Can You Keep A Secret..?

50 Shades of Grey continues to take the nation by storm, with girlfriends, wives, mistresses and singletons alike all going online to get their hands on some of the toys used by a certain CEO in the bestselling novel!

Whips, handcuffs, canes and nipple clamps – there is one item which has got women reaching for their purses more than any other… jiggle balls!

“I may have to keep these. They make me needy, needy for sex.” – Anastasia Steele

So what is it about these mysterious little balls that has made them so endearing to the female population? Well they provide a discreet, subtle and sensual stimulation that will heighten your arousal throughout the day and build you up to one uncontrollable and inevitable orgasm… just as Mr Grey intended!

Not only do the balls provide delicate vibrations whenever your on the move to provide consistent stimulation, but also function so that they tighten the reproductive muscles.

The taboo surrounding S&M and BDSM may have been broken somewhat by the success of the book – but we still want to keep some things to ourselves don’t we…?

Because we don’t want anyone to miss out on the pleasures experienced by the young Anastasia our silver jiggle balls are just £7.50!

Stay Naughty!

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