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Girls have fought for years to have equal opportunities with men, so now it’s time for the boys to fight back and demand equal rights with women when it comes to fashion. Yes, we’re now in competition with our men as they’re strutting and sashaying their stuff along the sidewalk in none other than a gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choos. And who can blame them? A heel can magically lift a derrière, add height to a frame and add proportion to a shiny jean in a blink of an eye.

So when we came across Rylan Clark, the flamboyant singer, TV personality and model wearing a fabulous pair of silver crunch boots with a 6′ heel and 1 ½’ platform from Honour, we jumped for joy and had to spread the sexy word that heels for men are well and truly back!


 When asking a stylist from Honour why this killer heel look has become so popular amongst men he said, “With heels, it’s a power thing. You’re higher than everybody else. You make more sound. You walk in a different way. It makes your legs look better. It makes you feel strong and confident.”

It’s no word of a lie that this new fashion is all the rage. Gay men and transvestites have been wearing heels for years, but it’s now all about heels for straight men. Here at Honour we believe that men, like women should celebrate how they look and feel in high heels. This is why we stock shoes up to a size 10 and have an array of different styles and sizes for each man’s taste and pleasure. With such a beautiful collection of footwear, you can take your pick from our eye-catching range of stilettos, court heels and stunning ankle, knee and thigh length heeled boots.

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It’s time to step up and get ready for the hottest male fashion trend of 2014. Already storming the catwalk and hitting the celebrity circle, allow yourself to experience how powerful, sexy and confident you’ll feel the second you slide on a pair of killer heels, only at Honour.


Life & Times of Transsexual Escort Jasmine la Perra

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Cambridge Town Rejoices in BDSM

Hands in Chains

angry-old-manIt’s like an episode of Eastenders. First there was outrage when the ‘relationship advice’ group in a Cambridge town hall was revealed to be a weekly bondage class, then the town hall leaders banned it, then that caused outrage, now the local fetish shop in the town claims to be raking it in from all the local fetishists who have, apparently, been hiding away feeling ashamed of themselves this whole time! Ok, maybe not like Eastenders. But there is definitely a soap opera theme about this whole thing.

It seems as though the revelation of the bondage classes has been a good thing. Even though the attendees are missing out on classes (though I bet my leather neck collar, they’ve re-grouped at another location), this whole scenario has opened the floodgates to fetish freedom. Where have all the fetish shoppers come from, that the local fetish shop

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Ban on Sex Toys in Alabama


The Supreme Court of Alabama banned sex toys in 2009. When I first heard that sex toys were banned in Alabama, I assumed it was an ancient ruling that no-one had bothered to change or look at. But the law was passed in 2009! What madness is this?

dildo picIn the great US of A, the land of the free and the home of the brave, there is a state that deprives its people of aided self satisfaction and kinky fun with their lovers. What is free and brave about this? It did make me wonder if there’s anything specific about the Alabam-ians that made the state think they shouldn’t use sex toys. Are they a bunch of horny buggers that need their sexual urges tightly controlled and limited? Are they worried the use of sex toys will turn people into lamp-post fetishists, wondering around town humping park benches and such.titty teasers

I don’t think banning sex toys will ever lead to whatever it is the state was attempting to
achieve. Often when something is banned or a nation of people are living under unreasonable laws and rules, rebellion occurs. I imagine the good old gun shack in pro-gun households with the guns piled on the floor and the racks now housing a stash of dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and nipple clamps. A big bearded dude makes a video with his face covered in a bondage hood, giving a tour of his cellar showing off his racks of sex toys shouting anti-American slurs. I imagine this and I smile.

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Bondage Class Banned from British Village Hall

village town hall

The trustees of a village hall in a sleepy town in Cambridge have banned a bondage class that was being run in a village hall where the running of scouts groups, women’s groups and bingo for retirees is hosted. The bondage class taught how bondage works and the safest way of taking part.

angry-old-manWhat on earth is wrong with that? The council are panicking as if this group are forcing the locals to attend or handing brochures to children as they leave school. All attendees were there voluntarily. And instead of trying out bondage fetish sex with disastrous and dangerous consequences, they were being taught how to enjoy it safely. Then they left the hall, went to their homes, closed their doors and tried it out. No orgies in the town centre, no parades or protests, no fetishly dressed locals prancing into bakeries or creeping up behind OAP’s at the bus stop and screaming in their ears. Like bondage fans all do.

I can’t see what the problem was. OK so they shouldn’t have called it a ‘relationship support group’, but actually that’s not a lie. If you really think about it. But if they used the word bondage the trustees would have looked it up in a dictionary, then re-read it, and then said no. Any group promoting the safety of anything gets my vote anyway. But it did get me thinking. How many people might have afetish couple problem with bondage classes being conducted in their local area? Is it a normal reaction to freak out? We at honour wouldn’t know. Bondage is part of our daily routine. We love it.

This is a message to all sleepy village, town hall type decision makers. Stop pretending you’re not into it. Let the people of your town express themselves damn it! Let them be fetish and free. Don’t make them feel ashamed of their desires. It is normal, it is creative, and it is great. Simples.

Are Some Fetishes a Danger or Just a Nuisance?



How far do we go in punishing people with fetish’s that cannot be controlled out in public? The summer of 2013 has seen some strange cases, court hearings and prison sentences handed out to people who cannot contain their urges.

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Behind the Scenes at the Hint of Noir Shoot

From the Honour archives, a behind the scenes peak at the Hint of Noir photoshoot. The girls looking sassy and sleek!



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Man Has Fetish For Bicycles!

bikePolice in Sweden are on the hunt for a man who was caught on camera having sex with a bicycle. Unsure how this is possible with all those rigid bars and chains…ouch! Well it appears the aptly named ‘cycle shagger’ had been making use of the rubber tyres and slashing them before engaging in his sexual act.

We’re as bigger fans of rubber as anyone and especially those who combine rubber with their fetish but perhaps someone should inform this chap that there are easier ways to get your rubbery fix!

The man was caught after the bike’s owner set up a CCTV camera outside his house to find out who had been slashing his tyres and came across something a little more startling. Police are now searching for the cycle shagging enthusiast in the Swedish city of Osterlund and have linked the crime to a string of similar cases dating back to 2007. And that bicycle thought it was the special chosen one…

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In Between Sizes… Fetish And The Transgender Community

In Between Sizes

Having worked in this mischievous little industry since 1988 I’ve been fortunate enough to see many, many changes in the way the fetish scene has evolved and followed closely the fashion trends that have gone with it. With high street fashion moving in one direction and almost entirely dictated by the media where can people go for a bit of individuality these days..?! [Read more...]

London’s Alternative Choir


Prepare your songs, clear your throat, focus your thoughts.  The London Alternative Choir (LAC) will be auditioning its future stars soon!

The London Alternative Choir is launching in April with lots of creative energy to fill a gap in London’s musical calendar and activist agenda. At the heart of LAC’s mission as a choir is the belief that our personal and private lives should be our own business and no one else, and that what we do as responsible consenting adults in our own time should not have adverse repercussions for our public lives, whether that be employment, housing, or reputation.

LAC roundly rejects and condemns the blinkered small-mindedness in society and the media that cowers people into the uncomfortable and undeserved alternatives of conforming or concealing, and we proudly demand the respect and the freedom to live our lives as we wish.  And so we invite people from a diversity of lifestyles to participate in our group: gays, lesbians, bi, poly-amorous, Masters, Mistresses, TVs, subs, TGs, … as well as friends and supporters (we want to be really inclusive!) are encouraged to apply to audition in April.

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