You could easily be forgiven for assuming that lingerie means bra’s and knickers and maybe a few lacy items. In truth its several hundred varied items and includes every conceivable type of undergarment plus stockings, tights, leggings, gloves, body conscious dresses, teddies, corsets, skirts, basques, garters, thongs, and – well, loads more. Fabrics include lace, leather, lycra, latex, wetlook, fishnet, and any and all tactile and sensuous materials. I particularly like all the “sexy rock chick” type dresses that remind me of Aerosmith and Motlet Crue videos – I still lust after those type of girls!  Here





It’s now just over two weeks until this years German Fetish Ball, one of the biggest fetish weekends not only in Europe but in the world. Now settled back in Berlin, itself now the third most popular European capital city (London and Paris are one and two), the GFB is an entire weekend of diverse events. There are several parties catering to both the dance crowd and the play crowd. There’s a cocktail party and a brunch. There’s a vibrant and busy fetish fair which takes place over two days and includes vendors of all sorts. Most of all there’s a sense of celebration and community.Over the next week or so Honour news will be previewing the main events of the weekend,  and giving some info on Berlin; for now here’s a flavour courtesy of the GFB website ………

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Love her or hate her – and there’s a lot of people in each of those camps – it’s always been difficult to ignore the flambouyant and often eccentric Lady GaGa. Latex has always figured in her stage outfits, and often in everyday “streetwear”, and many well known designers, including London’s Atsuko Kudo, have supplied GaGa with attention grabbing latex wear. Lady GaGa kicked of her Artpop tour last night in Florida and once again the latex was a feature. This article from the UK’s Daily Mail tells the story ……..

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Little Mix in Latex and Leather – It’s News.


Not sure how much it qualifies as World news but its always interesting to hear that yet another music biz act has opted for fetishwear in their new video and latest pics. This time it’s Little Mix who are slipping into latex and strutting in fetish thigh boots. Not seen the video yet but I guess I can always watch it with the sound of. Read more in this story from the Daily Mirror

Honour – Black and Silver New PVC Range



Honour are pleased to announce a new addition to our ranges of PVC clothing. Its called Black & Silver and

as a promotion we are currently giving a 20% reduction across the range. As well as all our classics,

skirt, dress, basque, and bra, we are also offering a suspender belt, gauntlets, G string, and a lace up

collar. Take a look and take advantage of our 20% discount which is available until March 31st.


Here Come The Boys!

Boys Toys Banner2

These days it’s common for a woman to own a sex toy – in fact, according to research 44% of women aged between 18 and 60 own one. But whilst it’s no biggie for the ladies to compare notes over their bedroom delights, it’s far less common for men to admit they own a sex toy let alone discuss it with others. So with this in mind, why are men’s sex toys still taboo?

Although guys might not talk, research suggests that it’s not unusual for men to own sex toys. In one study, a fifth of men admitted to owning them. Of these men, some were single and some were in relationships; some were gay and some were straight. Contrary to a long lingering stigma, there’s really no stereotype when it comes to owning sex toys, and it’s certainly not strange.

So why own a sex toy? Well, not only is it self-pleasure but it’s also holds a wonderful array of health benefits. A 2003 Australian study showed that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer, as a prostrate orgasm flushes out your system, keeping your semen healthy and preventing the build-up of poisonous chemicals. And not just content with fighting cancer, some male masturbation can also ward of other illnesses such as cystitis and diabetes. Along with the health benefits, male masturbation also helps combat premature ejaculation as it allows you to train yourself to last longer solo, which then results in you lasting longer with your partner. Even sexual intercourse doesn’t provide the same benefit as masturbation as it puts you at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. See, a lovely snippet of science has never been sexier. Bonus!

Dr Gloria Brame, top clinical sexologist commented “We are programmed, as best we know, to need orgasms. It’s a fundamental aspect of men’s health, right up there with brushing your teeth. The more you know about what satisfies you solo, the more pleasure you get from sex. It relieves stress and keeps everything about your body—your heart rate, blood pressure, reproductive system, brain chemistry—in very good shape,”

So what kind of sex toys can a man use? Well, if you thought that a vibrator was just for the ladies then you’re very much mistaken. From your anus to your penis, there are toys which will heighten sexual pleasure through the power of vibration and what’s more, they’re designed to massage the prostate gland, or the ‘P-Spot’ – which, like the g-spot is certain to give you a thrill. To help you along this sexy journey we’ve dwindled down our top male sex toys which can be used solo or with a partner, so no one gets left out…  

1.      1. At number one, available in one size is the pleasure wand vibrating prostate massager.  This gorgeous multi-speed massager vibrates the scrotum and balls while stimulating the prostate. 100% waterproof, this men’s pleasure wand hits the spot every time.

