The Purrrrfect Superhero!

Anne Hathaway looks stunning in The Dark Knight Rises – re-create the look…

Batman may have stolen the limelight in this summer’s blockbuster hit The Dark Knight Rises, but we feel the sultry, promiscuous and dominating presence of Catwoman offers a deviant edge to a character we can truly all relate to.

With so many superheroes alter-egos based around the physical and mental features and attributes associated with animals such as the bat, spider, panther, wolf and of course cat – should we consider there to be a bit of the animal in all of us…?



Batman maybe the most suave and sophisticated, Spiderman the most agile and relentless, Wolverine the strongest and most powerful, but surely Catwoman is by far the sexiest?

Why not celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises and join Hollywood’s latest latex trend with one of our sexy black catsuits… and let the inner feline take over for the night!

Think you’ve got a sexier outfit of a superhero? Send us your pics to and we’ll post the best ones up on Facebook and Twitter.

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