Oh How We’ve Changed…

At Honour we’ve always appreciated the look, feel and formidable sexiness that you get from wearing a lovely latex basque or a skin-tight PVC catsuit – but when did we all become such naughty little kinksters?

It’s difficult to trace exactly when fetish fashion first originated since there have always been elements of it in certain fashions since the earliest days of clothing. However, the corset – which dates back to the 16th century is seen by some as the first mainstream evidence of fetish fashions.

  16th Century           18th Century       19th Century            20th Century


                                                                 21st Century

We’ve come a long way since then, although the corset remains very much at the forefront of all things fetish and remains a favourite both in the clubs and the boudoir. It’s fair to say that leather subculture became more mainstream due to the influence of rock bands The Rolling Stones and The Who, and the TV show The Avengers did a wonderful job at showcasing the effects leather and latex had on increasing sex appeal – but surely it’s society that can take credit for the way fetish fashion has evolved over the years?

Whilst it’s fine to take influence and be inspired by various forms of the media it is our individuality which has continued to initiate new waves of fetish fashion not our ability to follow the ‘what to wear’ guides such as this little gem…

Ok so this was back in 1975 but you get the message! Fetish fashion is not about conformation it’s about experimenting, exploring and embracing the industry – something we have been supporting since day one!

So whether it’s latex, leather or PVC – strip down, get skin-tight and get kinky this summer – all in the name of fetish!

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