2.      2. Coming in at second is the Pump Up Butt Plug. Constructed of rubber and plastic with stainless steel fittings, this sexy device allows size increase by means of a small bulb style pump (supplied), and can be used for solo use or for that ultimate extra fun with your partner.

Mens Toys

3.      3. Not forgetting three is the uniquely designed dual P Spot stimulator, Rocks Off Rude-Boy. The easy to use design provides both prostate and perineum massage hands free, leaving you free to play with yourself or your partner. The powerful, silent vibration is provided by our amazing RO-80MM bullet vibe and is also100% waterproof, so you can be Rude in the bath!

4.      4. Don’t be intimidated by this metal contraption as this adjustable Ball Clamp is an essential for all lovers of ball clamping. Designed to slightly restrict blood flow to provide a firmer, longer lasting erection, it also works as a pleasure apparatus for those who simply enjoy the sensation of clamped balls. It’s smoothly finished metal frame affords an element of luxury that is sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

So what are we waiting for? It’s time to beat the shyness and the taboo and get you boys relishing the experiences and sensations that women have been enjoying for years.

Aidan & Nina Test Our Sex Toys


Aidan & Nin Sex Toys Banner

Our Honour reviewers, Aidan and Nina have been hard at work reviewing our brand new sex toys, so we all get to know what different toys do and how well they do it. Let’s see what they have to say.
TOK (vibrating) Anal Beads.

On the topic of anal stimulation toys, let’s discuss the amazing TOK vibrating anal beads.

The TOK is a silicone anal bead-toy, powered by a small Bullet-like engine. The TOK’s body is made from a smooth, soft and comfortable rubber-like plastic. It’s slightly smoother than the toys we’ve previously reviewed, but that’s simply a note of difference, not of less quality in our opinion. It’s just as comfy and it’s definitely just as easily cleaned after play-time.
The vibrating power comes from a little engine which looks very much like the famous Bullet. However, as this engine has just a single setting (as in on/off) we assume that it’s not actually a ‘real’ Bullet… But having said that, when it comes to toys for anal play both of us prefer an intense, constant buzz anyway, and the TOK certainly delivers its own delicious variety of that.

pink tok thing

In fact, when we were playing with this particular toy we found that you can find a number of vibration ‘sweet spots’ simply by tensing or relaxing your sphincter (anal muscles) ever so slightly! So, you are actually in as much, and perhaps even more control of what happens down there as you might be with a number of different vibrate settings. Just remember your Kegel exercises and the TOK will make you very, very happy indeed.

The toy itself is a good, comfortable size that most, even novices, will find easy to accommodate. And then there is of course the fact that this is a beaded toy. The basic idea being that the toy is removed, maybe at a certain speed and by your partner, just at the right moment, i.e. climax. The TOK comes with a little rubber loop at one end for just sort of action. If you haven’t tried this one yet you don’t know what you’re missing (trust us).”

So, it’s all agreed that the TOK is lovely – definitely a toy that’s fun and one that delivers. Just remember that with beads it’s always important that they are the ‘right size’, and with these they certainly are. It’s also important that the surface is easily cleanable; and again that’s the case here too. There’s only a single vibrate setting, so it’s not an ‘original’ bullet, but the engine is strong and it ‘works’ just wonderfully.

Check out Aidan and Nina’s Bizarre Events website here.

Aidan & Nina Test Our Sex Toys

 Aidan & Nin Sex Toys Banner

Our Honour reviewers, Aidan and Nina have been busy all day and night reviewing our brand new sex toys, so we all get to know the ins and outs of what different toys do and how well they do it. Let’s see what they have to say.

4US Cock Ring – Him To Wear & Couples Share

Hello you sexy people.

Over the next few weeks we have the pleasure of reviewing a selection of sex toys from Honour. Today we will be getting our rocks off with the palm-sized, 7-speed bullet-engined 4US Cock Ring (by Rocks-Off).

From our experience, there’s probably nothing better than the famous Bullet (lipstick-sized miniature powerhouses) in terms of bang-for-your-buck. And the 4US Cock Ring is indeed powered by one of these wonderful little kraftwerks.

Nina slips the ring onto Aidan’s cock, and after a quick cycle through the available vibrate settings we decide to go with a nice, constant, intense wave of loveliness. The best feeling for us was a close, very deep embrace, where Aidan really only needed to move side-to-side in Nina rather than in & out. Very much like mutual masturbation, but without really having to do much while having an awful lot of fun. Fantastic! The clit-stimulator very naturally and comfortably hits the spot, and we have lift off!


Another great advantage is the fact that, once switched on initially, clicking the power button will then only change the speed and vibrate settings and not switch the unit off in ‘mid-flight’ which could be very frustrating indeed. So, you are both free to click away and change settings without worrying about the danger of becoming (albeit temporarily) unpopular with your partner at any time. Oh, and for ‘afters’ we found that the clit-stimulator (rubber clip) works very well indeed also on your nipples!

