Gay Icons @ Club RUB

Saturday March 17th, Farringdon, London; a stone’s throw from the London Stock Exchange and St Paul’s Cathedral, the last place you would possibly expect to find one of London’s longest running Fetish Clubs, Club RUB. Next month Club RUB celebrates its 15th Birthday, but last Saturday, the penultimate night saw Gay Icons stroll into The White Swan as Club RUB took its monthly hold over the UK’s fetishists.

January saw Animals & Pets, February wad Tartan, Kilts and Steampunk, but to Club RUB’s Kim,March was very very gay which was perfect for Gay Icon theme. Everyone was in such a flirtatious mood, lots of naughtiness in the Couple Den. We had the Village People, Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole and several glam rockers! Plus some Celebes that were so high profile they didn’t want any pics! 😉 LOL”

Here’s a few choice pics from last Saturday’s RUB, you can check out the full gallery here…

If you have never experienced Kim’s Club RUB, then you best not waste anytime and get tickets for next month’s Birthday extravaganza, last month was Gay Icons but this coming month on April 21st at The White Swan, Farringdon will be Circus Extraordinaire and Freakshow! Make sure you get your tickets[*] it’s expected to be a sell out. So best not waste any time and get yourself the outfit, but if you really want to make the impression as the grandest of Ringmasters, may Kim recommend Honour’s Leather Long Bull Whip.

The full line up for the next coming months at Club RUB is as follows… But don’t worry, as from now on we will be featuring them in all their glory as they descend upon us!

May 19thAliens Abduction Aboard the Starship Enterprise
June 16thClowns, Puppets, Dolls, Harajuku & Manga Cuties
July 21stGender Benders – the boys are girls and the girls are boys – SWITCH
August 18thWild West & Mexican (Day of the Dead)
September 15thMedical Clinic, Psycho Ward, Emergency Room, Carry on Doctor
October 20th15th Annual International Rubber Awards
November 17thUniforms from Sailor to Maid.
December 15thAll things Christmassy.

[*] Tickets are available from several outlets including Honour’s Waterloo store.

[*] Club RUB Gay Icons Photography by JustJames

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