This Game Helps Build Relationships

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This Game Helps Build Relationships

Hundreds of options are espoused to couples seeking that way to keep their relationship fit and healthy, and by now we’ve pretty much heard them all, until today! 

Weekend breaks to Sienna, picnics in the woods, yoga classes and regular sex are now familiar fixes, but this new game mixes the youthful jubilance of game-playing glee with mature and exploratory sexuality.

You Recapture a Sense of Youth

Mixing childlike anticipation with the fun of trying something new in the bedroom makes this the perfect way to reignite the flame of passion in a relationship. So here are the five ways it does that!

You Try New Things

With such a variety of instructions n the cards, there’s something new for any couple, and the instructions are very instructive, and to play along with the game, you’re bound to be pushing some new boundaries, a perfect way to re-establish a sense of beginnings and fun.

Trying new things sexually together requires a kind of commitment that your usual patterns of behaviour aren’t accustomed to, strengthening bonds between you and your partner as you discover a new world together.

You Become More Honest

If you can talk about your sex life openly and freely within a couple you’re more likely to be open and honest in the rest of your relationship, and since the cards will delve into your solo-preferences, and toys you may have hidden, this game can unearth some of these little secrets, bringing you closer together.

You Learn Your Limits

The cards suggest everything from double entry, tying and gagging, sensory deprivation, submission and dominance to genital bondage and spanking. Almost every taboo is touched upon within the game.

With these subjects coming up, it requires a frank discussion about what you and your partner are prepared to do, you may be surprised what people will try within the context of a game! If you’re really lucky, you’ll realise your limits are boundless, and strengthen your relationship by exploring new pastures of sexual pleasure.

You Learn More About Trust

When taking steps into submissive play, you must trust each other’s touch and interpretation, to physically submit yourself to your partner.

Being honest within the game leads to increased trust, the game requires openness about your wants and desires, you may learn something new about your partner, but your relationship will be stronger for it.

Fifty Days of Play – Game Review

review pic

James’s review of the game Fifty Days of Play, he played with his partner Annie and talks us through how to enjoy it best as a couple.

The game split into its five colour categories. The different colours correspond to excitement levels.

There’s no feeling quite like a board game, in this line of work we’re used to the comforting waft of latex and the scent of freshly-bought leather. But that new board game smell took us a little aback as it reminded us of childhood playtime, but this one takes the game “Frustration” to whole new heights.

Firstly, this roleplay game is perfect for curious couples, that’s a given, if you and a partner are genuinely interested, make sure you commit to the game, keep giggles to a minimum and come prepared.

How to Prepare

You’ll have call for sex toys, ice cubes, rope, a bed, food and more so make sure you set up your playground to really commit to getting stuck in. And for extra measure, get dressed up, do your hair, get your pulling pants on, set the mood and pucker up for a hands-on game.

The Rules

The premise is simple, there are five colours of cards with increasingly intense suggestions on them according to their colour, grading from cheeky white up to erotic black. The die has six sides (obviously) all of which are coloured to match the cards as well as a pink side. You simply pick a card colour corresponding to the die, or when you roll a pink, you get to choose your own card colour.

Roll One

So we got rolling, our first roll was a pink, so we thought we’d take it easy with a vanilla coloured card, instructing us with this: “When you make love, start slowly and silently, and then speed up the rhythm only by clicking your fingers” it was a great start but where do you go from here?! We had to resist moving on with the game too fast but with that as an opener, we were flushed, excited and eager for more.

Roll Two

We rolled a dark grey: “place pegs on your partner’s nipples” this was my roll, so I pinned Annie’s nipples and she did give out a little squeak, make sure you work together on these ones and always be mindful that your partner might not enjoy every suggestion.

Roll Three

The contents ordered neatly into categories with the dice on pink, ready for you to choose!

Next up was a light grey card, as we unfolded it we remarked on how fiddly they were to unfold and read, especially in the heat of the moment. We soldiered onto this instruction: “alternate your mouth skills with a gentle tap across her whole area” we were surprised that the game offers genuine sex tips, and hoped that gay guys could innovate a little with this one. This could be great for couples a little embarrassed about trying out new techniques, it gives you a reason to get that move into the repertoire.

