil our body rotten with some well-deserved trembles and treats.

The Blushing Bunny

couple in bed

After an hour in traffic, Jack was relieved to finally make it to the front door of his house. It had been a stressful day and one that wasn’t helped any by the journey home. Diane’s car was already in the driveway, she had probably been home for half an hour already so he hoped that she had already made a start on dinner. As he turned the key and stepped inside, he was a little disappointed to not be met by the sweet smell of Diane’s cooking. More unusual however was that the house was quiet.

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Life and Times of Transsexual Escort Jasmine la Perra

toilet signs [Read more…]

Talking Robot Sex Dolls. But, Why?

Sex Doll 5

There are those sex dolls that are your pretty basic blow up ones commonly used as joke additions on stag do’s where you’ll find the stag tied to a lamp post in Prague wearing a tutu holding a doll for warmth. Then there are better quality dolls actually used for sexual gratification, though there design often confuses me. Genitals are too conveniently placed; I believe this is making men more and more lazy with unrealistic expectations of how a real woman should position herself (or re-arrange her anatomy it seems).

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