Shoes I would Die for but the Box I would Kill for

The front door of the Honour office opened and heaps and heaps of utterly divine, artistic boxes begin to appear, stacked high, standing proud and making a statement. But what were these vintage style, perfect patterned small boxes? A love affair suddenly blossomed, or was it a fetish? Whatever this lust was, it smothered the staff at Honour the minute we saw what was being caressed by this heavenly packaging….shoes!

I would happily die for these shoes, but the box? I would kill for! Now every girl (and guy) loves sexy heels, but when you add in the sheer delight that you get when you see these boxes, let alone receive one as a gift, you can’t be blamed if you develop a wonderfully delicious shoe fetish, instantly! The box is so gorgeous that it could be used as a product in itself, very different to most shoe packing, normally far less luxurious. The sheer glamour that oozes out of these boxes just screams “burlesque class” and creates a real sense of whatever is inside when you you open it, you are in for a treat! The decitent design on the shoe box makes them feel like a treasured family heirloom from your stylish Granny’s 1950’s shoe collection.

The detail and love that has gone into designing and creating such picture perfect packaging is clear and a real credit to this high class shoe company, truly reflecting on the quality of the product inside the box. A lot of companies could learn from this, as potential customers may very well choose to buy the shoes simply because they can use the box for something else as well, giving them more for their money.

I know one thing, purchasing these heels inside this glistening box makes you feel no less than a burlesque show girl, ready to unleash her magic on any lucky man, but in the mean time, I’ll use my Bordello box as a stylish jewellery box, and wear my Bordello shoes with pride.

Oh dear! I’ve got so caught up on the boxes that I have forgotten to mention how beautifully vintage these gorgeous Bordello high heels are. There are so many colours and styles to choose from, not to mention the pretty polka dot platform heels with a bright red bow, and the amazing black glitter high heels that are fit for any diva. They are so well designed, and have so much Moulin Ruge class, making them the most classy choice of heels I have ever seen. You will feel so fabulous when you wear these elegant shoes, you may never want to take them off!

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