Roll Four

We rolled pink again, this time itching to see what the black cards had to offer. It got heavy, straight into pure submission and domination play: “Blindfold and put earphones on your partner, sit them in the submissive pose, naked, kneeling back on their heels with their palms facing upwards” this is a great introduction to BDSM, while no pain is inflicted it still encapsulates the essence of the dom/sub fantasy. Newbies, keep the music sexy and familiar, be gentle but do something out of the ordinary to whisk yourselves away to a new world!


The game rolled on, with the white cards offering kissing games and sweet pillow fights which made a great interlude between the full sexual exploits of the dark grey cards and the erotic fantasies of the black, this game left little to be desired in the ideas department.

For Veterans

Domination and submission veterans may not get the same thrill of novelty in the acts, but the game itself is fun to play, to go through to motions just waiting for those black cards to surface and indulge your fantasies.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

Have You Seen the Average Hollywood Romance? Then You’ve Seen Fifty Shades.

Honour’s Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

The average person is all set to condemn Fifty Shades of Grey, and since we’ve been to see it, people have resoundingly asked “How was it? I’ve heard it’s terrible.”

And in a way, they’re right, it is terrible, however the same could be said of almost any Hollywood adaptation of any romantic story, particularly those based on books.

Cinematically, it was quite beautifully shot, they greyness of the city, clothes and offices were an overt metaphor alluding to the title, used effectively to contrast to the excitement of the new experiences of the young protagonist, Anastasia.

The dialogue was hard to stomach, of course there’s the natural compulsion to giggle at sexual references in a crowded auditorium full of strangers, but some of the lines used were definitely funny, and by no means deliberately.

I don’t make love, I fuck hard.” is enough to make you want to cringe into a little ball and post yourself into the auditorium cup-holders. But then, it’s the romance movie equivalent of the Terminator 2 line: “hasta la vista baby” but without a protective layer of irony.

The whole mood and story of the piece relies on you investing in the characters but their actions just seemed a little unbelievable. What feels like one or two meetings after Mr Grey and Anastasia’s first meeting, on a whim, he takes her virginity.

With this lack of investment in the characters it’s hard to see the film as more than some steamy sex scenes woven together with a tenuous lack of story.

Any concept of Anastasia’s infatuation with Grey on screen seems only to be her awe in his vast wealth and swanky lifestyle, whereas the point of the story is meant to be based on this sexual awakening, not an appreciation of material wealth.

The most important objection we had as exponents of the domination and submission community were on Mr Grey’s childhood traumas. A needless Hollywood complication and explanation of his slightly unusual sexual practices.

As we’ve said before, a film which suggest that all Dom and Subs are damaged is needless and insulting. But Hollywood is Hollywood, and if we saw James Bond simply hacking into Russian Computers for ninety minutes we’d be bored.

So as a film, Fifty Shades works as much as any Hollywood Romance, but as a message, we find it a little hard to swallow.

We’d recommend this story to anybody with even the vaguest interest in the world of BDSM though, it is an occasionally acceptable snapshot of the struggles within our community, and the more it’s talked about, at least the more chance we have of becoming more accepted in the mainstream of society – and that means more parties!

Alternative Valentine’s

Alternate Valentine Blog Header

Alternative Valentine’s

Valentine’s isn’t all about the flowers, chocolate and fluffy teddies, in fact for those who appreciate a more liberated love life we find it pretty tedious, so we’ve compiled a list of alternative Valentine’s ideas and events to really get you going.

So rip up those pre-booked Fifty Shades tickets and do something really exciting this February, we prefer a different type of dark and crowded room full of strangers – here’s our top Five.


5. Hoxton Dungeon Suite

Fancy a city break with a twist? How about checking yourself into the Hoxton Dungeon Suite in East London with your most treasured person, or as you might call them, your most treasure possession.

The Hoxton Dungeon is the perfect getaway location for BDSM enthusiasts who crave some well-needed punishment time. Book yourself in for either daytime hire or for an overnight stay to explore your darker fantasies.


4. My Twisted Valentine – Erotic Film Festival at the Barbican: February 12th to 15th

Held between the 12 and 15th of February, the Barbican have curated a selection of serious cinematic artistry on the theme of romance, shunning the predictable, gooey romcom clichés.

Our pick is ‘Venus in Furs’, it’s an Honour favourite, which is playing on Valentine’s day. Released in 1969, including themes of female dominance and sadomasochism, the antithesis of the current fascination with an unimaginative 50 Shades of Grey.

Killing Kittens Black

3. Killing Kittens – Singles Night 50 Shades of Valentines: February 2nd

Infamous for their elite yet dangerously naughty parties focused on the pursuit and celebration of pleasure, Killing Kittens is a society well worth delving into.

