Time To Lose A Layer…Or Two!

It’s far too hot to be stuck inside the office on a hot, sweaty day like this. There’s only one thing for it – time to undress! We are well and truly in the holiday season now and at last we are starting to get some of the weather we associate with the summer!

So let’s embrace this opportunity before the sun decides he’s had enough and scarpers back behind the clouds – hit the beach, have a BBQ, have a party, have some FUN!

We all know the sun brings out the cheekiness in all of us! So, with this in mind we thought we better give you a friendly poke to remind you of our reduced Honour summer range starting from just £8.99!

Grab a bikini, get out the paddling pool and do what you all do best – get up to some good old fashioned mischief!

Have fun in the sun and remember – stay naughty!

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