Pippa Middleton Experiences The Finest Parisian Debauchery

When Pippa Middleton Hits Paris It All Goes Off With A Bang

Oh how the other half live, when us mere mortals survive on average wages only dreaming of the high life every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday when the lottery numbers roll out, those with a little more than a silver spoon in their mouths abandon all that is normal and indulge in such decadence that it needs to be seen to be believed. Take Pippa Middleton for example, just over a year ago she was a complete unknown, but on Friday 29th April 2011 she was thrust into the limelight as the Bridesmaid with the finest ass at her sister’s small scale wedding.

Now after a scandal involving her driver brandishing a gun at paparazzi in Paris, you just can’t trust paparazzi’s in Paris, it has now emerged that this incident came after she let herself loose in true decadent style at the 18th Century themed 30th Birthday Party for the French aristocrat and designer Vimconte Arthur de Soultrait. Now nobody is ever judged for letting their hair down, and nor should they be, but take a look at these pictures, and no, don’t be confused in thinking these are just another night at Club RUB.

As the evening wore on the decadence grew as strippers burst out of birthday cakes, dwarfs danced with nuns and god love them, angle grinding sent the sparks well and truly flying. But all the while Miss. Pippa Middleton took a more demure look to the party dressed in pink ribbon and lace corset top with leggings and gold heels. Seems a little restrained if you ask us, but with all the other flesh and debauchery on display, someone had to try and be respectable.

Now after seeing how the other half live, do you want to experience something even close to the deabauchery and blesséd deparavity on display here, there’s always Club RUB and Torture Garden; they really have to be seen to be believed. But if you really want to experience a little debauchery of your own, who are we to get in your way, we are simply here to help you. With our ever expanding stock of little goodies, Honour is always on hand to help your naughty side…


  1. You will be my role models. Thank you for the article

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