Events held in secret lavish and glamorous locations, invitations are highly sought-after and often hard to obtain. This Valentine’s they’re putting on a party that will make you forget your ‘single status’ and relish your freedom!

This night will have all love birds yearning for emancipation. For Killing Kittens club members only, try your luck and register for membership!

Club Rub

2. Club Rub’s Fetish Speed Dating: February 10th

Haven’t found your kinky soulmate yet? Never fear, our friends at Club Rub are putting on a speed dating workshop for fetish lovers, and guess what? It’s free!

If you’re interested than make sure to register for your free place in advance to talk through your wants and needs with like-minded singletons looking for a real connection.

Torture Garden

1. Torture Garden Valentine’s Day Ball February 13th and 14th

With one of the two shows already sold out , this is sure to be the event of the year, this twisted love themed is sure to leave a lot of hearts bleeding, featuring performances, bondage, dungeon and couple rooms there is something to cater for everyone.

Whether you’re single, devoted or enjoy exploring the boundaries of relationships, Torture Garden celebrates all things kink, fetish and BDSM, so dust off your nipple tassels and polish your latex gladrags for a spectacular evening.

The Coronet Theatre show has sold all of its 2500 tickets but you can still grab your chance to attend the more intimate “Love Boat” party held on the HMS President on the 13th of February.

Tickets and more information available here:

Rubber Fetish – Rubber Cult London by Zac Zenza






A well deserved repost for this photo led feature on London Club Event Rubber Cult. One of the big successes of 2014 Rubber Cult attracted Latex Fashion and Fetish enthusiasts from around the World …….

Rubber fetish heaven! Many thanks to rubber lover, scenester, ace diarist and photographer Zac Zenza for allowing us to publish a great gallery of photos from London’s total rubber event “RUBBER CULT” .

The next Rubber Cult event is Saturday February 7th, it’s a strict dress-code rubber fetish event so expect to see the most amazing rubber outfits ever. Rubber Cult attracts rubberists from all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

Rubber Cult London:

Zac Zenza:

Top Fetish Films


Honoscars – Honour’s Fetish Oscars

A guide to the top twelve fetish movies

Top Fetish Films. Presenting. A totally biased guide to the top twelve fetish movies. There won’t be any categories ie best actress, best picture, best newcomer, best actor, best waste of money, et al. The movies mentioned here are also not presented in any strict kind of top twelve countdown format because they are all classics in their own way. A lot of people, myself included, probably saw the more obscure films  at arty cinemas like the Scala (in London), at East Village art houses in New York where they built up a cult status. The films chosen are a mixture. Some were close to the  mainstream whilst others had a very limited or art cinema/dvd release.You can access more details on all of them via and also obtain most of them on DVD format via amazon, or ebay websites.

12 ……… Teaserama.

Burlesque absolute classic. If you like Burlesque and its history then basically this is THE film to watch. It stars both Bettie Page and Tempest Storm – both legends in their own right – and it was produced and directed by the infamous Irving Klaw of Movie Star news/ Bettie Page fame. Great visuals, cool music , fabulous outfits. If you have ever attended a fetish party its highly likely that you will have seen snippets of Teaserama playing in the background visuals. Recently released as a DVD by Nucleus Films.


 11 …….. The Story of O. 1975.

The first of two movies from Just Jaeckin. Written by French author Anne Desclos under the better known pen name of Pauline Reage. A respectfully faithful film version of the book. It’s a visually pleasing film and it deals well with aspects of sexuality, domination and submission. It was made in 1975 and probably some of the techniques and filming seem dated, as well as the costumes. I always considered it a bit of a “hippy” movie with too many soft focus shots, but it’s definitely worth a viewing, especially with a partner or hot date up for a bit of post film role play


10 ……Mano Destra.

1986 movie shot in black and white. 50+ minutes long. Lesbian bondage, fetish iconography and moody music. Probably over arty and definitely too long. Notable for being probably the first of its type. It’s a movie that is often referenced in regard to feminist perspectives on bondage and BDSM. The plot line is basic but still engaging featuring Cleo Ubelmann, the films director, as she engages in an act of consensual bondage to the soundtrack of high heeled shoes on a hard floor. As a personal view, if you like this type of stuff I would recommend checking out the films of Maria Beatty – better, shorter, hotter


9 …….. Venus in Furs.