I think you’d agree from that review, that the palm-sized, 7-speed bullet-engined 4US Cock Ring (by Rocks-Off) is a hit. Make sure you check it out for yourself!

Check out Aidan and Nina’s Bizarre Event website here.

Electrify Your Sex Life With The Almighty Sex Wand

Sex Wand Banner

I don’t know about you, but after being hunched in front of the computer screen for eight hours during the day, I begin to feel a little like Quasimodo; and let’s face it, slightly begin to resemble him too. So how would you react if I told you that this can all be fixed with the flick of a wand? Nope, this isn’t Harry Potter kiddos; this is the brand-new, sexy device from Honour “The Almighty Bodi-Spa Electro Wand.”

Some people these days assume that body massagers should only be used on parts of the body like backs, necks and shoulders, but this isn’t always the case. This fabulous appliance can be used anyway you desire. And trust me, once you use it everywhere, you’ll discover that it feels just as amazing on your back as it does on your intimate area. This product really is a God send, as not only does it banish any aches and pains on your body but it gives you the ultimate clitoral stimulation that any woman could wish for.

The Almighty Bodi-Spa Massager has plenty of features that’ll keep you entertained throughout the day and long into the night. You can heat it up or cool it down depending on your preference, which is somewhat fantastic as the heated mode provides incredible sensations and the cooling mode is perfect for temperature play. The hot mode is approximately 104-122 degrees Fahrenheit, and works fabulously to relax overworked muscles, whereas the cold mode is 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit, and helps to decrease muscle pain, muscle spasm and swelling.

But aside from the health benefits of this massager, the reason I believe it’s called “The Almighty” Bodi-Spa Massager is because it really is almighty. The relentless orgasms you’ll receive from it will be utterly uncountable and leave your legs and body trembling with the utmost pleasure. Along with the fantastic temperature choice the massager also has ultra-powerful vibrations, which will result in you experiencing continuous, powerful orgasms which I can confidently say will blow your mind. Strong enough to use over clothes, the Almighty Bodi-Spa Massager measures in at 16.5 inches by 4 inches, has a long, cordless handle and a large, curved head, which is perfect to cover every inch of your quivering body as well as offering ultimate comfort to your skin.

Along with this fabulous new product we also have other body massagers available in different prices, sizes and designs. You can choose from a discreet muscle relaxer just perfect for the shower, or the ultimate, triple angled massager ideal for all the places you can’t quite reach. Whatever you’re after, make sure you check out our new page where you’ll find our entire range of vibrators, wands and massagers, idyllic for all your sensual needs.

Aidan & Nina Test Our Sex Toys

Aidan & Nin Sex Toys Banner

Nina and Aidan, our favourite reviewers have been hard at work reviewing our fabulous, new sex toys, so that we know what’s good for what and how to get off. Today it’s all about the boy with our Naughty Boy Prostate Massager (by Rocks-Off).


Here is one for the boys! Aidan is reviewing the Naughty Boy (by Rocks-Off). Nina abstained this time (not for lack of wanting to try but rather for lack of a prostate, mind you). Life just isn’t fair…

Which brings me right to the point – that very hard to reach point in fact, the prostate. Gosh, if done correctly a prostate massage really gets me off like nothing else! Having been lucky enough to have had the pleasure with a few play-partners who kind of knew how to get there I can testify it’s no easy feat. And most importantly (for us boys) I have never been able to actually get there properly myself, by myself.

The Naughty Boy is anatomically designed to hit that spot every time, and to top it off its shape allows for prostate massage as well as a perineum (the area between your scrotum and your anus) massage at the same time. Dual action of the finest sort!

The Naughty Boy is powered by the brilliant 7-speed Bullet, which gives it the vibrating power you are looking for as well as the flexibility to change ‘the tune’ from a strong, steady pace to pulsating waves of pleasure for example.

The manufacturer recommends to simply rock back and forth on it once you’ve inserted Naughty Boy, and I second that (always good to read the manual) not least because it keeps both hands free…

For some reason I don’t really consider the Naughty Boy an anal toy, although it is of course. The sensations I receive are just not limited to my bum. There’s the direct p-spot stimulation as well as the perineum massage and that really goes beyond what I would have expected.

And boys, if you’re not experienced in playing with your bum then you’ll find this one a very easy fit. They say ‘size doesn’t matter’, but paradoxically in this case it does, and you’ll get a lot of power and pleasure in a comfortably small package.

This one has definitely made it into my favourite toys box!



So lads, what are you waiting for? Pick up your gorgeous, Naughty Boy Prostate Massager from Honour today.

Check out Aidan and Nina’s Bizarre Event website here.