Keira Knightley’s Ready For Her Spanking

Assume the position…

This week a new film is released, a film that reportedly looks at the relationship between the men that gave birth to Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. But that’s not what we’re particularly interested in because this film also throws up a little surprise in Keira Knightley being spanked… Fans of CP take note, this is not an every day occurrence for Knightley, but in playing famous analyst, Sabina Spielrein, it was a spanking she had to bear as CP was a key ingredient in Spielrein’s affair with Jung.

Now we’re are not one to judge anyone’s technique, but it appears from the film that Spielrein and Jung favoured the more traditional back of the hand technique, which is a shame because nowadays there are more spankers to satisfy anyone’s CP requirements. Obviously, we at Honour aren’t ones to brag, but from Slappers to Spankers, we could have sorted Knightley down to the last of her kinky details.

Alas in reality, it is probably not to be for Knightley, but then again, maybe she’s just working through her kinks from movie to movie? She covered corsets in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and now spanking in A Dangerous Method; so what’s next for Knightley? Perhaps PVC or Rubber?!?

A Dangerous Method also stars Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen; it is released on the 10th February.