Based on the classic S and M book by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (from whom the term masochist was derived). This particular story has been made into a movie no less than 5 times. I would probably recommend the 1969 version. Classic story of male submissive and female dominatrix containing dynamics of sexual power balances and addressing  central issues of who is actually in control within a bdsm relationship. The story was made famous via the Velvet Underground classic of the same name (Venus in Furs) that has been a staple at Fetish events since time began


8 …….. The Notorious Bettie Page.

2005. AnAmerican biographical movie that purports to tell the story of pin up model Bettie Page and her involvement with Irving and Paula Klaw (the photographers/publishers that made her (in)famous). It’s an ok movie although its factual accuracies could perhaps be disputed : its always been pondered just how naïve Bettie and her cohorts actually were (or were not). The movie is at its best as a comment on American moral values and religious based hypocrisy and social control


7 ……..  Secretary. 2002.

One of the most mainstream of fetish movies and with a suitable alluring promotional image. In essence it tells the story of a dominant male boss – James Spader  –  and his submissive secretary – Maggie Gyllenhaal. Some cool scenes of office based hanky panky, domination, submission, stockings, high heels etc. The film contains a major, and sadly predictable, cop out in that both lead characters are presented as dysfunctional, in particular the female submissive secretary


6 …….. Gwendoline.

1984. Based on the characters created by fetish artist John Willie the film was made by Just Jaeckin (of Emanuelle fame). I suppose it would have been impossible for the film characters and images to live up to the comic book originals. I always wanted to like this film but it really isn’t very good. There are some great scenes with very elaborate machinery, aka dungeon furniture, and there was obviously a sizeable budget . Tawny Kitaen is ok in the main role but the plot is just kinda silly. Perfect as a late night movie with a few friends and some beers, and low expectations


5 ……..Fetishes.

1996. Nick Broomfield documentary on the  World’s most elaborate themed BDSM/dungeon/ fantasy role play establishment, Located in New York City (i worked there for two years so I may be biased). Great documentary that tells the story from the inside. Interviews with mistresses, dominatrixes, sex workers; as well as clients of various ages, races and persuasions. There’s footage of actual sessions and scenarios as well as a genuine attempt to understand BDSM and sexual fetishes from the perspectives of all involved. Definitely the best documovie of its type


4 ……. Heartbreakers.

1984. Cool and little known 80’s movie that starred Peter Coyote and Carol Wayne (in her last film performance before a mysterious death). Based loosely on the exploitsof fetish artist Robert Blue. The plot is relatively lightweight and forgettable but it’s a cool movie with accuracy, well reasoned viewpoints and great costumes and images. It manages to avoid the clichés of both Secretary and Notorious Bettie Page and the art house excesses of Mano Destra and Venus in Furs


3 ……. Maitresse.

1976. French movie starring Bulle Ogier and Gerard Depardieu (who’s in most French movies made since the mid 1970’s and likes to pee in airplanes). Directed by Barbet Schroeder and with a neat poster by Allen Jones. For a mainstream movie the uncut version is extremely hardcore, containing scenes including whipping and a penis being nailed to a plank of wood. It was initially banned in the UK and didn’t pass certification uncut until 2003. The story involves Depardieu as a burglar who becomes involved with a dominatrix when he breaks into her apartment/dungeon. Plotwise, and in most other ways, the movie stands the test of time admirably.


2 ……..   Preaching to the Perverted.

1997. Stuart Urban movie with a plot centred around the London Fetish scene and its parties, activities and characters. Shot in the UK and starring absolutely loads of familiar faces from the scene, many of whom are still around. Relatively accurate portrayal of things as we know them. The plot is a bit silly at times but I guess it needed to be to widen the films appeal. Kudos to Stuart Urban for actually using genuine fetish people and for mostly getting it right.


1 ……  Dressing for Pleasure.

1977. John Sampson. The best documentary on fetish themes ever made. Features amazing footage of pre 1980’s (ie modern day) fetish enthusiasts and parties together with the Vivienne Westwood shop SEX – without which none of it would have happened and we would not be now reading this! Also features ground breaking innovator John Sutcliffe of Atomage. If you want to know how it all began and evolved then watch this documentaryDFP1

copyright Dave Darcy Edmond. All rights reserved.

Wasteland Review and Model Interview

Video by Peter Diablow

Looking back on Wasteland it all seems a blur: jetting into a hectic schedule to complete a catwalk to remember while upholding Wasteland’s reputation as Europe’s biggest fetish party.

