The Latex Revolution…



Immerse yourself in the darker side of luxury fashion with Honour’s new latex collectionsHint of Noir and Please Me – Pin Up.

Our elite team of luxury fashion stylists have been inspired by Asian and European designs where the slim, sleek, and promiscuous style has boomed in the last few years. But why are we seeing such a rise in popularity for a material that we’ve been using at Honour since we started trading back in 1988..?

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Must-Have BDSM Toys for Mistresses


What do you desire?

Must-Have BDSM Toys for Mistresses? Your guide to BDSM Sex Toys. At Honour we’re constantly asked what’s the kinkiest and downright dirtiest product that we sell and it’s a very difficult question to answer.

We stock over 5000 naughty tricks and treats and how ‘kinky’ each of those items is perceived to be really depends on the person. However, it’s well documented that our specialist bondage collection  ranges contain our more ‘hardcore’ range of toys that are used specifically for BDSM play among couples, kinksters and, of course, mistresses.

Perhaps less familiar to some, particularly those venturing freshly into sexual play, are our sex toys and slightly softer general bondage selections. The later bondage category also contains ideas for outfits and footwear.

So we thought we’d find out exactly what some of our Honourette mistresses deemed as their most prized possessions in their playrooms and dungeons. The Wishlist and Gift Card features on our website have never been so popular with mistresses able to demand exactly when and what they want from their dedicated and obedient followers.

We wanted to know which toys, ties and tricks they simply couldn’t live without as they strive to give their clients, subs, slaves and pets the ultimate in pleasure and pain!

Here’s what they had to say:

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Honour Model Nicole Neal Reveals All

Preaching To The Perverted. It’s Back!



Nearly sixteen years ago one of the biggest fetish feature films entered our lives… the time has come for it to return!

Over 500 kinksters delved deep into their pockets to help contribute to the company’s Kickstarter campaign in 2013 so that the film could return to our screens and be restored and produced in shiny new HD with surround sound.

Nearly 16 years on, the first fetish feature film is a cult classic, still selling and screening worldwide. Over 500 of you pledged in our Kickstarter campaign in 2013, to restore the original 35mm film. Preaching to the Perverted will live on in HD and with surround sound!

Does this ring any bells…

Bondage Review: Cara Sutra – Leather Lockdown Hood



The Sensory Deprivation Leather Lockdown Hood from Honour is a spectacular piece of fetish equipment.

Priced at £125 and available from, you may wonder why a simple hood costs more than the standard hoods and masks available. One reason: this hood isn’t merely a simple hood.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is fantastically easy to use. The features of this hood ensure it is both comfortable to wear as well as easy to fit to your chosen submissive or willing partner. So just what does this fancy fetish piece have to offer? [Read more…]

Rubber Sale Now On!

Blog Rubber Sale


Honour’s BIG, BAD Rubber Sale is Now On!

One of our biggest SALES of the year has now started here at Honour. With prices starting from as low as £9.50 this sale on all things rubbery proves to be our biggest and baddest to date!

Rubber has always been one of our most popular items at Honour with fetishistas around the world donning their favourite ‘second skinned’ materials to attend private fetish parties and events…. as well as dressing up for late night boudoir activities of course!!

With this year’s sale you can treat yourself to a brand spanking new outfit without breaking the bank. We’ve got HUGE savings across all our ranges of latex and rubber clothing with stockings, skirts, dresses, shirts and trousers all on offer as well as a host of accessories including rubber cuffs, harnesses and collar sets.

Take advantage of our Rubber Sale this weekend and browse our collection for something new: Rubber Sale

Vote for Honour’s Waterloo Shop!

We Want You banner


Vote Honour in Waterloo

Honour’s shop in Waterloo, London is entering the community website’s competition to find the local people’s ‘favourite’ independent Waterloo business.

Independents’ Day on the 4th July is a country-wide campaign which is organised by the National Skills Academy for Retail and supported locally by Waterloo Quarter. The campaign’s aim is to encourage shoppers to visit independent shops on the day itself and to get them celebrating diversity on the high street.

We’ve been providing the people of Waterloo and surrounding areas with kinky outfits, toys and accessories for over twenty years and are proud of each and every one of our naughty little fans and customers with the shop as busy as it’s ever been. If you wish to support us in our quest to be voted Waterloo’s favourite then simply enter the competition here: We Are Waterloo Shop Competition

Plus, a winner will be selected at random from the community’s ‘favourite’ shop who could win £100 of vouchers to spend on all sorts of naughtiness at Honour.


Man Has Fetish For Bicycles!

bikePolice in Sweden are on the hunt for a man who was caught on camera having sex with a bicycle. Unsure how this is possible with all those rigid bars and chains…ouch! Well it appears the aptly named ‘cycle shagger’ had been making use of the rubber tyres and slashing them before engaging in his sexual act.

We’re as bigger fans of rubber as anyone and especially those who combine rubber with their fetish but perhaps someone should inform this chap that there are easier ways to get your rubbery fix!

The man was caught after the bike’s owner set up a CCTV camera outside his house to find out who had been slashing his tyres and came across something a little more startling. Police are now searching for the cycle shagging enthusiast in the Swedish city of Osterlund and have linked the crime to a string of similar cases dating back to 2007. And that bicycle thought it was the special chosen one…

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Stand To Attention!

New Shoes Blog



 We’ve got a brand-spanking new selection of shoes available in our Sexy Shoes and Kinky Boots sections online…

With bright and bold court shoes and pumps in red, silver, white to choose from and a host of kinky boots made with strappy buckles and shiny smooth fabrics there’s something for every occasion.

At Honour we’ve been increasing our shoe and boots collection with plenty more styles, sizes and designs as we look to expand what is already a popular selection with our fans. We hope our latest range will have something for everyone…

Whether you are looking for smart, sexy, sophisticated or all three combined we are bound to have a shoe, boot or sandal that’s right for you.

Our new collection also features our first ever GLOW Shoe! This pretty pink pair may look like they’d draw enough attention but put them under UV light and they will glow instantly so when you step outside or into the club your feet will light up like a Christmas tree!

To check out Honour’s new range and to see what shoes and boots we have to offer visit our collections page!

FREE Condoms With Honour

Free Condom Press Release



After a recent national report by Public Health England this week revealing the number of sexually transmitted infections across the UK were up alarmingly by 5%, we’ve decided to send our own safe sex message to all our customers by offering FREE condoms with all our orders on sex toys.

Honour director Mandy Taylor has this to say:

“Whilst we’re delighted that more people across the UK are having sex and getting experimental with their bedroom activities we always want our customers to play safe. Putting on a condom should be like putting on your seat belt – it should simply be a natural process when having sex.”

Often stigmatized for being a ‘moment’ killer the condom still remains the easiest and safest way of having sex. Can we still claim this as a viable excuse though? Or the fact that it takes too long to put one on..? Surely the time you have to take off work, drive to the clinic, wait to be seen, collect that prescription for your latest itch takes a little longer..?!

Society’s views on sex has certainly become more liberal in the last ten years with more people talking about their sex lives to friends and family. We will always encourage our fans and customers to talk about sex and the naughty antics they get up to behind closed doors as we all look to explore and experience different aspects of our sexuality.

Whether you’re playing with toys, chains, cuffs or gags play safely…

To view all the naughty toys and treats in our sex toy collection simply visit Honour Play