Ohhh… It’s National Orgasm Day!

We know you horny little devils out there need no encouragement to get down and dirty – whether it’s with your partner or just playing solo… however what better excuse to get out the box of toys and have some fun than on National Orgasm Day!

So why not use today as an excuse to go crazy, go wild, be a little more experimental in the bedroom! With millions of women across the country still discontent with their sex lives – surely today is a day to liberate your sexual awareness and go that extra mile to achieve that one thing we all crave so much…


We’ve put together a little collection of some of our best-selling UltraTouch toys that might help you in your quest!

The discreet and yet sensuous UltraTouch range features multi-pulse settings, pulse-sync LED lights and are made of a soft but firm silicone material perfect for enjoying alone or with your partner. So join the UltraTouch revolution and start playing, exploring and experiencing all the pleasure these naughty little toys possess.

Now we don’t just want to let the girls have all the fun… so here’s a little range of items for the guys to enjoy as well!


We would love to hear how you are celebrating National Orgasm Day so why not leave us a cheeky message on Facebook or tweet us on Twitter – and remember play safe but stay naughty…

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