We walked in past the six door bitches, complete in their Please Me Pin Up Honour finery, and marvelled at the show sin1unfolding before our eyes, after months of planning, excitement and anticipation it was a joy to see and a relief, too!

Once the catwalk was done we had a chance to enjoy Wasteland for the festival of fetish fun that it is! Attended by over 5000 people, the circus themed venue rippled with positivity, happiness and true liberation – and there was even an ice rink in there, every little element enriched the atmosphere.

Our catwalk went wonderfully, with our beautiful models making every step so simple for us, they were humble and down-to-earth making them a joy to work with.

So we spoke to Sister Sinister about her time there and what she made of it.

Sinister1Sister Sinister Interview

We heard that your first ever latex was from Honour? Is that right? Do you still have it?

That’s absolutely right. I used to browse the Honour site regularly, and after a while I finally decided on a long sleeved dress with a zip in the front. I still have it and I actually wore it for a fetish party in Stockholm a few months ago.

How did you feel to be asked to walk at such a prestigious event?

Extremely happy. I was excited to finally be working with Honour and meeting you guys, and also it would be my first visit to Wasteland, which I have heard a lot about.
These two things have been on my wish/to-do list 😉

Of course you looked fabulous in our latex at Wasteland but what’s your personal favourite material to wear?

Oh thank you! It was such a great outfit and I’m glad I got to wear it. I loved all the pieces that were in the show. I must say latex of course. It’s just the best material.

What was your highlight of the evening?

Other than meeting you and all the lovely models in the show, it was definitely the show itself. Going on stage in front of such a massive crowd was pretty epic.

What’s next for Sister Sinister?

Right now it’s time for a little Christmas break! But after that I have a couple of shoots lined up for some designers and also a cover shoot to do. I’m open for new collaborations and ideas as well :)

Future Events – Get Involved!

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sin2Sinister2Psylocke and Sinister1


Sierra Cartwright: Why Erotic Romances Are Bestsellers

A spike in recent erotic thrillers recently is certainly no secret to us at Honour, we spoke to Sierra Cartwright about what makes these novels so engaging and what draws her to the subject.

At nine Cartwright wrote her first book so she’s knows a thing or two about writing so we asked her to write about the real appeal of sex and erotica today. Here’s what she had to say:

(I’ve got to mention, I love, love, love your site. It’s easy to navigate and filled with pages of delicious things I can’t wait to own! Did I mention I love it?)

Before you slip into those sky-high heels, it helps to get in the mood, it’s been said that a woman’s most powerful sex organ is her brain, and that makes perfect sense. We’re smart, sassy and adventurous.

We’re discerning and have confidence that we can express who we are as women, that’s why erotic romances are topping the bestseller lists.

craveAfter penning nine books for big publishers, I found my voice when I started writing erotic romances. For me, it was as if I’d found the perfect corset, the fit was that good, and I was strapped in and ready to go!

I love writing books where the heroes are sexy as sin. They’re alpha: all male and all mouth-wateringly delicious. They have scruples, and they’re fantastic between the sheets. We women are smart enough to realise it’s not just technique that makes a man good, it’s the quality of his attention to detail.

My heroes take time to get to know their woman intimately, her likes and her dislikes. He’s going to pursue her – and most of all, he’ll protect her, even as he devours her. Importantly, he knows his way around the Honour website and he’s bookmarked a couple of the pages in the bondage department.

In Crave, the first book of the series, Sarah Lovett panics when she sees a shiny metal collar in her boyfriend’s dresser drawer. It’s not a tasteful necklace she could pass off as a piece of jewellery, this is a piece that would tell the world she’s a submissive, his submissive.

But Sarah never forgets him, no man is his equal, so she tells herself that one night with him will help her get over him, so she enlists Julien’s help, an eccentric Silicon Valley genius who enjoys meddling in the love lives of his lifelong friends.

To set the mood, she presents herself in a black corset and a skirt that barely covers her buttocks. What man could resist her? Certainly not her dominant boyfriend. But this time he won’t settle, if she wants to be in his life, she will have to wear his collar.

Catch your copy of Cartwright’s newest release, Claim, here:

More of this authentic erotica, sensitively handled by Cartwright, is available too, she specialises in our favourite kind of naughtiness, these make a great read to get you through those long winter nights!

All this talk of kink got us feeling nostalgic for a bit of light bondage essentials, take a look at these Honour classics!

underbed collar corsetcuffs

Kink of the Week: Metal Penis Head Chastity Cage


Upright: A fine piece of design

A showcase in luxury design and a creative way to explore your deeper fantasies, this stylish spin on a bondage classic is an instrument to be reckoned with.

The Metal Penis Head Chastity Cage‘s steely finish is smooth, sleek and cold-to-the-touch which really gives you a sense that this is a mechanical product designed to be unforgiving.

Emerging ceremonially from its red pull-string velvet bag, the cage’s heavy, tough and durable casing implies immense strength and resilience giving your man no hope of escape.

Best used to utterly restrict your man’s desires, this little penis head cage is not big enough to “contain your excitement” so he’d better obey his master’s orders!


Apart: Everything you get for £69.99

Since there are three provided padlock keys, use them adventurously, pretend to throw one away or try hiding some to delve deeper into the aching desires of BDSM.

Squeezing all his manhood into the ball clamp and further sheathing his penis in metal, the man experiences full sexual restriction, while all the power lies with his power-crazed key-holder!


Profile: Not much room to manoeuvre

If he does succumb to forbidden thoughts, this small cage is going to win in the battle for liberation, the man will stay firmly contained but crammed into the meagre two inches of shaft length – which is curved at that!

If you’re the sort who loves a sense of forbidding make sure you use a lube like Liquid Silk on the inside to protect against chaffing should you get a little excited. If you revel in the reprimanding delivery of pain to punish your disobedience this narrow case is sure to inflict the bite you desire.

As an object, this is a stunning piece of design and craftsmanship, the long slender curves and beautiful weighting combine to create a congenial concoction of organic and mechanical aesthetics.

Customer reviews:



Well I can say that wearing it as an average sized man that this is really easy to fill up! It’s brilliant though, feels quality to touch and feel and there is a lot of incentive to stay calm while wearing it but yer I loved it.

Howard Smith

A Great Design Choice

I always see the design and beauty behind sex toys and other stuff like that but with this it looks so sleek and stuff that I think it could be put on a little plinth and paraded around. I collect toys like this they’re fantastic.

Ms Max

No chance of escape!!

My husband bought this for us to play with and I love it, it’s good to see his reaction particularly if I tease him while he’s in it, he enjoys the discomfort you get from this because it’s not too painful and there are still access areas on the tip if he deserves it.

Kink of the Week: ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Kegal Ball

kegal annotations

Weighted Kegal ball at the top, Electro Kegal ball at the base and 2mm Pin Connection.

Don’t let the lengthy name put you off, it’s a bit of a mouthful but the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Kegal Ball, the latest in the line of Kegal Balls, is no less of an intense experience, in fact it’s quite electrifying.

Combining the unrivalled internal action of the “jiggle ball” featured in 50 Shades and the kinky sensations of electrostimulation, this is a toy designed for total pleasure.

Best when toyed with gradually, the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Electro Kegal Ball contains two balls, one works as a roaming and pulsating jiggle ball to deliver powerful G-spot stimulation and the second ball contains electro contacts, totally pleasuring you with internal clenching and pulsing.

As a kegal ball its focus is on improving the pelvic floor muscles, this toy provides that with the added benefit of some electric jolts of pleasure as well as providing that all-important orgasm.

The electrical element of this toy does require an ElectraStim EM60-E Flick to enjoy this added benefit. As a jiggle ball alone it is average – it is only when coupled with the ElectraStim that sparks start to fly!

The toy itself is smooth and inviting, made from 100 per cent platinum-cured silicone, and it features either a throbbing or pulsating pattern depending on what gets you off best!

electro lula

ElectraStim unit and Kegal Balls

As with most love eggs this one’s hands-free when you need it to be, and you can leave it in for 20 minutes a day while you perform your pelvic exercises in ecstasy.

Titillation and teasing is where this toy really comes into its own, when you’re purely playing be sure to heighten your senses with a good session of electric invigoration and teasing before to prime yourself for the ultimate orgasm.

For those who want tailored stimulation to match their unique bodily desires; choose a throbbing or pulsating pattern and enjoy hands-free pleasure. For an added orgasmic boost, team Lula’s internal stimulation with clitoral stimulation using your fingers or a bullet vibrator.

This product is so brand-zapping new that it doesn’t have any customer reviews yet, so why not be the first to get your hands on the latest release from this sex toy powerhouse!